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Well, I'm one hour late as I'm writing this but that's because it was so crazy all day......but I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas
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Well, better than Patty Jenkins.....but still not so sure how good of a thing that is overall.

I guess we will find out in about a year and a half.....not that I'm really holding out for it. I'm Not that much of a Thor fan, especially after the first one. But that's just me.
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I know a lot of people have issues with Nori's overall look....but I actually dont mind how he looks. I think its still very "dwarf-like" but unique enough to where you are not going to mistake him for anyone else.

Dwalin, behind him, looks pretty cool, too. I would have liked him to have a bit longer beard.....but I think his badass qualities will more than make up for it.

There's no question though, Gloin looks the best! He's perfect!!!
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For the love of f*ck, replace this director already!!!!!!

Until they do, I consider this project doomed!
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@dan1 - indeed, that would be great for her.

Either way, whether she gets award recognition for it or not, she's about to have a GREAT year. I think 2012 will really make her a sought after item for major blockbusters.... after-all, I cant remember the last time she was in a really great blockbuster.

(keyword is blockbuster.....because she's been in plenty of great films).
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I really like David Yates after seeing his versions of the Harry Potter films. I think he's got an insane amount of talent and a beautiful shooting style that he's working with. Therefore, anything he does from this point out, I'm going to keep my eye on.

I just wish his next project was something a little more.....exciting, I guess you could say, than this.
I think this sounds like it could be a really great drama with an emotionally driven plot....which is GREAT.....but after watching him essentially destroy hogwarts in an epic wizard showdown with such class, emotion and style, I want to see what else the guy can do.

I'd like to see him tackle a "darker" sci-fi film.....or even another fantasy story. Directors who are really good at delivering those types of films are hard to find.
I think the next trailer will say a lot about where this film is going. I'm hoping so, at least....because the pictures sure as sh*t haven't done a lot for this film. Every other pic we've gotten has been of Peter Parker looking like a slighly-emo, grungy-looking high school student.

In other words, it's been pretty hard to tell that it's even a comic book film. The promotional guys on this film need to take a few queues from the guys over at The Dark Knight Rises, who have been on the mark with delivering photos/videos that show the good stuff but also don't reveal TOO much.
Not feeling this.
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@diaigma - Are you referring to Cars 2?
She's going to be GREAT in this role. I cant wait to see her performance in this.

@dan1 @narrator - Agreed with both of you guys. These other guys are taking the article a little too literally.

@the other guys - Guys, they are saying that she's the "suit" who works for Weyland-Yutani who will play a bit of an antagonist role (antagonist roles come in many shapes and forms, not always being the one who's holding a bloody knife), most likely causing problems for the rest of the crew or blocking them from reaching certain objectives.....but not necessarily killing anyone. In fact, the two females are the least of the worries, judging by the trailer. I think you guys should give that trailer another look......but this time a little more closely. *wink* *wink*
I see her character being a lot like Charles S. Dutton's character "Dillon", or any of the convicts for that matter, from Alien 3, in that they are all rapist of women and murderers (and even beat the sh*t out of Ripley at one point)....but they ultimately redeem themselves and are useful as a team while working together to stop the threat.

SIDE NOTE: I dont know about you guys but I always go to either or trailers and watch the trailers in 1080p HD. It's amazing what you can get from trailers when you watch it in HD and analyze the f*ck out of it.
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I just am not as big a fan of Dreamwork animation as I am Pixar. Pixar put a lot more effort into both the animation and the story (in my opinion)
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eh. whatever...
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Looking forward to the trailer. I think Pattinson is going to nail this. He's a hell of an actor when he wants to be......when he's away from that Twilight nonsense.
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impressive.....but not at all surprising.

I'm just glad that The Avengers doesn't hold on to that record anymore.