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Lim Chang Moh reviewed the movie Brave

"Not As Uplifting As 'Up" But Entertaining For The Kids"

"Revisionist Fantasy that Borders on the Absurd"
Thank you for the feedback, jasdjqs.

"Derivative But Still Entertaining"
Lim Chang Moh reviewed the movie Men in Black 3

"A Bit Outdated But J and K are Still Fun"
Hi Superman81, thanks for the compliment. I agree about the bad timing. And yes, Depp, Burton and Helena Bonham Carter are such close friends that they support one another, no matter what. Anyway, Dark Shadows is not a bad project.
Lim Chang Moh reviewed the movie Dark Shadows

"Seventies Nostalgia with Johnny Depp and Eva Green"
Hi Sean, sorry I did not stay back for all the credits to end. Will check with those who did.

"The Avengers will definitely send Joss Whedon into the stratosphere!"
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Lim Chang Moh wrote a comment about her Review of Battleship
Daveactor7: What I meant was that we root for Kitsch's Alex more than his John Carter.
Moviegeek: From what I read, it costs more than US$200 million but I am confident it will do better than John Carter.
Lim Chang Moh reviewed the movie Battleship

"It's an Attack of the Flying Yo-yos, pass the popcorn, please."
Lim Chang Moh reviewed the movie The Hunger Games

"A By-The-Book Movie that Lacks Vision"
Thanks for the feedback, Worth5Bucks. It is really nice to get the views from someone who has read the book. Cheers!
Bawnian-Dexeus: Thanks for your comments. I would like to know what you think of the movie when you see it. Do let me know.
MovieManiac: Thanks. I hope you like it more than I did. Again, let me know your views.
Lim Chang Moh reviewed the movie John Carter

"An Opulent Production But Ultimately Disappointing"
A very informative and fair review. Took the words out of my mouth, so I won't post my review. Good job, Jay.
Thanks for your comments, guys. Mr Jay.A.Ottley: My reference to Herge in the opening is to alert viewers to look out for the likeness of the author. It does not spoil the plot in anyway. Thanks for your feedback.