Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1

"Dobby's back? Hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!"
Kazuma731 gave it 4.5 Stars


Kazuma731 gave it 0.5 Stars


"We're gonna run this bitch down!"
Kazuma731 gave it 4.5 Stars

The Social Network

"The Social Network is a sure thing for an oscar contender it is filled with great performances and a well written script by none other than David Fincher!"
Kazuma731 gave it 5.0 Stars

Due Date

"If you've seen the trailers for Due Date, you pretty much seen this film!"
Kazuma731 gave it 3.5 Stars


""Megamind is just like any average animated film but it just has something special to it!""
Kazuma731 gave it 4.0 Stars

Saw 3D

"Saw 3D is not only the most gimmicky film I've ever seen but it's completely useless to the franchise!"
Kazuma731 gave it 2.0 Stars

Jackass 3D

Kazuma731 gave it 4.5 Stars

My Soul to Take

"It's movie's like this that make me wish that Movieweb still had the 0.0 rating!"
Kazuma731 gave it 0.5 Stars

The Last Airbender

"This is your last strike Shyamalan! LAST STRIKE!"
Kazuma731 gave it 1.0 Stars