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@thedude1 and the purpose for u really knowing the amount will do what exactly? who cares what the cost of the movie will cry when they show a photo of Paul at the end, dedicating this film to him
Batman to Moses...this guy is a god among insects
@ObiWanShinobi u go bigger and better with Avengers
anti feminist film? wow, really? who the hell cares, ONLY IN AMERICA, this seems to be an issue....omg its goddamn robots who turn into cars, how does an 18% on rotten tomatoes even matter when it estimates at $100 million
im with @thedude1 if Bay doesnt bring in Unicron, f*ck that would be utterly retarded not much bigger can u get? they stated another 2 films so bring Unicron in, cause Optimus is coming for u...............the realism of Transformers firing at Grammar and him dead but not eradicated by their weapon is a little far fetched, (too PG like death)
@c-a-r-t-m-a-n couldnt agree more, loved Kelsey Grammar, great villain as well.....cute little blonde....acting was its normal 6/10, but we go to watch robots....still not sure the name of the Bugatti or the fatty green truck....introduction of characters is star scream though? that sh*t sucks

@thedude1 how high is that horse you're always on??? i mean its TRANSFORMERS bro....its the 4th one, f*ck u think would change your mind from the first three?
no film has exceeded $260 million for a film released in 2014....Frozen was late 2013 and up at $400 million as of today.....this year for films have been weak, not over yet...even X-Men and Spiderman havent dominated.....remember Avatar didnt have the highest grossing weekend ever, yet it had legs to punch out $760 million......Transformers i would guess has the most legs to get there over Dawn of the planet of the apes...definitely over Turtles, Hercules, Guardians of the Galaxy only has its comic book fan base, hard to get ppl to watch that that havent heard much about them
@Johnny1312 ice cube's character is his own ya i think you would be too to play your father in an iconic role in hip hop
WOW, Dragon 2 caught $50 million with no marketing?.....22 Jump St was extremely predictable and corny, was it funny? ya of course but everything has humour in it......the only film out this coming week is Think Like A Man Too and that looks terrible, bet it will get more than expected
kingbrady wrote a comment about the news item The Walking Dead Is Planned Through Season 12
12 seasons? they really have a long way to go to get to 6 lol
@CoreyB well said...just seen Dragon 2 commercial for the first time yesterday lol.....22 jump street is getting the marketing but its identical to the first just in college now lol....totally cliche films......first place shouldnt exceed $35 million is my guess
those two in Fault in our stars play brother and sister in Divergent, watched it yesterday, not bad.....glad to see a non block buster pick up serious coin
@CoreyB with 22 Jump Street and How to train your Dragon 2? i dont think so
throw this in the movie theatre people will complain, throw a guy holding a severed head, youre ok
@nburgmei @junior-roberts first thing i seen as well lol, writer must love her
great cast......obviously its based on a true story its similar to Lord of War, the US Govt still does this to this day lol
she has a unique attraction to her, very skinny but great set of t*ts, look how the sit ever so lovely
this guys are so late lol i seen articles about this from Saturday...if no one knew that 4 men on horses were NOT the 4 Horseman, they should be shot for utter stupidity
this is for the 3 day total? even better


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