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I dont know why but WETA is letting me down with the ape effects. King Kong was much better than this.
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My mom read this book and told me everything about it. From what the trailer offers, you haven't seen anything about the ending.
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Lolarocks9 wrote a comment about the news item Super 8 Trailer
I had chills resonating throughout my entire body while watching this.
My shelves and walls are filled with nothing but a galore of The Walking Dead comics, posters, and other memorabilia. The perfect addition to my collection would be the Blu- Ray of this smash hit series which I crave to relive over and over again as I did with the incredible comics that made me ponder the reality of a true zombie apocalypse which I can re- think while watching the show in 1080p on my glorious HD TV!
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just saying, that thing at the end looked super fake. Terrible graphics
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this is my personal opinion, and i mean no harm to anyone. However, I think this looks terrible.
Because Harry Potter is my life, I deserve to win these. I've read the books since they first came out and gone to the midnight premieres of everything that has come out revolving around the world of Harry Potter. I live, love, and breathe these books. Without them, my imagination would have been a dull rag, but because of these books and films my mind has been opened up. I would love to win this prize from Movieweb as well. My favorite website in the whole wide world provides me with the best news about upcoming and older films. They're users are also great as well. I love Movieweb and I love Harry Potter. So please choose me for winning these prizes.
Screw You Case 39 and You again, Let Me In totally deserves both of your earnings combined with its own
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"Inception Will Definitely Leave You with an Idea in Your Mind of How a Movie Should be Made"
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"Even M. Night Said, "What?""
Can't wait to see Cop- Out the number one movie of the year...not!
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