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-lorna- posted in the forum: What's your latest purchase?
MovieChick - Primal Fear has got to be one of my favourite films!

Woolies has a 2 for £10 offer on at the mo and I'm afraid to admit I got Father of the Bride 2 :oops: and Murder in the First with Christian Slater, Kevin Bacon and Gary Oldman.

Before that I picked up:
Layer Cake
Bridget Jones 2
In The Cut
Nurse Betty
Taking Lives
The Station Agent
-lorna- posted in the forum: Depressing/Sickening movies
How about Switchblade Romance ... :shivers:

Or Midnight Express 8O
-lorna- posted in the forum: GUILTY PLEASURES
Guilty pleasures I have a-plenty, and I am constantly reminded of them by the other half!

# Three Men and a Little Lady
# Into The West
# White Men Cant Jump
# Homeward Bound

To name but a few... :roll:
-lorna- posted in the forum: What did you watch this week?
Helloooo...... so far this week, I've watched:

Get Carter (the original of course)
Igby Goes Down
Roger Doger
and Dr Doolittle :oops: well, everyone has their vices!
Hiya, just a quickie intro to make my presence known :director:

Fav movies:

# Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels
# Schindlers List
# Primal Fear
# Ace Ventura
# ROCKY I, II, III, IV & V! (oh yes, 5 as well :oops: )
# Pretty Woman
# Goodfellas


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