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@c-a-r-t-m-a-n I'd love if they made that story. That's one of my favorites, probably my favorite of the entire series.
I don't care either way. The show had some moments of being truly awesome and then it also had moments of losing its momentum around a very thought provoking and innovative story arc.
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@mr-k Yeah. I just find ass clowns like @richgamer150 funny. It's not worth the energy of getting upset. He has the security of knowing we'd never meet face to face and thus has the liberty to sit and type whatever nonsense crosses his mind. I've never really been a fan of cyber beef or bullying as they call it now. I'm too old school for that. He's but a small grain in an endless oasis of sand-insignificant. And like you and the few others I interact with, I'm here to escape and have good conversation about movies and topics. Get some decent dialogue going. Have intelligent debates where views may differ. All that other stuff, it's for the birds.
@instead8909 Can't argue with you there.
@ObiWanShinobi Thanks, I'll check it out tomorrow when I get a little free time.
@ObiWanShinobi I'll definitely have to give it a go. I've been looking for another site to keep up with movies other than this one. I'll take your word for it and see what that format is like.
@ObiWanShinobi It's unbelievable a person is really that stupid. It's not an act. He really is just that stupid. Wow. I'm done talking to this idiot though. He can rant all he wants. You and I know better. An ass like that isn't allowed to take up real-estate in my head. Let him show his stupidity.
@richgamer150 I said I'd let you have it and you couldn't leave well enough alone. I didn't threaten you bitch. You wouldn't have had the heart to tell me where you lived or how to reach you to begin with. I know a talker when I encounter one. Thing is, you don't know me. You have nothing better to do with your life so you'll try as best you can to get the last word at every post. And you know, I'm the fool that keeps feeding you. But I can admit that. You're constantly trying to argue a point that is moot. Moreover, you're ridiculous. If that makes you sleep better, the thought that you're right, have it. Otherwise, just shut the f*ck up. You've bested no one and have done nothing more than continue to prove your stupidity. Don't worry, you're not alone in that boat. I've contributed too. Listen, if you're not going to do more than talk empty sh*t, don't keep messaging me. It's over. Live with it. You think all that bullsh*t earlier in terms of film are somehow interconnected--then stick with your thoughts. Stick with your feelings. Live in your world and I'll live in mine.
@superman81 There's no use even getting fired up at the guy. Just remember, reading is fundamental. Obviously he skipped comprehension in grade school if he ever went. You can't reason with a fool.
@richgamer150 All you had to do was take my first comment in stride and not even respond if you thought you knew better. Shut the f*ck up really...but to come at me like you even know me, have ever spoken a word to me before today and the first thing you have to say in response is to call me a dumb ass. I'm having too much fun here just mocking the sh*t out of you...but I'm too old school for your bullsh*t. I'm the type of guy that would have you meet me personally to say it to my face. At your own peril of course. I'm not into cyber beef. But sometimes a little sp*ce is rejuvenating. This is fun. lol! Don't worry. You can have your little space. There's nothing anyone could say to convince you you're wrong otherwise. It was fun.
@richgamer150 Wow! You're not playing are you? You're really this stupid. To even think you made a point much less ran me off is laughable. You're literally just putting words up there for the sake of practicing keystrokes. The only bum here that's clueless is you. You do realize I backed away so as not to be drawn into your idiocy and not because you actually made a valid point anywhere, don't you? You have two other people telling you the same thing that I am and still you think you're sitting on some hot information. You're the guy who's social life if probably limited by the pot smoking, coke snorting buffoons that waste their lives right along with you on your mother's couch in the basement. No dip sh*t, I'd advise you to take heed to what @superman81 said and just delete your account and do cyberspace a favor by removing the clutter of one more imbecile. God knows there are enough of you. Have you ever heard the saying, it is better to be thought dumb than to open your mouth and remove all doubt? Yeah...
@c-a-r-t-m-a-n For once we agree. It was truly epic.
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@darkdream Thanks for the backup. @richgamer150 is just talking to keep some sort of conflict going. The retard doesn't understand that I left the conversation because there is no use trying to reason with a fool. It was immediately clear that he didn't understand what the hell I was talking about when he wanted to continue arguing Mark Wahlberg leaving the Apes for Transformers and especially Franco leaving Spider-Man for Rise of the Apes. He's trying to fit apples and oranges in the same category and they have absolutely nothing to do with each other. But what can you do? Can't help that there is always going to be an *sshole regardless of how civil you try to be.
@superman81 I would introduce something like Doomsday midway toward the third act of a Justice League movie, not to kill Superman but to introduce the threat. Or maybe I'd even reveal him at the end of Dawn of Justice just for fan reaction. I'd somewhat blend the original arc with the New 52 to bring a balance to his encounter with Superman or even the Justice League. I certainly wouldn't have killing Superman be the highlight while I'm trying to build a cohesive story arc for the DCU.