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@Jacob-Parody - Yeah genius, just like releasing Episode IV: A New Hope, first, back in 1977 was so friggin mind boggling to the audience and devastating to the box office! Do you even know what series you are talking about? Way to contradict your own statement you idiot!!

Plus, I love how you don't even have the wit to take into account that the rest of the series's conversions depends on the first one's success in theaters. Therefore, its not exactly rocket science to figure out that putting out the single most hated film in the series (if not the single most hated film of the past 2 decades) first, isn't a good idea.
Why? Because aside from the mental midgets, like you, who somehow think this steaming pile of horse-sh*t is going to magically NOT suck just because it's in 3D, everyone else knows what a terrible film it is......therefore it's not going to make a lot of money. Which means that the films that ARE good, and WERE released first, like Empire Strikes Back, aren't likely to get a release in 3D.

If you had half a damn brain in your head you would have figured that out.

Anymore brain busters, Jacob???

Now shut the hell up and think about what you are going to say, before actually saying it.
Keep milking that Star Wars teet, George.

Definitely will NOT be giving Lucas another dime, especially for this load of sh*t.....

The only scene that would be worth watching in 3D would be the lightsaber battle and the pod-race sequence. Waaaayyy to short of an amount of time to suffer through this again. Besides, seeing Jar Jar Binks in 3D is probably enough to send me over the edge and kill myself.

I will probably end up sneaking into *portions* of this after I watch a GOOD film...... but I absolutely refuse to pay for it again.

F*ck you, George Lucas!! Way to release the worst film in the series first! Nice marketing strategy, you f*cking dolt!!!
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@monkeyiron2-0 - Well nobody said you HAVE to see it. You will have to make up your own mind.
But the fact that it is a space-epic, a prequel to Alien AND Ridley Scott's return to Sci-fi should be enough to entice anybody on this site (and planet) to go see it.

It's going to be absolutely incredible.
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Cool pic.....but Noomi definitely looks photoshopped in! Whatever, I'm not holding that against them, this film will be amazing!!!
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@monkeyiron2-0 - Its not going to feature the Aliens for more than a few minutes, that much I can pretty much guarantee you. It will focus on a different alien race (the space jockey's) and whatever it is that the humans come in contact with from them. I'm sure we will see how the Aliens came into being, as well.....but only toward the end.
This is a GREAT photo! Really shows a more serious side that seemed to be lacking in the trailer.
@narrator - I would absolutely agree that that SHOULD be Mirkwood considering there are spiderwebs everywhere......However, in the trailer, at the very end when they reveal the ring, you can see Bilbo in the background and he is surrounded by Spider-Webs and is covered in webbing himself. So, even though in the books the only time we see Spiders and Webbing is in Mirkwood, it is possible that Peter Jackson has made some slight alterations. Check out the trailer once again and let me know what you think.
The main reason why I caught this was because when I was watching the trailer, that was one of the first things I noticed, how there was Spiderwebs when there should, according to the book, only be cave walls. Therefore, I'm actually inclined to think that this photo reveals the moment when Bilbo finds the ring.

@barkx - David Tennant was never confirmed.....that was just a rumor.
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@moviemaniac66 - Yup, agreed. 24fps all the way, my friend.
K-Man wrote a comment about the news item Avatar 2 Release Pushed to 2016 Says Jon Landau
I can wait.....not really a big deal to me.

@moviemaniac66 @themoviefanatic - No, no, no fellas, you are talking about two very different things here. What you guys did, in Walmart, is you saw the difference between T.V.'s that played at 60hz vs. 120hz (not frames per second). What that is, is the refresh often the T.V's picture refreshes each second. When watching a film, a T.V should ALWAYS be set to 60hz (or if you have a 120hz T.V, just turn the 120hz to "off" and it will automatically bump it down). When watching a film at 120hz it looks very weird, like it's incredibly fake looking. The reason for that is because it takes away almost all motion blur from a scene that is SUPPOSED to have motion blur, which is a necessity for films (which are shot at 24fps). You tend to notice it more when the camera is actually moving! It looks TERRIBLE!!!!!

