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Could be one of the worst TV shows in 2015.
littlerivers wrote a comment about the news item True Detective Blu-ray and DVD Debut June 10th
$80 for Blu-Ray? They're out of their minds.
littlerivers wrote a comment about the news item Brad Pitt to Star in True Detective Season 2?
if this is true, i hope the next actor to sign on is edward norton.
littlerivers wrote a comment about the news item Matt Damon Up for Aquaman in Justice League!
@CoreyB Affleck & Damon don't even have Boston accents anymore. The only time they use that accent is when they play characters FROM Boston. Don't be an idiot, "guy."
**Note that RDJ was 43 when Iron Man was released in 2008.
I've been backing the idea of Michael C. Hall for Daredevil for years now, so I'm really, REALLY, hoping there is truth to the rumor and Hall takes the part! I know he's a bit older than a lot of people feel the character should be, but I wouldn't dwell on that too much considering the age of Robert Downey Jr. when he was cast as Iron Man.
How many of these are they going to release? After several trailers and featurettes on characters, are there any surprises left?
I can't believe you compared this to Spaceballs.

Do you even know anything about film or did this website just hire you because you're as dumb as all their other writers?
littlerivers wrote a comment about the news item Johnny Depp Could Be Doctor Strange!
I admit that I am not the biggest fan of Johnny Depp anymore, due to his repetitive characters and just overall over the top performances, but something feels right about Depp in this role. With the right director, and considering the producers that are on board with it, this could be a great role for Johnny.
littlerivers wrote a comment about the news item Mad Max: Fury Road Gets May 2015 Release Date
@brian considering they're in Australia now shooting additional scenes (which happens all the time) I don't think there's too much reads on to worry. I think May 2015 is a reasonable release date considering all the post-production they'll have to go through after these final shoots wrap.
littlerivers wrote a comment about the news item Mad Max: Fury Road Gets May 2015 Release Date
Just curious... Why is there a photo of Sam Worthington with this article? Were you guys just like, "Well it was shot in Australia, so let's get an Australian actor!" Or do you guys just really not know what the hell you're doing?
littlerivers wrote a comment about the news item Tom Hardy Is Elton John in Biopic Rocketman
Originally thought Ewan McGregor would be best for this but Hardy is the superior actor and I'm so pumped on this casting.
Title of this story is so misleading. Says "Will cameo" when it should say "Gilligan teases cameo." Nowhere does he say anything about Walt or Jesse coming back.
The titles are just mashups of original titles and therefore I think this article holds no weight.

I'd much rather see a title with the word "Force" in it.
"Return of the Sith" is too close to "Revenge of the Sith" and "Rise of the Jedi" isn't too close to "Return of the Jedi"????
Such typical casting. First he did Space Jam, and now Star Wars? When is Hollywood going to learn.
@thedude1 I agree that a difference between Wayne's and Batman's voice was needed, but it was far too over the top and got consistently worse as the trilogy went on. I could stand it in BB but it was laughable in TDKR in my opinion.
Considering Bale's Batman sounded like f*cking Tourette's Guy, Affleck is an improvement already. Seriously though, did anyone actually take Bale seriously in that scene in TDKR where he's beating Bane, yelling, "WHERE'S THE TRIGGER? YOU WOULD NEVER GIVE IT TO AN ORDINARY CITIZEN!"

Bale's Batman has my permission to die.
I really like Matt Damon for Martian Manhunter.
I kind of love this casting. It's so out of left field but also very on point at the same time. And if this nets Affleck the chance to direct any DC Studios properties such as Justice League, then DC finally has someone to match What Joss Whedon has done for Marvel. From what Man of Steel looked like and felt like, we're going to have a much moodier and intense Justice League. It won't be as witty and humorous and The Avengers, and personally, I think that's a good thing. As great as Avengers was, it's important for DC to distance their ensemble superhero film from Marvel's. Affleck, if directing, will certainly do that.