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LOOKS ON TRACK. Might be an Oscar contender. Still too soon to tell though but I must say its beautifully shot and true stories are usually quite compelling!
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TRAILER SURE LIGHTS THE DARK WORLD! This film will be incredible! The time draws ever closer... just need to hammer on through September and October
GOT ANY HEROES FOR HIRE? I say that this would have been too conflicting to have Wolverine even as a cameo role in Spider-man. Maybe now would be cool, but in 2002 no way. A movie with Deadpool and The Punisher would be awesome!
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Would you have liked Star Wars: A New Saga better?
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CAUSE I'LL TAKE MY CONCERT ANYWHERE and redefine anywhere! I think it's awesome where they are going with this. Metallica's music sounds so awesome with a chaotic setting to visually see! My fists are lifted highly in the air for this!
A NEW TITLE. A brilliant title! Well done! Can't wait!
ORDER FOR TAKEOUT, ANYONE? I wish there were time to replace Ben Affleck. He is not one of my actors for Batman plain and simple, Everyone is entitled to their own opinion! I would have preferred Brolin or Jackman. In all honesty, I think the best option was out there but the studio was more concerned with Ben's long term directing abilities and not his acting! Batman was sacrificed for the Justice League. The best option was not chosen! It's too early but already I can't wait until the person who replaces him. Sorry Ben fans but you can't force me to like him, look what he did to Daredevil!
TAN-A-NAN-NA-NAN-NAN-AFFLECKMAN- Yes it's a parody that Ben Affleck is going to be Batman! But to compare Bale with Affleck, the Gigli star is laughable! Batman puts the fear into anyone that opposites the law and Affleck is going to be his arrogant self! Not a fan of this article and not a fan of this decision! This is the way it is (Affleck will be the worst Batman) Are your utility belts on tight?
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R.I.P, ROGER EBERT, THE ICONIC FILM CRITIC- We have lost a icon. And though I didn't not always agree on your judgement of certain films, your take on films had such a firm stance and I will remember that their are films that we both preferred to others. Once thought to become a lost art is now passed on to the film critics throughout the Internet to continue the tradition of Ebert-likeness in rating the movies. R.I.P Roger Ebert
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A DARKER STEEL- J.J Abrams's version of Superman reminds me more like that of Goku and Dragon Ball Z. The saiyans sent Goku to conquire Earth and Goku eventually began to connect more with humans after being raised like one than those of his home world. The only difference is Goku's head injury as an infant had effectively sparked that which made him become not evil to Earth. DBZ is well-known but just in case someone was unaware of it.
RATED R FOR RAWESOME- I think it is possible to do an R Marvel adaptation. As far as an NC-17, you all know how those turn out. Uckin poor viewership. Deadpool has become quite well known these days, let's not push the NC-17 button. A hard R is acceptable, I mean DC's adaptation of Watchmen turned out pretty good. It's possible people! It's possible
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IT'S GOOD TO BE THE KIRK, Alice Eve? She's look gorgeous that's for sure! I am hyped for this one.. Also,. It's good to see Peter Weller in this. Robocop is home in sci-fi.
THELMA/LOUISE, GOLDEN GRAMS- This isn't a strech for Susan Sarandon if she still does that. The Alcoholic Grandmother? In fact, that's a perfect role for her. If they asked Gina Davis, I'll bet she gladly declined. Glad too, what a floppy, uninteresting film, good luck rest of crew, your not shutting up Sarandon's yapping sewage.
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POMPEII'S FINALE - This is an excellent story. I love the classic film a lot. Hope Paul W.S. Anderson follows the story closely. This is an epic tale and It deserves to told the proper way...
THE PUB WELCOMES YOU BACK GENTS! I can't wait to see this one! The strawberry topping was a funny terror, the blueberry was a funny yet thrillingly action packed and this one's got to be topped with a mint of sci-fi and fun times.. Let the greatness roll, one last round!!!
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I DON'T KNOW but I think this film has potential. Seems like an unusual film. Hugh Jackman is a well thought of actor overall, but like I said the story looks good so far. The outcome of whether this is the case is too soon to tell