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kerouac posted in the forum: Ghost Ship!
As usual, I'm forced to be the voice of cynicism here...
Come ON people, this movie is going to be HORRIBLE!!!!
That trailer... *shiver* It's obvious the studio picked the best shots from the movie for the trailer, and those shots aren't even that good!!!

I know we're all starved for some GOOD horror here, but this ain't it.

~ Kerouac

The Princess Bride is one of those films that everyone loves, but forgets to put on thier list!! Good choice! That is one DIVERSE list you've got, I love it.

Cameron Crowe is one of the best writers in the business, and I'm a HUGE fan of anything he does. Again, I'll have to agree with the majority here, Vanilla Sky was horrible. But it's not his fault... he listened to Tom Cruise on that one. He needs to stick to the personal material. Almost Famous is one of the most well written/acted/directed films I've ever seen.

The only film I have to nock is Bull Durham.. Costner's most enjoyable?? No, that would be Tin Cup, IMO. But then again, I DESPISE the man, and it makes me feel dirty just admitting that I lvoe Tin Cup... dammit.

Well, welcome to the boards!!!

~ Kerouac (resident lunatic of Lights Out)
kerouac posted in the forum: Superman Returns
I think our mysterious friend is talking about the review of the script over at Aint It Cool News. (

Quite frankly, I already voiced my concerns for another Supes movie in one of the other forums. And after Moriarty's review of the script, well, my concerns have no been quelled, they've been compounded. I said it before and I'll say it again... this is going to SUCK.

Just from the review we get that they've screwed with the origin story (Krypton doesn't even BLOW UP!), they've added some lame-ass bad-guy, and the whole idea of nobody recognizing Clark as Supes got even LAMER.

Add this to my list of "my friends will drag me to it kicking and screaming" movies. (that's if it even gets made!) Things are so ass-backwards at the WB right now, I can't imagine them getting their heads out of their asses long enough to actually get the film done. (what with all the power positioning going on right now)

Just my $.02

~ Kerouac
Wow... this one is tough. Why only Sci-Fi??


The Phantom Menace
Event Horizon (remember, this is TRAILER, not film!)
Solaris teaser
Signs teaser
SW Special Editions (these were a work of GENIUS marketing)
Well, the Sopranos season opener kicked ass.
Ya know, network TV blows. But I'll watch season 2 of 24. Although, you have to wonder how many sh*tty days one guy can have!
I think I'll check out that Fire Fly show, too. But again, Sci Fi historically SUCKS on TV. (here come the flames) I mean, look at Star Trek. God, I've never seen anything more boring in my LIFE.

Then again, I did like Earth 2 when it was on... but I was the only one. :wink:

~ Kerouac
kerouac posted in the forum: Superman Returns
Hopkins didn't confirm he's IN it, he confirmed he WOULD do it.
That's VASTLY different than a confirmation he's doing it.

HOWEVER, I think this one is gonna actually get made, unfortunately. Now we get to go through the whole Superman origin again and blah, blah, blah. BORING!!!

Pick a freakin' COOL comic to make next, not Superman. Or if it has to have Superman, how about a Justice League flick. THAT would be cool.

~ Kerouac
Vaguely... :roll:

Don't worry, fearless leader... there'll be one this week!

Hey, I can't force 'em. If I do that, it'll get stale and then I'll lose all 3 of my readers... (that would be Bobby, Doofy, and myself!)

Remember when I used to get DVDs to review? :wink: (touchay!)

~ Kerouac
kerouac posted in the forum: Superman Returns
"Guest" (I'm assuming this is Jayce by the number of ........... in the post!)

I agree that maybe America NEEDS Superman and what he represents right now, but they still won't embrace him. Dude, the majority of the nation has had too much patriotism crammed down their throats in the last year... they're not gonna PAY for more. It'll have an AMAZING opening weekend, then it'll die off pretty quick. Mark my words.

~ Kerouac
First of all, this thread was NOT my idea.
Mr. Doofy is just bitter from an embarrassing incident with a poodle, a funnel, and a torn rectum. Poor bastard still sits at his computer desk with one of those little inflatable "donut" pillows.

"Rectum? Damn near killed 'em!"

Ok, Sam and I have been fine since we chilled. Check the boards... simple debating over movie issues... it's nice to be back to the point. We need to do this every couple of months I think... just to get it out of our systems. :twisted:

Anyway, I'm from Rochester, NY.

~ Kerouac
kerouac posted in the forum: Superman Returns

MG should actually read McG. He's the guy who "directed" Charlie's Angels. I say directed in quotes because if you've seen the film, it looks like NOBODY directed it. He's so wrong for Superman it isn't even funny!

That leads me to my next point. Superman isn't going to work nowadays. He's a 1950s, WWII-era icon that stands for pretty much everything that's forgotten in modern society. The whole "boy-scout" thing just won't fly nowadays. He's too magoo for film fans now, especially the pre-teen and teen demographics. That's why there was so much anticipation for the Batman Vs. Superman film... because people LOVE the anti-hero, which is exactly what Bats is. Like you said, he's not far from the freaks he puts away in Arkham... and we LOVE that. We want our heroes to be edgy.. to snap once and a while. Superman just isn't hip to todays society, which is EXACTLY why he worked so well in Frank Millers GENIUS Dark Knight Returns. He was the usual old boyscout, and he was LAME.

Personally, I couldn't give 2 sh*ts about the new Superman movie. Hell, I HATE that lame-as-hell Gap commerical posing as a TV show "Smallville". But give me a Batman vs. Superman film with the emphasis on Bats, and how he has to go THROUGH Supes and do whatever is necessary to get the job done. That could be interesting.

