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I havent posted in a LONG time. But I had to come out of retirement to say that Orange is still a moron. All these choices are terrible except for Tim Olyphant. He barely makes it as a C-. And Norman Reedus? Jesus Christ. How's about Jonah Hill? Or maybe we can just change the race of it, since we are clearly saying stupid things. Jamie Foxx? UGH, I hate you Orange. Still a D-Bag.
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Get BACK ON!!!
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GOD DAMN IT B. ALLEN! You f*cking moron. Seacrest acted in KNOCKED UP. How do you have a job for MovieWeb when everything you say is so F*CKING stupid? God damn it. God damn it. GOD damn it. God F*CKING damn it. I really want you to kill yourself. PLEASE.
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You still on this thing? ;)
B. Alan Orange is a HOMO!
"A Lot Like Love with Amanda Peet, Valentine's Day, No Strings Attached with Natalie Portman, Dude, Where's My Car? with Kevin Costner, and the cult hit, Dude, Where's My Car. Kutcher stars next in Garry Marshall's film, New Year's Eve, out in December 2011."

So many things incorrect about this paragraph. I dont think Kevin Costner was in "Dude, Where's My Car?" LOL
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Such a make shift cast of supporting characters. Andrew Garfield is the perfect Peter and Emma is an acceptable Stacy, I guess. But the rest seem a bit out of place to me. They are all GREAT actors in their own right, but I am a little sketch on these roles they are taking up. Lets just hope Webb knows what he's doing.
Replace Charlie with Carrot Top.
They should kill of Charlie's character.

Open with John Cryer and Angus Jackson driving home when they receive a phone call from their mom about a tragic accident involving Charlie. Say he was killed and then Open to the Funeral. There they should have a star-studded cast and cameo appearances from big name celebs and one of them should be a "distant" cousin of sorts who decides to stay in Malibu and help out Angus and Cryer's characters recuperate with the loss of Charlie. As far as actors to replace, it would be good if they had Stamos or Piven. Other than that, I don't really see a great list of names being thrown around. Plus the show isn't even that great. Personally, I think the show sucks. It would be better with Stamos or Piven, but I respect those two enough to not want them to drop whatever else they have going and take up this sort of career path. But its whatever. I'd certainly watch it more if one of those two got picked. Eh, whatever.
@brian - good way to "TEST" makeup on a dude with facial hair whose character doesnt have any. it would be too difficult to apply with hair and to get around it. Why would they make it harder on themselves?
oh, and if anyone wants to suggest that perhaps this facial hair had been grown post-bane-beatdown, try and notice one thing: its a pretty clean cut/ well-groomed go-t hes got there. I doubt Wayne would be the type to hang up his cape for a few weeks to recoop just to focus in on his new hobby of facial hairscaping. Ugh, Orange... please kill yourself. Better yet, let every person who stands with an ability to think and write do it for you.

PS: (I am aware this isnt Alan's fault, but whether or not that be the case, it feels good knowing I can f*ck with the dingus. BAM)
This cant be from the Dark Knight Rises. Ugh, here we go again. Orange cant seem to utilize common sense with another god damn topic. Heres the thing: Batman doesnt have facial hair. Any idea how ridiculous he would look with a f*cking go-t sticking out of his cowl? Jesus butt f*cking Christ.
this is crazy. this movie has some of the most high-profile stars in the business. Its not shocking by any means. They certainly have the budget, positive buzz and overall good standing to support them. Its just neat to read all those names coming together for a Batman film. Very exciting. Alan is still a f*g though.
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"Sure, it might look like something you'd find in a dumpster behind an Indian restaurant after the lunch buffet closes" - What a f*cking moron. *sigh* It'd be nice if Alan could ACTUALLY be funny for once. Oh well, cant hate a guy for trying. So, I'll just hate him for being a douchebag.
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What's up man? Seems movieweb has changed a lot.
Come to think of it, I cant imagine anyone else playing Kaneda better than Chris Pine. He (in my opinion), is the BEST choice/fit for the role. Just saying.
Chris Pine as Kaneda and Andrew Garfield as Tetsuo. These kids are in High School. Why is Joaquin being considered? He's like what, 40? Get that sh*t out of here. He'll never get the role.
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@daveactor7 - as much as Orange and I DONT get along, the above catastrophe isnt his fault. This is actually news (and total bullsh*t). I cant rightfully blame him as he is speculating on whether they will make him Scotts father, as it sounds like that part was already decided. No reason to fight when Im sure he probably agrees how HORRIBLE an idea this is.
I say bring in Kanye West.