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It is all talk, but I know what great friends Stan Lee actually was with Bob Kane, so if he ever did I would not view it as insult.
Doubt it will ever actually happen... I kind of hope it doesn't to be honest
@forrestgump1 Hopefully they haven't done away with it. I did so many reviews, I almost got tired of never getting that stamp. I will get back in the reviewing game soon. I will read your Spiderman review once I watch the movie...
@mieko-siede alright my man, I will send you a message on facebook soon. I definitely would still write some themes for your books. Congrats on getting it published. I still have your original mock laying on my desk.
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It looks great as far as photos are concerned, but I will still wait to see it in actual color and I would love to see the outfit in motion. I still want to see Wonder Woman already...
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Guys don't feed into this post too much... there are no quotes or anything with this.. this is just movieweb stirring the pot to get a reaction out of us...
Just not feeling it yet... we shall see...
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It's getting out of control. I understand how anxious they are to make a Justice League film, but they really need to be careful. I think they are packing way too much into a SUPERMAN SEQUEL...
@mieko-siede I haven't gotten anything from you man. Do you still have my email and phone number? I have been pretty blasted with stuff since I just got married in March

@john-m yeah, this site always moves in cycles with its good users and its trolls. When the trolls take over I won't log in or comment. Just visit and see the posts. When I see normal people return I will be back until the trolls return
@john-m yeah man it got too Troll like on here for me to be able to enjoy the site very much. I'm going to return and give it another go! I definitely do not like the new layout though...

@mieko-siede I'm glad to see you are still active on here
@forrestgump1 Hey man it has been quite some time since I have been on here, but it's good to see that you are keeping up the quality of your reviews! I completely agree with your review! This was probably my favorite of the Marvel films thus far
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I agree with this decision completely... I'm glad he is being very mature about it... He was an amazing Loki, but we definitely need depth in story with new characters
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Not much there... This truly reveals nothing
Awesome!!! That's the way it should be! If anyone else did the music, yes even if it were Zimmer, I would be sad
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