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@nburgmei @junior-roberts first thing i seen as well lol, writer must love her
great cast......obviously its based on a true story its similar to Lord of War, the US Govt still does this to this day lol
she has a unique attraction to her, very skinny but great set of t*ts, look how the sit ever so lovely
this guys are so late lol i seen articles about this from Saturday...if no one knew that 4 men on horses were NOT the 4 Horseman, they should be shot for utter stupidity
this is for the 3 day total? even better
Michael Fassbender plays one great villain, i think he owned First Class and he wasnt far off from that once again......i notice how they focus on Jennifer Lawrence and Hugh Jackman as the top characters because of their oscar or ability to draw fans
a stupid comedy and a evil witch of Sleeping Beauty will fight X-Men next week, wouldnt be surprised it getting another $50-60 million next weekend, sh*t i might see it again next week
so Godzilla made more then X-men in its opening weekend? interesting
@c-a-r-t-m-a-n til this day i think thats something of the sorts lol
slightly off topic, this was in regards to the scene shown at the end of Spiderman with Mystique and William Stryker.......many and myself included thought how can that be William First Class its Agent Stryker, who is the father to William as Charles mentions in the film
the death of Paul walker was a huge bomb to this franchise, cause he in fact is the face of Fast and Furious. Clearly doing everything they can to make sure its not f*cked up
kingbrady wrote a comment about the news item Second Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer!
i dont get the same feeling yall get but u convinced me to go watch it anyways lol
kingbrady wrote a comment about the news item Second Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer!
i dont get the same feeling yall get but u convinced me to go watch it anyways lol
@Garrett-Roodbergen you clearly dont understand how strong Mark Wahlberg actually is bro
kingbrady wrote a comment about the news item The Joker Confirmed for Gotham TV Series
marvel's agents of shield is terrrrrriibbbllleeee, i cant stand watching it ....i fall asleep or play on my phone when i try watching it, its just so bloody boring, the acting is pathetic
@jasonkat i dont know the details but i believe there was an actor in Spiderman on contract to Fox, so instead of Fox causing an issue they asked Sony to put a clip of the film and advertise their film instead of causing an issue with the actor on another was merely marketing at its best......Spiderman in fact DID tell you about Spiderman 3 villains (very small group that involves Rhino)
@dragonfoxmem i think he understands that, First Class had an old Stryker, yet DOFP has a younger Stryker? that makes no sense considering Havok and Mystique are in the scene unless THEY WENT BACK in time.....cause this make no sense
so he interested NOW, because they have serious marketing behind this and ppl are getting paid lol....however he does have a young face
movie is a disappointment, it will get its money, but boy was this all set up for the third film. Arrogance and introduction of Alistair Smyth, Ravencroft, the chamber of mechanical suits its all set up for the 3rd film with the sinister 6 and hopefully Spider slayers
u think they would tie in a new trailer with the biggest movie of the summer so far (summer season) today with Spiderman, gonna get everyone and everyone to watch that film why release it May 8, when Neighbors comes out lol


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