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Travis Young reviewed the movie Jack Reacher

"Cruise has found a tremendous character property here and I will make sure not to miss a screening of the next Reacher film."
thanks @XxNickTheFilmCriticXx that certainly makes sense. I didn't always agree with Ebert, but I'll miss reading new reviews of his because they were always insightful and honest.
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@narrator thanks for reading. I'd love to read your thoughts after you see it

"The Place Beyond the Pines becomes unbearable; only this time in length, rather than in sorrow."
thanks for reading and the nice words @bryanyentz .
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Travis Young reviewed the movie Like Someone in Love

"Abbas Kiarostami appears joyous to bring his talents to another foreign land, but he didn't bring along a fully fleshed out script."
Travis Young reviewed the movie Evil Dead

"The new additions director Fede Alvarez brings to the table are just clever enough to make his Evil Dead a not so bad experience."
Travis Young reviewed the movie Gangster Squad

"This film needed a clearer identity and a solid reason to care."
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I had never watched the original until a few days ago and I thought it was almost unwatchable. Not in terms of it being super low-budget, but just clearly lacking a lot in quality and humor. It felt like a practice film for what would eventually become Evil Dead 2, which I love. Kind of like Robert Rodriguez's El Mariachi and Desperado. And of course Army of Darkness is amazing.
thank you for the kind words @ . No, I wont be buying it. I rarely add to my DVD collection anymore, unless its something obscure that I have to show my friends like The Room or Miami Connection.
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Travis Young reviewed the movie Stoker

"Stoker is one of those films that comes along from a director you greatly admire and is so good it makes you want to immediately revisit his previous work."

"A wonderfully twisted and wacky romance."
Travis Young reviewed the movie Room 237

"A meta-doc*mentary without an agenda; a celebration of a meticulous master."
Travis Young rated the movie A Prophet
  • Travis Young gave it 5.0 stars

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Travis Young reviewed the movie The Last Stand

"A safe, self-aware comeback for an old action star still potent with charm, yet no longer believable."
I've been watching some older films recently. I watched Kurosawa's Ran for the first time yesterday.

Shakespearean themes of betrayal and tragic corruption within a family shine through along with man's selfish nature and continuous rages of war. The costumes and set design are beautifully colored; as if technicolor had just been released and Kurosawa couldn't resist painting each scene vividly without restraint. But I was surprised to see this film was released in 1985. Ran stands currently as my favorite of his films (ive seen The Bad Sleep Well & Rashomon). An epic classic that could only be improved with a sharper edit, but that's more a minor generational gripe.