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That's awesome! I'm surprised to see they actually left the "Captain America" part in there for the international poster, considering how they weren't going to call it that overseas. This makes me happy. :)
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@ejk1 I wasn't taking anything personally. I was just irritated at the way you were replying to me. As if your every word was scripture. From what I could tell, YOU took the article's implication that Meloni was being considered for Lex Luthor personally because it was clear you didn't want that, and everyone of your replies to me before actually finding out that he had been cast in a different role, reflected that. So don't try to turn it around on me like I was the only one at fault here. I don't play that game with people. Most especially on the internet where many think they can get away with everything.

I would've just as easily not replied to you before your last response had you not been so dead-set in your mentality. Nearly everyone in my age range who I know in real life would disagree with you, especially when you defended Nicolas Cage as being an A-lister. Regardless of the way Hollywood thinks/does things, your attitude was that you agreed with them for the most part, and therefore it was your belief that that's how it should be. All I was saying is that your belief does not make it a fact. Having an A-lister in a movie is not the main reason most people choose to watch it. Most have to have an actual interest in it outside of whoever's starring. While it's true that a lot of people use that as a deciding factor in what they watch, having a big name is just icing on the cake for some. A treat, and nothing more. If I went to see every single movie one of my favorite A list actors was in, I wouldn't just be broke - I'd be in debt. You can bet people think the same way as me in that regard.

Nowadays money is everyone's chief concern. How much can be saved vs. how much can be spent. So, while you believe Meloni may not have gotten anyone to see Superman, it's my belief that people aren't exactly going to flock to it just for Crowe, either. Call that idealogy if you want, if that's what helps you sleep better at night, but it's not going to change on your say-so.
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@Number1Wolverine Oh, I thought I saw you give it (TNKK) like a 1.5 or something like that. But if you liked it, nevermind then. :)

I would give that one a 3.5 without being generous. So like a 4, tops.
But no, it was the exact same prince in each of the games, @shuabert
@shuabert Well then there ya go. You can't really get the full experience without playing all 3 games or understand the point I'm trying to make about how the movie ruined any possibility of that great storyline from progressing on film in the same way as the games.

It's the same with Resident Evil. Once the first was a "hit", they continued with all the sequels that had nothing to do with the game's storyline (aside from Umbrella, which they actually screwed up too) which is far superior than any of that sh*t Paul Anderson has put on film.
@shuabert Still have to disagree. The story is what made the games for me, and probably a lot of others - not the gameplay. While the gameplay was fresh and inventive, the games wouldn't have continued after the first and been able to hold up as well as they do today without the progression of a fantastic story. The gameplay was just as good, but without the story, I gaurantee you Prince of Persia wouldn't have lasted past Warrior Within, or even Sands of Time for that matter. And after Warrior Within, The Two Thrones was a great step-up and conclusion to the series which tied it together with the first perfectly. Just imagining those games as a great trilogy on film makes me disappointed in how the Hollywood cop-out movie version of the first ruined that excitement for me.

And I'll contest that it captured the visuals of the game pretty well... but the minute I saw "Dastan" (which wasn't even the Prince's name in the games, he had none, which I would've been fine with the change in the movie had the rest actually been somewhat close to accurate) using the dagger, I was waiting, hoping, and expecting to see the story of the games unfold. I even remember saying "Cool!" the first time they showed it's magic power... But look at the games... He needed the sands in order to even use the dagger and gain any power from using it. Which the movie completely left out, from my knowledge. And my anticipation finally died once Dastan and the princess got to the temple and found the sands, except... Op, what'd ya know? IT WASN'T IN THE HOURGLASS. There was no hourglass at all -- completely f*cking killed it for me, and at that point, I just could not overlook the movie's many story flaws.

And to answer your question @dan1, I'm sure I did play the original when I was younger but I don't remember. It comes as a hidden unlockable within The Sands of Time game, though, so that was cool.
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@skywise Sounds like fun!
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@dan1 Yeah, that was the last Karate Kid movie I really enjoyed. I like how they reinvented the series with it, it's a shame it couldn't have launched a new series of movies; I would've preferred that over the reboot. But I think Next Karate Kid is really underrated... People see it in a totally different light than the originals in my view. I was watching it once and my brother was like "The Next Karate Kid? The only one that should've never been made...", laughing at it. My first thought was why? Because it has a woman in it now instead? Yep... my brother is such a sexist *sshole I can see that being the one and only reason.

And I already see Wolvie gave it a low rating the other day so we're not even going there with that one. :p
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The acting in this is surprisingly good for a fan trailer. Color me impressed. Music was great, as well. And after viewing the video, I'm inclined to agree completely with @Chad-Langen and @narrator. Job well done on these kids parts, and anyone who comes here trashing it clearly doesn't see the talent that lies both here, and in their futures.
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"It's hard to take a movie seriously when so much of it is so utterly ridiculous." - That's the thing though, it's not "supposed" to be taken seriously. And the Transformers, well... just the idea of them are "ridiculous." It's a film based off a popular cartoon and toy-line. To expect anything less than ridiculous would be absurd.
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Thank you very much, @skywise. :)

I have to be honest, I don't remember the sequels to this movie that much. I just know the third one was the weakest of the bunch and the second had mixed reviews, from what I can tell. Still, I plan on buying the second one at some point just to re-watch it again, especially since they sell these movies for real cheap now and as a set (found the first for $5). But, I'm sure none of them hold up as well as this one does today. I can't even count how many times I've seen the original now which says a lot considering I can't recall when the last time I saw the others was.

I did however see The New Karate Kid several times and liked it, despite it's cheesiness. Star making performance from Ms. Swank in that one.

Oh, and I could've never gone on vacation without being able to use the internet! I feel bad for you, but not cuz you pulled through, I just know I would've never been able to!! lol