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larmindy wrote a comment about the news item Gal Gadot Is Wonder Woman in Batman Vs. Superman!
Yes she could work visually as WW...being Israeli the accent will help as well
Nooooo..Not another remake
I would love to see the F13th sequel(s) to continue from the original story, not the remake. Even if they have to follow Jason X, it is possible for the legend of Jason Vorhees to be born again on New Earth or whatever it was called where he landed in the lake!! Could be fun, campy, gory etc ----No matter what I will be in theater for it (them) remember Paramount could puch out 2 of these in a 5 year span back in the '80s
no continuity issues from this at least.....think back to the first film...they scan the vehicle of choice..I like this version so far..lets see robot mode
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okay so the Darl (Alternate Universe) will we have time travel as well?????This looks like a TNG era starship
Shooting locations and dates would have been nice...I will be in NYC with the family during Feb school vacation....ah well time to hit FB to see if this is legit
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hmmm...wasn't their talk of a sequel coming at some point in the future???? maybe this is just like a back door pilot (no pun intended)? If it and the 3-d BDVD do well it may happen??? Thoughts.
Ok, quick question. Is Abrams contracted for 2 Star Trek fims???? As far as I knew he wasn't....SO that being said he can focus on Star Wars, once script- plot even- he can move, the 2015 date was ambitious to sat the least even with a full script ready to go. While I do not see this as a F13th film that sits in limbo for 10 years, I am pretty sure we won't see anything for another 3-5 years.
And I hope I right, a quality film is what we need.
a little nervous about another Star Wars movie. The last three were not so great, good but not great. Of course I am dating myself..he he. Anywho, I have faith that Mr Abrams will do a great job, just hope if feels like Star Wars and not Star Trek ( and vice versa). Both franchises are loved dearly and have totally different nuances. SW is more gritty while ST is more tech. Fingers crossed!!!
um this was more a commercial than an interview...I would go and see but I hope they do an R rating film
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Love Catwoman and gotta say Anne Hathaway was one the best
Glad this won't happen.
WOW....I must have read a different article. Really hope this works well. A show that all family members might enjoy, like the Avengers movie, will be refreshing.
I do love the way they are keeping the stories connected between each characters franchise and the Avengers...
Keep in mind these are popcorn summer films (not serious movies). As such I have enjoyed the first three films from Bay. I cannot see a Transformers film "working" without the human element.
I am an '80s cartoon child and all through Gen 1 you have the humans working with the Autobots and on occasion with the Decepticons. Granted the humans were not the heros but the Autobots were, and I think we kind of loose that in this series. However, as I said, I did enjoy the first three.
What I would like from the next is the Dinobots, Unicron, Galvatron, and less of a government storyline.
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Gotta say the vibe I got from these is a nice change for Superman...seems to follow the recent trend for superhero films, but maybe that is what Superman me more!
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um this is not much of a run down on the story...just genesis of RoboCop that we all know from the original film
larmindy gave this a Thumbs Up
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larmindy gave this a Thumbs Up
larmindy wrote a comment about the news item Men in Black III Trailer
looking forward to this one


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