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lyndbrian posted in the forum: The Dark Knight
Am yet to see it, waiting for the TDK buzz to go down
Hey, did any of you guys watch this one?



Thought it was something more up my alley, although the rest had awesome messages as well.
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Thanks for the add!
Big news! Chris Noth, aka: Mike Logan, is leaving Criminal Intent to be replaced by Jeff Goldblum.

Check it out.

Personally I'm OK with it. Look at all the changes all of the Law & Order's have endured over the years. Plus I loved Goldblum in Raines so this could be a very good move. That being said, "Goodbye Logan. Sorry you have to leave but thanks for the memories."

That sucks, i like Chris North
That film from Cameroon (Vigilante Injustice) scared the hell out of me because having travelled in some parts or Africa and i saw this in India too, people are more apt to resolve to mob justice in small crimes like theft and others and i could see them about to beat the guy mercilessly. I will have to watch the rest of the short films as soon as i can.
lyndbrian posted in the forum: Terminator Salvation
I think the second was the best, the first was brilliant and was something new for the movie world.

I think the third one was ok, it feels weird that Arnold won`t be in the new terminator trilogy.
Anyway one guy who sat next to me in the cinem keept laughing through out the entire time of al the killing and action sequences of the movie :P

I was happy with the second one too and bummed that Arnold won't be in the new one, but will still watch it.
Hey, just got here and though your list looks good and am sure they're good critics, i have to check their reviews/comments first and will get back to you on that on who i agree is a good critic and who isn't.
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