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@bawnian-dexeus Yes sir! Yeah, and he works in a prison for a living, so you think he would be more of an Expendables type of guy... nope Twilight...

At least I'm with a girl with great taste! XD
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@bawnian-dexeus haha I was with my fiance and my father to see this garbage... her and I made fun of it, my dad loved it... go figure...
@bawnian-dexeus Sorry man... it may have been! I will do my best to be around more often again
@bawnian-dexeus Were you crying too?
@XxNickTheFilmCriticXx Because there are several users whom just like and dislike things without commenting
@bawnian-dexeus It's what movieweb has been missing for the last month and a half!
@forrestgump1 Again, another excellent review my friend!
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THE JOKER posted in the forum: join in the movie game
Red Dawn
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Interesting... I will be there!
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@SherlockHolmes2009 Hopefully!
@mieko-siede yes it has! When you disappear, I'm here... then you return and I go away!
@XxNickTheFilmCriticXx you shall see... MWAHAHA!
@the-movieghost haha yes sir!