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LazerDude wrote a comment about the news item Ip Man 3 Will Star Mike Tyson and CG Bruce Lee
this sounds like a really bad idea
@jasonkat I have no idea what you are talking about with April the Movie makes her look like a moron and her acting doesn't help it because of how bad it is.... here are some examples

#1. she sees people robbing a ship yard and doesn't call the police
#2. She is then shocked when no one believes her about vigilantes at the ship yard because there has been no reports of anything being stolen because (what a shock) no one called in a robbery which she could have done herself...
#3 She then after only getting a blurry photo of the Turtles tells her editor with no evidence of the Giant talking Turtles all about them and then big shock she is Fired... well Duh what did you think was going to happen?
#4 the Dialog is so Awkward when ever she and Will Arnet are talking that makes you want to fast forward because of how not funny it is...

and those are only to name a few you want a really interesting April watch the New Animated show that April is a billion times better then Megan Fox will ever be
I got hopeful when I thought it said that the Turtles started shooting April... the less Megan Fox we get the better
Someone has been watching futurama
You know I am so glad that they are making Reverse flash more then just evil flash
The Rouges are coming togeather... the only big one left is Mirror master
This sounds really Dumb.... I am sorry that was really easy
LazerDude wrote a comment about the news item Justice League Wants Chris Pine as Green Lantern?
I would be Ok with that...
I just don't know
LazerDude wrote a comment about the news item Deadpool: Hugh Jackman Open to Wolverine Cameo
look I love Hugh Jackman and wolverine but the more the Deadpool movie can separate itself from X-men origins Wolverine the better
she looks fit.... but she could look a bit more muscular that's all I am saying... still looks good though
@titanictom now now I am sure you know that DC gave them the captain marvel name changing his name to Shazam instead of captain marvel
I think this is just him being frustrated that people thought his movie was about the X-Men Character. but he is right they have seemed to take over the industry...
LazerDude wrote a comment about the news item Boyhood 2 May Happen Says Richard Linklater
great... I look forward to seeing it in 2027
well it is official... Hollywood has run out of ideas.... and it would be impossible for that many beavers in one area beavers don't work in packs if you looked in the woods in all directions for 100 miles you might find 3 beavers at the most
what is the story going to be? people trading brick for sheep the whole film?
What no Bob? that is a rip off
LazerDude wrote a comment about the news item Deadpool Mask Teased by Ryan Reynolds
He is looking at that mask like his thinking... "that is the coolest thing I have ever seen"
anyone else feel it is to soon for this franchise to have its second reboot? heck I think this is the first time they have rebooted something twice
what the heck was that?? that looked awful!


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