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@bawnian-dexeus - Never heard of them!!??? Oh man, you are missing out!! One of my all-time favorite bands.....just saw them in concert (which was absolutely incredible, by the way) and I dont even like going to concerts!!

They are one of the few bands (who dont have an actual orchestra, obviously) who I have always thought would be great to compose an original score. Their music is all over place, including a couple tracks here and there in some films you have probably seen (an example - I guess I'm floating - from: Like Crazy)....and dozens of tracks in commercials. But I've always wanted them to compose original music for a they will, I guess!!! This only gets me more excited for this film!!! I cant wait to see what they do with it.....they are so damn good!

Seriously, though, check them out ASAP on youtube......a few greats are:

We Own the Sky
Midnight City
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These must be mine because.....oh, hell, I always give a great answer and never win......because I would love to have them, that's why they must be mine!
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I sure hope the movie is better than the beer.

...Ha! That's a no-brainer.....of course it will be.
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Pretty Epic!! Love it!
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Yesss!!! Best news in months!!! Good for 20th Century Fox for taking the risk in order to make a better film....BRA-friggin-VO!!!!!

I don't think most people realize what a big deal this is, not just for this movie, but for ALL future films! The studio is taking a huge risk by making a big budget sci-fi film, like this, Rated R. They are not cutting out the good stuff, and therefore not compromising the integrity of the film, just in order to get kids in the seats!
Therefore, every single damn person who visits this site better get their ass to Prometheus in order to support this risk fox is making and support this film...whether you are interested in this movie or not (I'd be amazed if you weren't)! By doing so, you will not only be supporting the best director of all time and im sure the best movie of the will make the studios feel confident about making MORE R-rated sci-fi films. You would also be making them confident about possibly giving several other genres a hard R rating, the way a lot of them SHOULD be but often aren't!!!

So, in summary, If you want more great R-rated films and less that are tailored to fit a kiddie audience.....SUPPORT PROMETHEUS!!!!

I'm seeing it at least 4 times in theaters....guaranteed! 2D first, IMAX 3D, RealD 3D and then 2D for a second time.
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@youngrizo - "And I hate the shots of the city, all I keep thinking is "Oh look! Chicago"

That's funny....because that's Pittsburgh. Nice call!
@ghostman - No worries, it was just a misunderstanding. Appreciate you stepping up and apologizing like that....I respect that.

Didn't mean to take over your thread....I just got excited when I found that link elsewhere and rushed in to post it.

I'll delete my link.

...and lol to the Monkey-Iron thing. Didn't see that, but I'll take your word for it.

Either way, The Dark Knight Rises is going to kick ass! This, Prometheus and Snow White are my top movies to see this summer. Then The Hobbit and Skyfall take the holidays. However, there are about 30 other movies in-between those that I'm pumped for....gonna be a GREAT year!
@ghostman - Wow, relax man....didn't see that you posted the full trailer, yet. I just saw the gif at the top.

"hijacking my thread"? What the f*ck??? HAHA! Are you being serious?

I was going to create my own thread but then saw this one.

...."highjacking a thread" by posting movie news.....WOW.
I've said it since day ONE.....48fps is garbage. Trust me, I know, I deal with cameras on a daily bases and I've over-cranked the cameras on numerous occasions to higher frame rates. This is going to make it feel worse than a soap opera, reality tv show or even a SyFy channel film. The added frames makes movement feel too takes away almost all motion blur, so it begins to look more like a high quality version of the behind the scenes as opposed to an actual film. More than anything, it takes away from the *cinematic* feel and experience and the surreal feeling that movies have!
This is the single worst decision Peter Jackson has EVER made as a director, hands down. Well, that and opening up the shutter to a 270 degree angle, is a close second. Opening the shutter allows more light through the camera's gate on each individual frame.....which means the image looks more flat and the picture less "stobe-like".
What most people dont realize is that the "stobe" effect is actually a positive thing because it makes it feel different from does the 24fps.

