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This guy thinks the ensemble for The Avengers is a bad idea but that HE has a good idea for a Deacon Frost Prequel/Spin-Off??? Is this guy serious? Oh my god, just kill yourself buddy. He hasnt been in anything good aside from the Blade film his character was killed off in. Who does he think he is?


No Snipes, No Blade. BOOM
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the monster doesnt have 4 arms, it apparently has 6 limbs. look how its standing. the other 2 we cant see are behind the front right. see how there is 3 on just his left side? presuming he is a being that has some symmetry, we can assume he has 6. just saying.
i f*cking knew it! They are going to do a Andrew Garfield Spider-Man Crossover in AVENGERS! I KNEW THEY WOULD DO THIS!

Peter Parkers parents were killed by the Red Skull (Villain in Captain America)

In the Ultimate Universe, Nick Fury was designed to look like Sam Jackson. Because Sam Jackson IS Nick Fury in what will be at least 9 Marvel Movies, we can assume the Avengers Movies and their one-offs are all within the Ultimate Universe.

It was stated that the Spider-Man reboot would take place in the Ultimates Universe. It's a guarantee that they will have him in it now. 100% Without a doubt. Been saying this for over a year now
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pretty damn cool!
"IMDB is known for getting its news wrong a great deal of the time" - theres the pot calling the kettle black. Movie web is like the weatherman of the film inustry. Mostly speculation, little research. Funny that they feel they can put that up there.
I posted the last comment before reading everyone else disgust for the article. Glad everyone is on the same page. Movieweb, you suck. They just wanted their name popping up in Google when people search for anything related to the Dark Knight.
This article is retarded. Nolan himself stated that the character was dead. And if they bring him back then i think it discredits Bruce Wayne / Batmans abilities as a keen detective and the same goes for Commissioner Gordon. If after witnessing Harvey fall, check to see if there is a pulse and they were BOTH wrong, then they are moronic. The character is dead, it HAS BEEN MADE CLEAR on more than one occassion and they need to move on. Whats Eckharts deal anyway? Cant he find work some place else? Or is he that desperate to stick around in Nolans Dark Knight series? Jesus Christ.
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just knowing the cast is awesome but once you read the list, you really do get a sense of HOLY F*CKING SH*T
Look, to all those who are crying over statements like my own, do you realize that youre contradicting yourselves? Youre basically saying for people to accept the opinions of others and youre knocking the ones who are knocking the opinions.

My only point, is that if you have an opinion, and its f*cking stupid, then expect my opinion to transition into fact when i call you out on it. My statement stands, stop being a bunch of whiny pussies.
No, no one cares about Hulks 'character development'. The only reason people like him is because he is a wreckless destructive uncontrollable behemoth with a bad temper. Bruce Banner, sure, we could delve into that a bit. But Norton did already. As far as Im concerned, Mark Ruffalo is simply getting Nortons sloppy seconds. (and dont you dare speak that of Norton after Ang Lee's sh*t film.)

Dr Jekyl may be, but thats a seperate story all together and shares only the similarity that there are 2 seperate personas. The brainless Hulk is only as good as the city he leaves in ruins behind him.

BTW, prior to this new take on Hulk, there is no difficulty portraying him since he was entirely made of CGI! That was a moronic statement. Take it back. its okay, i'll wait.
Mark Ruffalo is such a d-bag

"...and there's still some room for interpreting who The Incredible Hulk is."

Ya know, because when Hulk isnt throwing tanks and pouncing helicopters, he also has a sensitive side and is an avid fan of The View.
  • I agree 100%.
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I mean, we all have our opinions on how we would run Hollywood. I personally don't like 3D. To me, its not really worth the money and I hate those damn glasses. But I do see your point. However, do you think this will be the last like they said? I read something a ways back that they were doing an 8th. I think that Hollywood itself has a one-track mind and that basically is the thought that "if it makes money, we will keep on doing it" - this usually results in the destruction of a beloved franchise, much like this one.
Marcusx wrote a comment about the news item Final Saw 3D Motion Poster!
I disagree with everyone in support of this franchise. Bottom Line:

In a horrible economic collapse, Hollywood tends to play it safe with using the names of successful franchises in order to make a profit (Karate Kid as a prime example). Thus they will continue a story even if it doesnt necessarily need a sequel, prequel, reboot (Spider-Man as a prime example-the only reason this series was rebooted was not only because Raimi is a moron, but becuase it was too costly to use the same actors again-clearly why the killed off Osborn played by J.Franco - With Andrew Garfield, they could continue the exploits of the wall crawler at less than half the cost since he is basically a nobody at this point)

Overall, this series could have ended much sooner. Saw 4 was pointless and most of the sequels were as well. But because people love death (LOVE IT) and gore (love it MORE) people will continue to see films they are familiar with even if they blow. This series has been dead longer than Jigsaw himself. The only reason Hollywood continued was to make a quick few Million.

Anyone who disagrees with that has a hard time swallowing the facts and lives a life of denial (and probably supports the theory that Justin Bieber is the greatest R&B artist of all time, Kristen Stewart should keep acting and that Aaron Seltzer & Jason Friedberg are funny)

Give it up, stop bitching and just accept this is a ploy to take your hard earned dollars (even more so proven the fact that this series has gone the way of 3D which costs in some cases over $20.00)
X-Men: First Class comes to theaters June 3rd, 2011 and stars Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Caleb Landry Jones, Nicholas Hoult, Kevin Bacon, Jennifer Lawrence, Edi Gathegi, Jason Flemyng. The film is directed by Matthew Vaughn.

Kevin Bacon is in X-Men First Class? What the f*ck?
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I disagree regarding your comparison to Friday the 13th. That franchise became sort of a running joke that CLEARLY lost its dignity after the 3rd (so did this franchise i guess) but they kept making them because people wanted to see teens trip during an over-elaborate chase and then be cornered by the machete-wielding immortal. People go to these for the story. They make money, but in no way is this a feasible comparison to Jason. Thats just silly.
it was not necessarily meant as a trilogy. The 1st, 2nd AND 3rd all left open so many plot holes that they had to keep making more. Yeah, i suppose last minute changes couldve been made to ensure a ton of sequels (they got greedy, I agree with you there) but...wait, why am i even going on about this? who gives a sh*t. Nevermind, carry on.
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If the Riddler is the villain it should be

Ed Norton

Joseph Levitt

Johnny Depp

There is no one else. but thats just for this villain. I dont see who else would appear though. i mean Nolan said at one point they were steering clear away from the supernatural or mutant types so i doubt we will see croc or clayface. Penguin is really the only other option right? Phillp S. Hoffman should take the mantle on that one. Of course this is only my opinion. But if yours differs from mine, then f*ck you
Ed Nortons Hulk on screen with CGI was by far the exact idea in my mind as how i would picture the Hulk were he to be tearing through the streets downtown throwing cars at the army. I am curious like most, but I have a bad feeling about this. Ugh, then again the Hulk is a doofus so I suppose I really dont care. Meh, whatever. Do what you will the Green Giant. Just dont screw up the other Avengers Team members.

Do you work for Movieweb? Shut up you hack!

Movieweb blows.

Why am I here then? Mind your own f*cking business!
LOL the writers for Movieweb really are fools. The article right before you click says that McAvoy wants to be apart from Stewarts protrayal of the "iconic super Villain" - PROFESSOR X WAS NOT A VILLAIN YOU DUMBASSES! Please hire writers and critics who know what they are doing and or talking about. God damn i hate you guys.