What James Cameron is talking about is the difference between 24fps, 48 fps and 60fps. This is how many frames pass through the actual camera gate per-second. What this will essentially do is make the picture look "smoother" and more "reality T.V.-ish for films that are shot in 3D (which really sucks!).
You see, we are all used to it now (and most of us PREFER it) but films shot at 24fps have, what is called, the strobe effect. There is a very, VERY slight strobing going on within the picture.....that's because the number of frames shooting per second, doesn't match that of what the human eye would technically see in real-life, which is said to be the equivalent of 48 fps. A lot of people (whiners) were complaining that the strobing effect is what made them nauseous when watching the movie in 3D. Therefore, this is their "solution" to the problem.
However, for me (and several million other people around the world), that "strobing effect" is what gives films that surreal, dreamlike feel that adds so much to the "escapism". That is why I absolutely HATE the idea of shooting in higher frame rates. Its going to ruin that magical feel of the movies and make it feel more like reality on the big screen. Nobody wants that crap!!!
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@brady1138 - Oh yeah, no question. Not only does it have the same music (that high-pitch squeal) but it has dozens of actual tidbits, like creatures and ships that were in the original 1979 film. From what I've gathered this is going to follow right up to where the original film started.

First off, you have the Space Jockey's head, which that in itself is a dead giveaway.......but then you also have that horse-shoe shaped alien ship that you can clearly see in a few different shots including at :43 when you see the ship explose out of the sky, only to come crashing down at :58 sec and then sit there, shoe facing upwards at :54 seconds.....which is very similar to how Ripley and her team found the alien spaceship that housed the eggs in the Alien.
Therefore, that IS the same ship that Kane goes into and gets the facehugger on his face.
Lastly, and probably most importantly, there is the Space Jockey chair at :44 which is the EXACT same chair they find the dead Space Jockey in in the original film.
No question, that this is a prequel.......however, the story of the Aliens will be very different than what, I think, most people on this site (and all over the internet) are expecting.
@ROFLitschristian - Yeah, you definitely should! You would be amazed at what you will catch.
I seriously doubt we will see more than 10 minutes of the "Xenomorph" Alien species. Instead, I think what will happen, and this COULD BE POTENTIAL that when the humans go into the Space Jockeys ship, i THINK they are infected with some kind of alien desease that transforms them into something else. If you look at :41 sec you will see Holloway's face slightly disfigured as he screams in pain, then at :43 you see the girl, covered in blood, drop to her knees and then most importantly, at :44, you see a guy who is completely transformed into, what looks like some kind of fast moving, Zombie-looking creature. So, perhaps there is a completely new angle, in terms of "scariness" that we will see.
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@ROFLitschristian - I'm pretty sure that the Space Jockey's aren't supposed to be "scary". I dont think that was ever part of the plan.....instead, what they "make" or perhaps even what their devices can do, are scary.

Put another way......I seem to recall some unnerving looking humans in the trailer, if you look closely.
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Unfortunately, I've given up hope on anything new that is Star Wars related......and this new title isn't helping in changing my decision.
@dan1 - Agreed, does look pretty badass.
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Suit looks great!
I'm definitely in for this.....but hesitant.

It just wont be the same without Matt Damon. BUT, I'm keeping an open mind. I know that this is a different character in a different story in the same universe as Bourne......but still, I'm cautious! As long as the story is there, I'm ok with this.

However, I will say that it was a bit foolish of Jeremy Renner to take on that minor role in Mission Impossible immediately before doing this.....because as of right now, all I see is Brandt.
Well, I guess this is a good kind of film to see what someone's potential is like as a director.
Just because he was a second unit director on Avatar doesn't really mean much.....second unit covers things like actions scenes and insert shots and doesn't *always* demonstrate the directors talents.

HOWEVER, some directors, who started in second unit are VERY talented. So it goes both ways.

I hope he does demonstrate talent because I would like a fun tornado movie. We haven't had any tornado films in a LONG time.
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Very, VERY interesting. I thought he did a pretty good job in War Horse.....even though his role was minor, at best. I'm looking forward to seeing what he does with Smaug & The Necromancer in The Hobbit, too!

