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@mr-k You have quite a few on here that I'm most definitely looking forward to. Especially Godzilla, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Interstellar, The Hobbit, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and the 300 sequel.
@mr-k Right now my publisher has me contracted on a couple of projects for other authors. One of them is a children's book, currently untitled. It's a Native American mythology about a warrior who takes a place in a cave to live out his days warding off evil spirits until the next young boy is chosen to take his place. It was pretty interesting the little bit of it that I did read. I'm also doing a couple of book covers, one of them is a fantasy book entitled, Revenge From Mars (not the planet, the mythical deity). It follows a Roman soldier that awakens on the battle field after war the only survivor and is taken by the war god Mars. And other than that I'm getting back to doing some edits on my own work and rewrites.
@bane5000 Sounds good since now Lucas Black is returning to reprise his role from Tokyo Drift, it seems he could up as a major character moving forward.
@mr-k Sounds like you've been keeping busy. I love the Ultimate Cut of the movie Watchmen. I may watch that again at some point this weekend. I've just been finishing up a few things. The first book of my new fantasy series is debuting in February. With things progressing as well as they are with the publisher the release date may be moved up. That aside, I've been working on some illustrations for some other projects I'm contracted for.

I'll look out for your reviews.
@bawnian-dexeus I'd say you did.
@mr-k Ah yes, it has been a long time. I've been okay. How's everything on your end?
@bawnian-dexeus Haha! It's always a highlight when a beauty captivates you enough to make time stand still isn't it.
@gumperman It was exactly the reason I wanted to watch the show, to see if they could capture the cinematic film, not just as an extension to The Avengers but other dynamic shows on television like American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, or even Sons of Anarchy where you have the feeling you've stepped into a theater every time you watch it. Not comparing them by theme, just quality. Television has come a long way and with a powerhouse in Marvel Studios I saw no reason for them to fall short of that same quality.
I can see her fitting this role well.
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@gumperman I am very excited for what is to come. Instead of making a group of one shots that are supposed to tie together they are doing something that no other studio has done to date, expanding the story through the villains as well as the hero. No one has ever done a movie based on the villain before. And to tie them together for a finally at of the 4the Spider-Man film sounds promising. To be honest, it reminds me of what DC is doing with the new expansion film they are doing that is rapidly turning more into a Justice League film...or at least a Justice League prologue. But the approach they are taking in making their franchises separate from Marvel is unique. Rather than rebuilding a Superman story that has been done to death or a Batman film as a direct followup to the Nolan Dark Knight trilogy they are building the characters together in a way they can expand into their own sagas down the stretch. That is in a way what this resembles. They are introducing these villains in the second film, all of whom are expected to reoccur throughout the series and then building on them in their own reverse Avengers fashion to bring something to screen quite different while still managing to center it all around Peter Parker. My intrigue for all of this is rapidly growing. All this turmoil over Sony owning the rights and it not being apart of Disney/Marvel Studios is ridiculous. It almost seems that people are knit picking at the fact that the films aren't under one roof so it's ruining the whole Marvel name of the character when in truth Marvel isn't making all the best decisions on behalf of the characters that do exist under their banner. The films aren't all that great. They have a handful that were entertaining coupled by the couple that were actually good. The only thing they managed to truly show is that a full assembly film can work under the right conditions. Now that was all a matter of timing and maneuvering. Didn't make the entire journey getting there fantastic. The plots were all equally thin, including The Avengers. Loki is hellbent on ruling something not realizing that in the end his deal was minuscule in comparison to the rule of Thanos. He was like a child throwing a tantrum with power he didn't fully understand and powerless by comparison to his allies. Not to mention hardly a formidable opponent to require an entire group of heroes to assemble against when Thor can so easily manhandle him. Even the army he let into earth's realm could have easily been taken out by the military in conjunction with S.H.I.E.L.D. before they launched any big ships into the void.

But it was entertaining never-the-less. It proved there were other possibilities with comic book films. It was more of a blueprint than anything else. Doesn't mean Sony is off base with their efforts for the character, that to great degree, they have shown great loyalty to in building his story. I'm over the Raimi series much like the Nolan series for Batman. This is new and fresh and going in a different direction. Would I like to see Spider-Man teamed with other Marvel characters, sure. But am I left with a void in the pit of my chest if it never happens? Absolutely not. They have more than enough characters and ideas to play with that can make great entertainment. That is to say if only it was given a chance.
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@undeadslayer4 I understand what you're saying. I'd acknowledged that in whatever way you saw the similarities, I just don't see them. And still, I'm not challenging your perception to say otherwise to you. In time I may see what you see should I take another look at them.
@ChiRep-1 I wouldn't go that far.
@Joshua-Hollaway The Venom movie that was supposed to take place was based on the arc created by Raimi. Then it all sort of fell dead in the water when that series was ended when the promise of part 4 was abandoned. There was no use expanding on that series. Venom had always been something people wanted to see but the circ*mstances had to be right. With the movement of The Amazing Spider-Man series this gives them an open venue to explore these characters with more detail and chance of them being done correctly.

@adamsandlerfggot69 Much of the same goes for a Deadpool movie. Though the audiences want to see it happen that farce made of the character in X-Men Origins has to be forgotten. They have to start fresh in a way that separates him from the last attempt made on the character. There may be a lot of cult interest but there has yet to be enough studio interest or trust in the project as of yet.
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Now this is unique.
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Too bad he isn't getting larger roles.
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