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THIS IS worth a look, I guess cause the first one was good but no guarantees
THE BORING BUDDIES have a great time! Starting from the old 80s cheesy theme you know this is not a show you'll watch regularly if at all. These guys will bore the shish out of you
@rudy Well maybe, but what if they do both this final film and lead it into a TV Series continuation in the X-Files Universe.. ?
VICTORIAN BLOOD- Hummm... Well, is it me or have studios been taking quite a fascination of Zombies as of late. Heck, even people that use to say "Zombie Movies Are Stupid" are expressing interest more these days. Ah the success of The Walking Dead... George Romero's Earlier work has come a long way.. But then you got Warm Bodies... What's next, a Disney movie about a zombie prince?
REOPEN IT I SAY- X-Files is still one of the best shows ever. X-Files 2 was great. I think some of you saw rediculous reviews. At same time, it was not as great as the first one. They understand their two mistakes. One: don't make a movie that's not about the mythology, and two: don't open the same weekend close to that of The Dark Knight or top Box Office contenders. I've been following, they get it but I still don't understand moving on. I've still yet to see a TV Series as good as this one.. Hey it's still the team playing just a lack of enough loyal fans.. I say make X-Files 3.. It could be their last chance as this will most likely be the last one.. Oh and passing the torch is going to be difficult... They were meant to Mulder and Scully, I don't some young replacement f'ing it up!!!
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I am a huge Bond fan... I like the majority of them but if It is a top 10 at the moment:
01.) Skyfall
02.) Goldfinger
03.) The Spy Who Loved Me
04.) You Only Live Twice
05.) Casino Royale
06.) GoldenEye
07.) For Your Eyes Only
08.) From Russia With Love
09.) Octop*ssy
10.) The Man With The Golden Gun

Honorable mention to The Living Daylights

If I was asked next week, it would probably be a slightly different list with others included that didn't make this one; however this is the most consistent one.
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A BLUNDER TO PIZZA TIME is the possibility that this movie could be too cheesy.. hummm.. But It is obvious that Megan Fox is most likely going to play April, unless she drops the project. Fox is no where near being in cameos at this point in her career
CANNES FEST KNOWS what to do, right! And that wasn't a question, they got Spielberg very involved, I rest this already decided case
SELLING SEX huh? Thou these actresses are very attractive, these beauties are being used to compensate for something this movie doesn't have. It's obvious that when they shove that no talent liner "Why you actin' 'sp*cious" line during the trailer that they lack a great, interesting story. See this on TV for eyes candy but don't waste your dollar seeing it at the theaters (obviously). Yeah, humor me...
IT'LL BE A MEMORY LIKE NO OTHER!!! When this movie comes out, it will smash through the rankings at number 1. It'll be one of the more successful Tom Cruise films in recent times. Can't wait to see this!
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THERE'S SOMETHING STRANGE in the fact that can't come to an agreement. Seems like Murray no longer has a connection to Venkman as he did before. I mean, he could have said no to GB2. Maybe Murray will only agree to a VoiceOver but the studio still wants it a live-action and only if he agrees to be in it. This has been going on for years, it's crazy. This movie would be up Anna Faris's alley (Scary Movie 2). Though not similar enough due to the one having an original story with the other being the parody, Scary Movie films, which lack in this aspect of the comparison. Someone involved may have a spook or two influencing the decision as the making the film goes.
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DC CAN CONTINUE DARK- These stories that are based on the DC Comics can find great people to work on them in ways the majority of the Justice League crew are unable to. Ironic, I say. Marvel can use their big guns and DC can only use their great gems so far.. The Dark Knight Series was the only one success in recent times, with Man Of Steel (looking forward to) still unproven, and Green Lantern needing adjustments. Watchmen and V for Vendetta were much needed to be made... So I guess, we'll see.. Exciting times though, I think Dark Universe is worthy of being great from what I see so far
BREATHE IN LIFE AGAIN to better oneself.. How is that not a great message that anyone can apply to their own life with the exception of dying of course... Anyways, I'm following this film
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"Everyone" I mean
Metalsfury wrote a comment about the news item Russell Crowe Talks Jor-El in Man of Steel
SUPERMAN HAS A BROTHER? That's hilarious! Humility is a great attribute I wish more people had it... When given the chance, almost every is capable of being arrogant.. Sounds like Crowe has a great son
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HER LIPS ARE SEALED in order to survive one of the saddest things that could happen to anyone. These kinds of things are quite sickening but we know it does occur behind our backs and throughout the criminal underground. I am interested in seeing how she escape this and how her age affects the outcome and/or the turn of events... Hopefully those weirdos get what's coming to them