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@zanyzap @bawnian-dexeus - You guys need to watch more "making of doc*mentaries". He was a cool dude.

very sad.
@SpaceCowboy - because it was available and relevant at the time. I had already been mentioned in this one 4 times and I hadn't even written anything in it, not to mention about ten thousand other forums over the past couple days, none of which really interested me. I was too lazy to start a new one.
Ironically, I have to tag everyone for this comment, but I just want to get the word out.

Does anyone else agree that maybe we should let up a little bit on the tagging in private forums unless it's important news or something? I dont think we need to tag every single person to let them know that a private forum is active or that someone has recently reviewed a film or that they have a wishlist for the following year.

Trust me, the way I look at it is that we will find it on our own if we are interested. All one has to do is go into the forums section to see what people are talking about.

However, by all means, tag me if you have some cool movie news or links to trailers or something that otherwise may not be on the site because I love that stuff! Also, tag me if the movie forum is actually relevant to me, personally. Otherwise, I feel it's getting a bit overused.

Basically, I think we should keep tags relevant and interesting. Just a thought for the new year.

Feel free to chime in if you feel otherwise.

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K-Man wrote a comment about the news item What Would Ridley Do? Trailer
Not feeling this, at all. In fact, I'm not even sure how this made it to Movieweb. Are we posting amateur/student films, now?

....the only thing it has going for it is the title: I ask myself the same question on a daily basis.

@thesymbiote - Agreed, this is a pretty weak attempt at comedy.
K-Man wrote a comment about the news item Star Trek 2 Wants Bruce Greenwood
He'll take it, there's no reason why he wouldn't... it's a great role.
I agree that more discretion could be used for those who dont want to know spoilers. I, personally, am not really affected by them as much as some people.....but, still, the option to know or not know about spoilers should be there.
eh, whatever.
K-Man wrote a comment about the news item Snow White and the Huntsman International Trailer
Still looking good!
@daveactor7 @ChiRep-1 - Slow down, fellas. I actually agree that this could still be good.....We're just ripping on the marketing strategy thus far and what it has consisted of. There really isn't much debate that what Sony has released so far has been pretty crap....but I'm sure whatever comes next will impress.

......well, it BETTER impress, otherwise they are screwed.

Has what they have released so far, been complete sh*t? Absolutely

Is there potential? Of course

Will the film be good? Who the hell knows

That's the way I look at this so far
That sounds awful. I feel sorry for the German users on this site, if there are any, because you guys are getting a HORRIBLE, non-threatening Bane when it is released.

@b.Alan Orange - I dont know how you consider that an improved version. It sounds like a joke.

Also, yes, Nolan isn't actually changing Bane's voice a whole lot, if any.....regardless of what people thought of the prologue. There is a possibility that he will make some of the words a bit more pronounced by cleaning it up a bit, but the raspy, mechanical voice was intentional and Nolan doesn't want to compromise his vision to make people happy and sacrifice the quality of the character.....he said so himself.

Nolan is proving to be more and more of a genius with each passing film!
@lilzook - Took the words right out of my mouth. Meh is exactly right.

I wonder if Sony is sh*tting themselves right now with the line-up that other studios have, which they will be competing against.

One of there only HUGE summer tent-poles (Spiderman) has yet to impress anyone (I'm speaking for the people I know), therefore, they could *potentially* lose money this coming year if they dont start a decent promotional campaign that shows something other than a kid in laboratory, a kid in a school or a kid in a suit in a school.

K-Man posted in the forum: What did you get for Christmas?
Well, I'm one hour late as I'm writing this but that's because it was so crazy all day......but I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas
K-Man wrote a comment about the news item Thor 2 Gets Director Alan Taylor
Well, better than Patty Jenkins.....but still not so sure how good of a thing that is overall.

I guess we will find out in about a year and a half.....not that I'm really holding out for it. I'm Not that much of a Thor fan, especially after the first one. But that's just me.
K-Man wrote a comment about the news item The Hobbit Set Photos Featuring Dwarves on Horseback
I know a lot of people have issues with Nori's overall look....but I actually dont mind how he looks. I think its still very "dwarf-like" but unique enough to where you are not going to mistake him for anyone else.

Dwalin, behind him, looks pretty cool, too. I would have liked him to have a bit longer beard.....but I think his badass qualities will more than make up for it.

There's no question though, Gloin looks the best! He's perfect!!!
K-Man gave this a Thumbs Up
K-Man wrote a comment about the news item Ender's Game Lands Brendan Meyer
For the love of f*ck, replace this director already!!!!!!

Until they do, I consider this project doomed!
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@dan1 - indeed, that would be great for her.

Either way, whether she gets award recognition for it or not, she's about to have a GREAT year. I think 2012 will really make her a sought after item for major blockbusters.... after-all, I cant remember the last time she was in a really great blockbuster.

(keyword is blockbuster.....because she's been in plenty of great films).
K-Man wrote a comment about the news item David Yates Directing Your Voice in My Head
I really like David Yates after seeing his versions of the Harry Potter films. I think he's got an insane amount of talent and a beautiful shooting style that he's working with. Therefore, anything he does from this point out, I'm going to keep my eye on.

I just wish his next project was something a little more.....exciting, I guess you could say, than this.
I think this sounds like it could be a really great drama with an emotionally driven plot....which is GREAT.....but after watching him essentially destroy hogwarts in an epic wizard showdown with such class, emotion and style, I want to see what else the guy can do.

I'd like to see him tackle a "darker" sci-fi film.....or even another fantasy story. Directors who are really good at delivering those types of films are hard to find.