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I would rather die than give a chance to one more Lars Von Trier movie.
I always loved the Scream movies but that TV show idea is horrible, do 5 and finish it ... who the hell wants MTV to take care of Scream anyway !?
The first one was good but it's really not the kind of movie that needs a sequel, why can't they just leave it alone, oh yeah 200 millions that's why.
Good, as long as he only does a voice I'm fine with it.
That's the first casting rumor that I actually agree with, she'd be great for Star Wars VII.
How the hell can a Child's Play sequel not get a theater release!?
The Dinobots were always the coolest of all Transformers!
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A remake wouldn't be a bad idea, as good as the original was, it was confusing as F***, the editing needed some more work.
YES! I found him refreshing and funny! He made the 85th very unique, I'm all for him returning!
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This looks horrible lol
To call it Friday the 13th part XIII would be strange, even though that's what they should have done since the beginning : The ninth movie was called "Jason goes to Hell" Then "Jason X" then freddy v.s. Jason (if you even count it as an official Friday movie) AND then the remake of the 3 first films only called Friday the 13th again. So calling it XII would mix up a lot of things. The remake wasn't a follow up and Freddy V.S. Jason didn't follow the story line either.
Green light, this would be great!
They should do that trilogy first, Darth Vader is what made the original trilogy so great and I've always wondered when we would get to see the actual "Reign" of Darth Vader and the Emperor, you know, before the rebels screwed things up.
My first choice would obviously be Steven Spielberg (the two best things ever = Spielberg+Star Wars) and my second J.J. Abrams (for his nice work on the latest Star Trek).
Ok if Steven Spielberg directs it it's a go for me! Even J.J. Abrams would be good, we all saw the great work he did with the Star Trek movie (which felt more like a Star Wars movie anyway).
It's set 20 years after the first one so at least we know they won't screw with the original too much ... But still, are we really at that point? Doing a sequel to the best movie of all time? Is that really necessary for anyone?
If they take 30 years old men to play high School students I think Mark is good enough to play Luke once again and personally, he's the only Luke Skywalker.
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I find it looks decent and modernized ... The original was really 80's and that was awesome (still is). They needed to make that one the way they did like they will do with RoboCop's remake...
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No matter how long ago Jurassic Park was made, it seems impossible for movie makers to reproduce good looking Dinosaurs! God Bless Steven Spielberg!
I'm not even interested in watching this ... I'll wait for the real movie and keep myself some surprise for what's left of it anyway ...

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