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Mante wrote a comment about the news item Krypton TV Show Will Follow Superman's Grandfather
It is really quite obvious what is going on here....Warner Bros/DC is so behind the Marvel moves by leaps and bounds, DC is slipping into its own abyss.....I originally thought GOTHAM was going to be a bust...I mean who cares about how the crime in GOTHAM came to be...but I must admit....that it isn't half bad...while The Flash does hold my attention it is a little on the campy side as most episodes start and complete in the same episode....ARROW...not sure how that has made it this far..every time I watch I catch up on my sleep...and although I am sure BvS Dawn of Justice will make a billion just from the fact that the whole world is waiting to see these 2 share the screen...I think the story will be average at best. Marvel has a track record (minus Agents of Shield and a few phase 1 entries) of 600,000 K at best...I mean I felt that IM3 was horrible and it made 1 Billion (still can't wrap my head around that)....and they have the means to develop B characters and make new CASH COWS....While DC is stuck in the days of WINDOWS 3.11.......DC dropped the ball by not creating the DC UNIVERSE with the Dark Knight Trilogy...had they planted the seeds back then....they wouldn't be playing catch up. Green I even have to comment? DC is reaching way down in the WHAT IF BARREL and seeing what they can come up with....and instead of TRUE FANS pulling the string...CORPORATE EXEC'S are making the call for these new DC entries and it is just barely breaking even. Best of luck...they need to get some COMIC FANS that happen to be producers and writers...then just trying to hiring the talent that is there for minimal price and all money goes to CG. Story counts....they haven't learned from DKT...Superman's Grandfather....I mean how many Halloween costumes has that sold?....SMH
Mante wrote a comment about the news item Ben Affleck Is Batman in Man of Steel 2!
don't forget his Oscar winning performance in GIGLI!
Mante wrote a comment about the news item Ben Affleck Is Batman in Man of Steel 2!
Is it August Fools day?....did this sequel just become an animated sequel....first Warner wants to compete with Avengers 2....horrible idea....then this casting choice....I hope Im wrong...but its rare that Im surprised by movies......this is just as bad as Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern.....I can't believe Chris Nolan is going to be behind this...I guess when you have billions of dollars at your disposal thinking is not part of the equation
Mante wrote a comment about the news item Russell Crowe Becomes Jor-El on the Man of Steel Set
There is an ODIN/THOR feel to the suit....why does he have a cape?...if he is on Kpyton why would he have a cape...Jor-el is a scientist? ..this suit looks like something that a warrior would wear?I guess ill just have to wait for the movie
Mante wrote a comment about the news item Man of Steel Gets Laurence Fishburne as Perry White
Hope he losses some weight....unless he is going to portray Morphious the Editor of the Zion Tribune!
Mante wrote a comment about the news item The Hangover Part II Sued by Mike Tyson Tattoo Artist
This tatoo artist better watch himself....because if he comes out on know how many of the tatoos he may have done that may have copied someone else's work....

Do you think Paramount and Hasbro sue tatoo artists when they tatoo a transformers logo on someone?!!??!!?!? what an ass f*ck!

What people will do for money....this is an example of why America is in the state its in.....for know why on every lawn mower there is a sticker that says do not place hand under machine sharp blade can cause severe damage....because before that sticker was there someone lost some fingers and sued the manufacturers of the lawnmower and claimed he didn't know better...and he WON!....America has to account for idiots because America is full of idiots....Mr. Whitmill....I want to sue you for the intent to kill the ill....because it is well known that some illnesses are cured by an uplifted human spirit ...which is why HealthCare acknowleges laughter, music, and calmness for the terminally ill/Depression...etc.....and Mr. have an intention to prevent alot of people from experienceing the joy that this movie will bring to others...
Are you serious? there are going back and back and back....I mean these are forein to the everyday comic book reader....we know the main villians...and they are going back I don't know maybe its just me...but this seems HOKEY!!!! even though Spiderman 3 wasn't up to par...the tobey mcquire spidermans were pretty good.....they should have stayed with that line...I mean do we need a reboot this soon? I hope the movie proves me wrong...but the reports are showing a CGI suit..a spider man inspired by Heath Ledgers performance and spidermans biological parents....I just feel like they are reaching for something here.... Hope they bring the pain....because as far as everything I have read....sounds pretty laim!!!
Mante wrote a comment about the news item The Roommate Trailer
UMMM "Single white Female" on a college campus! Hollywood should just say 2010 version of single white female come spend the inflated dollars for an updated version....
Mante wrote a comment about the news item Tron Legacy Consumer Electronics Products Announced
I hope Disney does not set a numbered cap on production....that never made sense to limit prodcuction when they know they can sell more than expected...I am not saying to flood the market....but make enough so ebay scoudrels aren't doubling the price! many iron man figures are out there??? tooo many war machines?!?! ummmm1 for every 40 iron man? makes no sense to me.....
Would a JLA film habe the Falcon in it?.....I mean he was an integral part of the superfriends...had his own toy and everything....he is even in the kids version of the cartoon today....what other superheroes depend on their wits...besides batman and the falcon....even ironman depends on his wits....although that is marvel based
This just in Warner bros has hired Christopher Nolan's Neighbor to over see the office managment of all Warner Bros Studios.....I mean what is really going on doubt Chris Nolan is a talent...but im sure there are others out there worthy of a shot!
No No No.....While Daid Goyer is an awesome screen writer....his history tells us of Dark tales...(Blade, Batman Begins and Dark Knight....)....that works because batman is a dark character....border line pyscho as the same with Blade.....Superman is a story of a man with no family and is ultimately a tragic story....With Nolan Mentoring this project....I don't want it to be a batman story in Superman clothes...I guess time will tell....they should bring in a new director and story writer....just like SONY Mucking up the Spider-Man franchise....going to the well too many times can be a bad thing!
Will it beat the film that good....well numbers don't lie....but then again it is just word of mouth that is the only someone else has already stated.