He'll be great in this, I'm sure. Star Trek 2 is going to be EPIC. You know they are going to try and one-up the hell out of last film, which was also great! Really anxious to see where they take the story!
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Wow, that's weird. I was just watching American Beauty (literally just turned it off 10 minutes ago), which is another Sam Mendes film composed by Thomas Newman. One of the things that you, or at least I, always notice immediately about that film is how Thomas Newman's music ties in well with Mendes's style of filmmaking. It compliments every scene so perfectly. Same thing goes for Road to just works.

Anyways, as soon as I finished watching it I started wondering if Sam Mendes was going to continue using Newman, who seem to work together on everything, simply because a James Bond film is so different in comparison to the films they usually collaborate on (I think what I mean to say is, James Bond is a bit more mainstream than some of Mendes' other films that Newman worked on) and I didn't know if he was going for an overall different feel or if he wanted bring Newman on and see what he could do with it (I personally like the second option).

Well, know we know and I'm SO glad that he is using Newman. The two are an amazing team and I cant wait to see what BOTH of these guys bring to the Bond franchise. This only heightens my anticipation for the film!

The song: Arose - Thomas Newman is, hands down, the best song in American Beauty and it works so perfectly in the scene! Listen to the link below and tell me that you don't feel like you are dreaming or in a trance. AMAZING!!
I read this article a couple weeks back and I immediately had a bad feeling after reading it. I could go on and on about this film and what I expected from it, but that would take forever. I will say this, though.

I've read the book several times and I know exactly what it is. Yes, it is more geared toward children in the way that it is written but that, BY NO MEANS, means that it has to be a kiddy flick. I was really hoping that Peter was going to take more artistic liberties and raise the tone toward the more serious/darker side in order to match The Lord of the Rings. However, after watching the trailer, which I actually found incredibly underwhelming (I NEVER though I would ever say that about a Hobbit trailer), I quickly learned exactly where Peter was taking this. Needless to say, I'm a bit nervous.
While I still think that its going to be a great film, I can foresee some serious problems with the kiddy, clownlike behavior of the dwarves and it not sitting well with fans and non-fans, alike.
In relation to the drastic change in appearance of several of the key dwarves, both in how they are written AND how the dwarves were portrayed in The Lord of the Rings. I, unfortunately, fear that Peter may have broken one of the few key rules to avoid audience confusion, that would apply in situations like this.......Never adapt the story to meet the audience's needs, make the audience adapt to your story needs.

Again, I truly believe that it will be a great film(s) and I have all the faith in the world in Peter Jackson (who is a complete genius).

All I hope is that the "slapstick comedy" will never be on the same level as what George "douch-bag" Lucas did with the Star Wars Prequels. That would be a true nightmare.

On the other side, I do believe that the films will start out lighthearted and slowly become more and more serious as the story continues on. That could, potentially, be beneficial in the sense that it really shows the innocence leaving the characters as they endur more and more difficult trials on their journey. One can only hope!! Still cant wait for it!

I also think that the next trailer will show more of the serious side of the story......which, by the way, if I had to guess, will be in July attached to The Dark Knight Rises. Both films are WB, they are both geared toward the same audience, probably have the same rating AND they are both tentpole films. It HAS to be The Dark Knight Rises.

@XxNickTheFilmCriticXx - Yeah, thats basically how he is making it sound, which is not cool. I have faith in Peter Jackson that he wont take it TOO far.
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@felipe-11 - Ha! I'm lenient on his Planet of the Apes in comparison to films like Charlie and the Chocolate factory, Mars Attacks and Alice in Wonderland.
Even though the story was least it had some great prosthetics to be admired. The other films didn't have ANYTHING to be admired!

Sure some of his earlier films like Batman 1 & 2, Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice were the incredibly weird but classic films we all grew up on.....but like I said, those films are more than 20 years old, now! Plus, I think he got lucky because they were just right for the times. Those films would be very different if he made them today.