~ Kerouac
kerouac posted in the forum: Best GANGSTER Films?
Ness was actually a notorious alcoholic, even during prohibition.
And the new name is a little too Aint It Cool News for me... but I see the reasoning. Should I change mine to Holmes now? :lol:

I LOVE the Sopranos. Last night was SWEET! Too bad next season is the last one. And I, for one, think that a film version would SUCK.

As for gangster films... I'm gonna have to go with Goodfellas. I know The Godfather is the obviouso choice, but that film transcended mere Gangster film status. It's an EPIC. Goodfellas is just a celebration of everything gangster-badass!

~ Kerouac
kerouac posted in the forum: The end of a saga......

I hear ya... There's SO MUCH that needs to be wrapped up in Ep. 3. I'm not sure I'm completely confident in George's ability as a WRITER to pull it off. I mean, we've got to have the Clone Wars wrapped up, the Obi-Wan/Anakin battle, the hunting down and destruction fo the rest of the Jedi, Yoda going into hiding, the birth of Luke and Leia, unbeknownst to Anakin, Obi-Wan placing the children into hiding, Anakin's turn, Palpatine's complete take-over... geez, it's gonna be rough.

On the other side of the coin, all of these events have me extremely excited about this installment. Just on the subject matter alone, it could easily be the best STORY of the saga...

I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

~ Kerouac
kerouac posted in the forum: Movie Scores

And I see... I see...
Poorly done sarcasm and real-world issues mixed with
baseball and the "Dream Team"...

Wow... sad.

Ok, I'm closing my eyes again. The "Light" is just too much for me.

~ Kerouac
A ha... a haha... a-hem...

Bobby, my brother. The fatal flaw in your thinking is that you're making the assumption that Marvel actually gives a sh*t about its properties, which it doesn't. That's why we'll never see a superhero film like "Unbreakable" again. Not with any known characters anyway.

If they gave a sh*t at all, they'd take all of these proporties thay're pimping out to anyone and everyone, and they have a nice, tight reign on them. Then Spider-man, Daredevil, The Hulk, The Fantastic Four, and X-men would have all been developed IN CONJUNCTION. That way there would be character and storyline crossovers, etc. I mean, if they gave a sh*t, the possibilities would be endless. But they don't, so we're stuck with EXTREMELY under-developed villains in EVERY SINGLE FILM. Why, because they always f*cking DIE!

Sam, you wit never ceases... no wait... no, it just never amazes me.

~ Kerouac
Oh, the black one DEFINITELY...
But it'll NEED to come into play, IF they ever do a Venom film.. and IF they do it right.

Hmmm... what other ones are there? The Scarlet Spider's lame outfit from the lame clone storyline? The Spiderman 2099 outfit?
I would like to see the webbing under his arms... that would be tight!

~ Kerouac
"The tone I have in my posts is the same most people here have, even you (*gasp*)."

Brother, that is arrogance. And that pisses people off. I wasn't treating you like a retard. You were getting all defensive AGAIN and I was just trying to squelch the situation.

Screw it, you bring it on yourself. If others on this board feel like bashing you, they can have at it. You ARE arrogent. You DO act like your opinion is the only one that matters. Yeah, you once said that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but that was just a load of crap. You don't practice what you preach.

I'm not above anyone on these boards (except Doofy - natch!) so I certain wasn't talking down to you about the situation.

Frankly, you're just acting like a prick, and you're not worth MY time anymore, dude.

~ Kerouac
Sammy, Sammy, Sammy.... must we go down this road again?

Look, your opinion is more than welcome here. Hell, I encourage it. The thing is, you just swim against the stream. That's a great thing. It's just that your posts tend to have an arrogant, "I'm right, screw you all" tone to them. People don't dig that.

Personally, it doesn't bother me anymore 'cause I don't think you intend it, and 'cause I enjoy how you can make me look at things differently, whether I agree with you or not.

So just stick with your opinions, brother. Just try to keep the condescending tone out of your posts and you'll be fine!

~ Kerouac (making his bid for the Presidency)
Well, go figure... I'm gonna have to disagree.....

Ok, look at it this way and you've got one helluva storyline to work with:

All these FREAKS start popping up because of Spider-Man's popularity/infamy. Hell, if HE can get that much press... get the point? Now, you've got a great set-up because then JJJ could start blaming Spidey in the press for all of these FREAKS popping up in NYC. So you see, Spidey feeds what he must destroy... it's his catch 22. And from that you've got a whole morality play about whether he should even be doing this...

Still with me, Sam? No... read it again, only slower... you'll get it.

~ Kerouac

ps. I'm not down with the Doc Oc storyline. YAWWWWN... he'll be lame... kind of like bring the crusty old Vulture into it. Bleck.
Now, now... you're jumping to conclusions.
I have nothing against Titanic. In fact, I think it's a great piece of filmmaking. Titanic was a victim of its own popularity. It didn't have the cool appeal that most fan-boys look for. (meaning, it was popular, so they can't say it's cool because they're the only geeks to like it)

But you watch.. the pendulum is going to swing on Titanic. Now that everyone HATES it, it'll be cool to like it again... Pretty soon the fan-boys will be going to Comic-Con with Titanic t-shirts and sh*t.

Personally, I dug it from the get-go. It's another example of Cameron's ego on display ("look how BIG I can do things!!"), but it's a good flick. I just don't think it's one of Leo's BEST performances.

~ Kerouac (running out to buy MY Titanic t-shirt)
Sam - You do know how to puch my buttons, don't you sweetheart? Ugh... you pick his 2 WORST films to like... should've known...
Now, I'm a Spielberg fan, but why on Earth do you have such a hard-on for the guy? He's certainly been slipping as of late.

Doofy - I didn't forget Man in the Iron Mask, I was trying to deftly avoid bringing it up! :roll:
That's just a bad movie all around....

~ Kerouac


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