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LazerDude wrote a comment about the news item Transformers 5 to Be Released in 2017
so that is two years without any transformers Crap? good, on the sad side though 2017 just got a whole lot worse
I am very satisfied with that
you know this sounded interesting, and then the pop music started... not interested
No Stop it! stop Rebooting this character every 5 seconds! stop We like Andrew,we like mark Web stop screwing them up!
I Think that the future of Superhero movies is going to be like James Bond where new actors
just get CCH Pownder Who did he voice in the animated series she is the perfect Waller
I don't know about this one it feels like it is a war movie
IF I get a movie that has Deadman in it I will be 100% happy
LazerDude wrote a comment about the news item Jurassic World Trailer Is Here!
Man Chris Pratt is in everything these days
Why is Sadness looking so innocent your the one Causing so much depression
Either one of them would be great as long as they play Jean more like she is being portrayed in comics right now
hey he already raised the bar for comic book movies now he can raise the bar for movies in general
anyone else looking at this and thinking... well why didn't they just make a Moby Dick movie? not that it looks bad but that was the first thing to cross my mind...
LazerDude wrote a comment about the news item Is Doctor Strange Going After Ewan McGregor?
die his beard and boom perfect
why civil War? this could turn badly...
ok Vixen is a good guy... why is she? oh well
LazerDude wrote a comment about the news item Pixar's Inside Out Trailer Is Here!
I am interested and I will always give pixar the benefit of the doubt
and now we wait and see if the money Gubbing greed of Hollywood will bow down to the whim of Robert Downey Jr... they want another Iron man movie but he has set forth an ultimatum only if Mel Directs lets wait and see if they will take the bait... and it looks like RDJ is hoping that Iron man can put Mels carear back in the same way it did for him
man what if DC did a Secret 6 movie? that would confuse people really fast
LazerDude wrote a comment about the news item Big Eyes Trailer from Director Tim Burton
what is this? A Tim Burton movie without Depp and Carter? WHAT IS GOING ON? I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS REAL ANYMORE!!!


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