The reason why people first started shooting in 24fps over 80 years ago is because it was cost prohibitive to shoot at anything higher....therefore, this was "as close" to real movement as they could get, without spending too much money on film! Well, as fate would have it, they accidentally created a way to make a movie feel surreal....BECAUSE the movement was slightly different than that of how the human eye sees things in reality. This is what gives a film it's cinematic feel....that slightly dream-like quality!! Therefore, by upping the frame-rate to 48fps (or even 55 or 60, like James Cameron wants to do) then you are creating an image that looks too "realistic" becomes too much like reality and suddenly you can distinguish that everything you are looking at is FAKE!!!

I'm not too worried about this awful trend, though. Most people are going to watch the film and be disgusted with the images, just like they were at CinemaCon! Directors are going to realize that this makes potentially great films suffer for reasons that can be avoided! With any luck, this "fad" will be dropped before it ever catches on in the first place!

Basically, what it comes down to is: If it isn't broke.....Dont fix it. 24fps is NOT broken, so there is absolutely no reason to change....not even for 3D!!
@thedude1 - You know you can turn that off, right? 120hz is TERRIBLE!!!! You need to go into your picture settings and bump it down to 60hz or it will say "Turn off 120hz".

That will get your tv back to normal.

@stefanos - Actually that isn't the "normal way" to view a movie at all. The films you are watching were filmed in 24fps and the refresh ration is 60hz. By having a tv turned up to 120hz or 200hz, it is artificially adjusting the picture and attempting to take away motion blur that is MEANT to be there. 120hz and 200hz is CRAP for anything other than sports WHICH ARE BROADCASTED AT 120hz. You may have gotten used to it.....but its not supposed to be that way. It looks like hell and is cheap looking.
Just so you know, you too can turn off your 200hz setting by going into the picture options. I recommend you do.
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@bawnian-dexeus - No kidding! Very much agreed!
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Did Cronenberg drop acid every day before shooting this?

Having said that, the film does look like it will have some good dialogue....but Cronenberg is such a weird dude that I could see this being a major bomb.
I will probably rent it when it comes to DVD/Blu-Ray just to see if it DOES make sense, but there is no way in hell I'm going to the theaters to see this.
I'm really glad that Cameron decided to hold off on doing Battle Angel.....and the reason is simple. I'm hoping that Cameron gets inspired by Ridley Scott's Prometheus, just like he did with Alien, and decides to go darker and more serious on his future projects, once again. The past decade has been pretty sissy on Cameron's part.....from Titanic (which is actually a good movie, just very...well, you know what I'm saying) to Avatar (which is waaayyyy to ferngully-ish). Hopefully Prometheus, which Cameron has already stated he is incredibly excited to see, will light a little fire under his ass and allow Battle Angel to be made more in the vein of those darker, more serious sci-fi films like Terminator 1 & 2, Aliens and even The Abyss.....rather than Avatar!

....and for the love of God, hopefully he learns a thing or two from Avatar about the importance of good casting! In other words, hopefully he hires someone with a little more talent than Sam Worthington and Joel David Moore, who, by the way, I am hoping he either doesn't bring back or kills off in the first ten minutes of the film!!!

The old Cameron was more interesting....even is he was supposedly more of an *sshole back then!
This is going to be THE BEST BOND FILM EVER.....I know it!
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I just had to watch a preview in order to watch a preview of a preview. What the F*ck is the internet coming to?

This looks like it could have some potential. I will reserve a little more judgement for when I see the full trailer.
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Its rare that a film lives up to the expectations you (or at least I) have for it when it is announced that it is going to be made.....especially when it is a film that is tied or related to an all time classic. However, this film seems to have done it! This film looks absolutely incredible and cannot wait for it!!!

@corey - I think a LOT of people feel the same way, including myself. This has been my most anticipated film (along with The Hobbit and Dark Knight Rises) for almost three years now......and the reason for that is simple....two words.......Ridley Scott. The man is a genius and genuine master of filmmaking. This film appears to have EVERYTHING in it that people go to the movies for!
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@narrator - Oh God, yeah.....I'm probably on my 60th time watching this trailer....LOL. I've literally gone through this frame by frame over a dozen times. I've got a LOT of this movie figured out about you? How friggin amazing is that trailer?? I cant remember the last time I had chills like that when watching a trailer! This is my most anticipated film since Lord of the Rings: Return of the King!!! That says a LOT!!!

Holy sh*t, man.....we are in for a treat this summer!
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As if my expectations were not high enough already! Cannot wait for this!!
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