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Is it me or does the new bumblebee look like a mustang
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This movie can't be good, don'treally see this doing well at all
Oh goody, dude sitting on some kind of futurist bike in the rain; that's so super cool, NOT! Lame pic, but I am hopeful they won't screw up this film by moving forward at a fast pace! Not that it matters! People will always rush out to see subpar sci-fi movies, because there are so few good ones. Most sci-fi flics are just really cool scenes or cinematic shoots scenes edited together to form something that resembles a movie!
It is all about money and the risk of multiple movies in a franchise, anything is possible with the right amount of money. I think Mr. Craig is going to walk away from the bond series soon unless the moneys right. Remember if he committed, he is limited to what else he can work on for the time he is held up acting as bond.
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Just afraid it will be Jack Sparrow all over again.........................
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After the first Transformers movie (in my eyes it wasn't all that great to start with) Mr. Bay took what could have been an amazing series and trashed it almost as bad as Mr. Raimi's Spiderman, now it appears Mr. Bay wants to see how far down the rabbit hole of depravity he can go. (subbasement anyone).
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Reminds me of Van Helsing! Double feature, pay for one then go see that one!!
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1985 called Tom Cruise wants his sunglasses back
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Shia LeBeouf can't act to save his life, he plays the same character in every movie he's been in. He is just one lucky SOB! You know this movie is going to FAIL huge. PASS
Yea, Top Gun 2 bring back Ice Man (if he can fit in a c*ckpit)! So not NECSSARY!!
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If they wanted a comic book feel they should have let Jim lee pen the poster art, these are sub part in my option. At this point I still want to see the movie, but I am loosing interest the hype is GONE. I know the cast and what's going on in the film from start to finish; at this point there are almost no surprises.
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Bumper face isn't looking to shabby
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Keep the clips coming; I didn't want to see the movie in the theaters any way (thanks for saving me 10.50). At this rate all they'll need is the supersize hyped-up trailers, Spiderman crossover shots (trying to save the day, but being way out of his league), and some closing credits. EPIC FAIL!!
There is no real new news here, same old conspiracy theory stuff you can hear, read or look up on the net. He's just trying to get listeners
Knowing anything about Richard Kuklinski, love should never be used in the same title. Mr. Kuklinski is the purest form of sociopath there is. Watch the HBO interview on him, the only time he shows emotion is when the interviewer talks about Mr. Kuklinski daughter and that is nothing but rage Mr. Richard Kuklinski was a bear of a man standing well over 6'3'' tall , hell they needed two sets of handcuffs just to cuff him. This movie should be a Lifetime movie tops or straight to DVD. Epic fail
People just want to be recognized. If the studio went all out on the face not many people would recognized the true actor playing the part, Think back to the movies you have seen Hulk and abomination most of the ape from the planet of the apes, and a Sharks tale all these movies and more. The studio wants you to recognize the people who are drawing the crowds and they will sacrifice good character production to do it.
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Look is that the Mystery Machine? What's Scooby Doo a werewolf? Lame if you ask me!


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