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Lock and Stock what have you been up to? I see you left MW my friend.
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Thanks mate, much appreciated.
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Nice review. Check mine out.
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I'm sorry you didn't understand it.
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Lock and Stock reviewed the movie Inception

"A great film that changes cinema in a different and unique way."
Lively is hot. Looking forward to this.
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This looks so great. I think the haters are going to catch a fit after seeing this. It's an Action/Comedy clearly but that's okay. Can't wait for this.
Iron Man 2 may make $101 million. Iron Man 3 will make $130 million. I just don't think Iron Man has the Batman/Spider-Man appeal quite ready.
Good review, man. Very epic. You've picked out every single thing about this film. Mighty review.
  • Thanks, Lock!
Great. Good writers I think they will do a good job on this film. They have a realistic approach to this project.
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Superman/Batman: Public Enemies Official Review is up, if interested.
Matthew is a good director. I haven't watched Kick-Ass because I'm afraid it might ruin the brilliant book for me, but otherwise I loved Layer Cake and Stardust. The man's vision together with the mythology and legends of the series of comics will be a visual treat. I think they might want to tie in Wolverine 2 and Magneto (still going to happen, the news is just around the corner). I have a feeling that Marvel studios and Fox are planning a major X-Men event (sort of like X-men 4) once they tell these small stories. It doesn't mean just because the Avengers and Justice League are coming up that X-men and Spider-Man can't have their fun.
  • Really, they are still making X-Men Origins: Magneto, hmmm? And I didn't know Justice League was confirmed. I will have to watch out for news of these 2 potential projects.
Good for Justin. He is an excellent screenwriter, even if i didn't enjoy this film as much.
Will do FilmFanatic.
@War Machine, thanks. Yeah, maybe it was all the trailers but I really do think it was because it lacked the independance that the first film had. There was just too much going on.

@CBF, looking forward to it buddy.