Cmon I seen different than any other movie...I actually thought Star Trek and the Dark Knight was better....but if I told you I am working on nothing but one project for the next 10 years and when ever anybody asked me what I was working on and I say....the same project year after year after year......then the buzz is out there....kinda like Dr. Dre...he puts out a CD once every 8 to 10 years....and even if it sucks...because it is Dr. Dre and he has a reputation for Cameron does....then the buzz alone will make it sell...I mean Phantom menace is on that list of top movies of all time....yeah a Star Wars Movie after 20 freakin years...of course the buzz is going to generate profit and we all know the Phatom Menace great marketing campain...but is the story any different from the british taking over the land of the Idiginous American Indian?!?!?
Any ways....congrats to hollywood and Cameron......but to me....its just another Movie
Mante wrote a comment about the news item Halloween 3D Is Coming to Theaters Summer 2010!
I am a fan of Rob Zombie movies...but I don't know what he was thinking with Halloween 2....he states he wont be back,....they offer him enough and he will be back it is all about the money....and if he doesn't want to come back he knows he just sh*tted on the no one can pick up his work...hello to kill Michael off and go in another direction won't work anyone see the first Halloween 3...didn't work....that should have been stipulation not to kill him off....he jacked up Loomis's character....Zombie did this one for the money...not for the fans....what a shame....
Mante wrote a comment about the news item Death Row Records Gets Behind Sons 2 the Grave
Just another way to make money off Dre and Snoop with unreleased loop holes HA!
I cant believe this website allows such retarded comments as the last one is an information (true or not..who knows) guys are haters...if you can do better be a producer/writer/director and quit pissing on the reports given ....freaking grow up.....writer/director yeah...of your own your own movie then talk all the garbage you want...platinum dunes must be doing something right to keep being able to ge the rights to do reboots/remakes....
Agreed with some of the comments that why in the world the need to release such material...however think of the finances behind such production...paramount owns the rights to this franchise (1-8)...the 2009 version surpassed financial expectations...all of these extra's that they have..have already been placed together just haven't been released to the costs cent's to dollars for them to make a blu ray version with extra' they use the profit from the 2009 version mass produce these Blu-rays and at 30 dollars a piece...sell a couple hundred of them and then they have profit off the blu-ray...and fans are is that simple....I mean look at Star Trek how many times have they released those movies and tv series and now a blue ray line is coming out...this is such a minimal cost to them but it pleases the fans and turns profit...its all about the mighty dollar!
Mante wrote a comment about the news item Jason Takes on the Snow in Friday the 13th Part II
I must admit I did like in H20 when the kid had the hockey skate in his the opening I could see Jason using hockey skates to kill some poor soul...or just straight smacking a head against the ice...i mean we seen him push a face through a wall of the mobile home in part 6....we could see him through a couple into the fireplace as they are making love next to it....have we seen jason set someone on fire? Flare in the mouth part 5...flaming crossbow arrow in the eye part 3...have we seen anything else with fire? outside of him being set on fire in part 7?
Mante wrote a comment about the news item Jason Takes on the Snow in Friday the 13th Part II
Jason in the snow..interesting to say the least ...yeah pretty wild we never seen this before...but thats due to lack of imaginantion and poor judgement on Paramount's part...they just seen this is a cash cow...then it went dormant now platnum dunes is young and fresh and full of new would just probably be Camp Crystal Lake in the winter time for a winter fishing snow boarding etc...but it would probably be nice to see Jason get whiped on a little more since he will be foreign to killing in the snow...since it is his first time on kill spree in the winter...3D...we are seeing a come back of 3D movies this why not...I mean part 3 in 3D wasn't that bad for the time ...I am sure with the right kill scenes would probably be pretty good.
3D or no 3D...the first one made too much money for there not to be a sequel...hard core fans want to see way around it.
Mante wrote a comment about the news item The First Halloween 2 TV Spots Surface!
Well I agree and don't agree....I think the first TV spot is bad...because of the music associated with it...(hope its not in the movie)...second clip is not that bad....not sure what to think about the movie...thought the first one as OK...what we as fans have to remember is that this is RZ take on the character not the story that we have come to embrace and grew up with...personally not to sure about is mom being the driving force...sound like someone else we know (Mr. Vorhees)....but like I said this is a story by RZ...just have to wait and see....I think there is an expectation we have..because we are all fans of Halloween and 2 at least for me...I thought the Devils Rejects was a masterpiece (my opninion) I would love to see him make this story his own..but becareful what you wish for...I mean I thought the first one was just OK...I guess I expected so much more...but hey I am a fan so Ill like it anyway...jeez...I even thought part 5 was good but Ill have to agree part 6 was the worst of them all....! EVEN 3 was better than 6!!!!


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