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@thrashnasty190 from Lexington here, yourself??
Looking good!!! @thrashnasty190... as a fellow Kentuckian, I shall kneel. lol
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Well this just got REAL interesting. (first)
GREAT PICS!!! Renner is totally into Widows cleavage. lol The 6th pic down looks like Widow and Hawk are levitating. Renner looks a little ragged, old almost.
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They have a lot of clean up to do now I bet. The city must have made BIG bank on this one.
what's with the plastic wrap on the stairs?? That's the only thing I find interesting in these pics.
Looks great!!! That 4th pic looks kinda funny though....Capt. America -"Oooooh girl...I just got shot!!" Thor-"It's ok honey...I got this!!!" LMFAO!!!!
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WOW...that's a lot going on in such a small area. (FIRST)
Looks cool!! Anybody notice the tennis ball on a stick thingy in the first and second pictures? Maybe that's for a reference point to look at something big like Hulk or the Skrulls. Hmmmmm.....
on another note: @daryltanenjielenny stop with the ANNOYING post you do...GEEEEZZZZ!!!!!
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HELLO...of course he will look different in the movie. It's called post production people. Do you think Nolan will actually let Hardy's real life tattoos make it into the movie. Just think about it and calm down. Geeez.... and don't try to tell me those are tattoos for the is proof....
The pics on the stairs are obviously the stunt woman for Anne. I pray the suit gets crazier as the film progresses. Either way.....WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!! HERE KITTY KITTY!!!!
I think he is gonna surprise us and be BAD ASS!! I do have a question for @addictionnonfatel.....You've got your tickets to what already? Can't be this movie...there's no way.
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What is that under Jason's left arm? Could it be Kermit's One eyed monster? lol
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I actually got chills when the crowd screamed. WOOOHOOOOO!!!!
Has nobody noticed the misspelling in the title here? "The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Attached to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallowed - Part 2?"
Is that supposed to be "battle damage" on the buildings. Hmmmmm?????? Looking forward to this.
is the guy in the striped shirt supposed to be Bale? I really don't think it is. Why would he have a "access pass" around his neck?
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