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The Twins are the same thing as the vampires and werewolves... they're ghosts.
They're the unexplained supernatural (to unaware humans) but are really just rouge programs.

I thought the vamp, wolves, ghosts idea was great, but it was squandered. The only one even shown were the ghosts. Had Neo been fighting vampires and werewolves, it would have increased the interest level of his fight in that lobby instead of just another long fight scene in Reloaded.

~ Kerouac
kerouac posted in the forum: Kill Bill
CP Wrote:
No, Dan. That makes perfect sense. I knew from the trailers that I wouldn't like Scary Movie 3. Therefore, I would be expecting to give ti a bad review. BUT if I HAD happened to like it, then I would still fulfill my purpose as a reviewer and give the film a fair review despite my initial thoughts. It's not really a premature decision, just an expected outcome.

See, that's my point from before... There's NO WAY you would have liked that movie on initial viewing because of your preconceived notions about it. Possibly, in a subsequent viewing, you would dig it, but who knows.

The thing is, we're not here to only review movies we like, and that's why I FULLY respect a Kill Bill review that only gives it one star, or a Revolutions review that tears it apart. If they're well thought out (as the KB review WAS) then I'm all for checking out the reviewers opinion because I can respect said reviewer for sticking there neck out and saying, "Yeah, you all like this movie. Well, I don't, and here's why." Right on! I actually agreed with a lot of the points in the reivew, they just didn't detract from the film for me one bit.

Don't get swayed by the masses jumping on you when they don't like your review. If it was one of those, "I sucks ass because I say so, you lame fan-boys" reviews, i would jump all over the reviewer. But if you know you wrote the review well, hit all your bases, and expained your opinion, that's what it's all about. So please, keep it up!!!

~ Kerouac
kerouac posted in the forum: What's your latest purchase?
You're right, CP.
Nothing says I love you like animal crackers and a bad Australian accent...

Sorry brother, but I'll NEVER be convinced that this is a good movie.

kerouac posted in the forum: For the critics!
Oh I love it when you tease me like that...
No wait, I hate it...
No, I love it.
Hate it.
Love it!

Ok Brian, do you see what you're doing to me here... :twisted:

~ Kerouac
kerouac posted in the forum: The Matrix Revolutions
What an f-ing dipsh*t...
I love it when people completely miss the point about something, then try to explain what they've missed the point of, and then actually explain to you that they missed the point, without ever realizing they missed it... wait... ywah, I think that's what I mean.

Everyone in the Matrix represents someone in the real world except for Smith? HA!! That's funny... I guess they missed Smith calling the Oracle MOM!!! I guess they missed the whole theme of duality... the neo/smith, oracle/architect... jeeezus tapdancing christ...
I guess even with, what 4 of us reviewing it, it wasn't enough to help this dingleberry along..

Oh well, all we can do is keep fighting the good fight, fellas, and trying to bring some intelligence to the masses. (well, you guys bring the intelligence, I'm just gonna keep being a smart-ass)

~ Kerouac
kerouac posted in the forum: What's your latest purchase?
kinda pissed off cuz they only had that edition of armageddon...I want the directors cut.

There's a director's cut of armageddon??
Wait a minute, Armageddon had a DIRECTOR?!?!

I thought they assembled the cast, threw them into a lame looking soundstage, and let Affleck be Affleck, Bruce Willis sneer, and Steve Buscemi act over the top... Weird to think someone actually DIRECTED that...

~ Kerouac
kerouac posted in the forum: For the critics!
Oh CP, you bastard!! :cussing:

:lol: ~Kerouac
kerouac posted in the forum: Big Fish
It should be interesting to see what happens with that car.
If you notice in the trailer, when the car is in the tree, it's dripping wet.
I'm assuming it's somehow shot out of the water (the scene with him in the car underwater with the woman and the fish swimming by) and ends up in the tree.

Like he says in the trailer, what's more interesting, when a man tells you the plain truth about his life, or his own story?

This is fast becoming one of my most anticipated films....

~ Kerouac
kerouac posted in the forum: For the critics!
some of us would LOVe to be involved in that ype of intrigue again... like geting advanced copies of DVDs and posting the hell out of our reviews... hint hint :evidence:

~ Kerouac
kerouac posted in the forum: Big Fish
So, what do you guys think of the looks of the new Tim Burton flick?
I'm hearing REALLY good things about it. Personally, I'm really excited.
I think burton is a genious who's vision often gets bogged down by the studios.
This one looks like they stepped back and said, "Hey Tim, whatever..."

Plus, the soundtrack contains a brand new Pearl Jam tune, which I'm psyched about!!

~ Kerouac
kerouac posted in the forum: Looney Tunes
You don't like Jenna Elfman?
I think she's highly underused...
I thought she was good in Keeping the Faith, and
was outstanding in Can't Hardly Wait (even though it was such a small role)

~ Kerouac
kerouac posted in the forum: For the critics!
Right on!! That's pretty cool...
Not quite as much fun as the old days when brian and I were getting e-mails from New Line asking where the LOTR DVD came from, and threatening us, but still fun.. :metal:

~ Kerouac
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Thanks, brother. Pretty much all of the writing I've been doing lately has been screenwriting (which I love), but it's really nice to get back into this again!!!!

~ Kerouac
Umm, vampires and werewolves in The Matrix? Are you talking about Reloaded, or Underworld? Lol!


That's from the Oracle explaining to Neo that "supernatural" occurances were actually rogue programs and such, thus things such as "ghosts" (i.e., the Twins) exist in the Matrix.

Because of that, before Reloaded was released, there was MUCh speculation that we were going to see more than the "ghosts" (vampires and werewolves). I think that would have been SUPER RAD, but it didn't pan out. Can you imagine if Neo's fight on that staircase was with vampires and werewolves instead of just normal dudes?

~ Kerouac
kerouac posted in the forum: Revolutions SPOILERS thread
Still unconvinced that these movies are "Deep"

Really...? Hmmm, that's interesting.
So what did you make of the conversation with Sati, and Sati's father, about love
being a word, and what's important is the implications of the word?
Seemed rather deep to me...

~ Kerouac
kerouac posted in the forum: Revolutions SPOILERS thread
Nope, just like the Oracle and her friends, when Smith was destroyed Neo would have become himself again. Besides which you could see him breathing at the end, I'm sure I could.

Very true. She also told Sati that they would probably see Neo again.
Here's the thing: When the machine is carrying Neo away, and it switches to the view Neo had of the machines, that machine looks JUST like an angel carrying Neo off...
Hmmmm.... looked just like an image of Christ on the cross (arms out and everything)

~ Kerouac
kerouac posted in the forum: Revolutions SPOILERS thread
Ok. If you can't read the subject, this is a thread that is going to be FILLED with SPOILERS. If you haven't seen the film, I suggest you turn back now and come back when you have.

I warned you....

So, what the hell happened at the end??? Did Neo really die, sacrificing himself like any good messiah should? Allowing Smith to take him so the Matrix could then get into Smith and destroy him??

I want to know what you guys thought!!!!

Obviously the Matrix is going to continue operating, but since the Architect said the rest of the humans would be freed, how are the machines going to get power?

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the whole thing....

~ Kerouac

i though the ending to revolutions was brilliant, too!!! I'm not going to get too into it right now because I'm working on my review, but all I can say is...... damn....

~ Kerouac
I wasn't sure about this with the early stuff I saw. But now, I'm getting kind of pumped for it. It's too bad they're so damn short.

~ Kerouac
I can't BELIEVE the bank Scary Movie 3 is making!! It's just crazy....
Crazy enough for them to already start planning SM4.

~ Kerouac


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