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The suit looks great!
Dear photographer, if you are wondering why you have an insane amount of noise in your images, its because you are shooting at ISO 4000 in the middle of the freakin day....which is resulting in you shooting at F-stop 20....which should never happen. EVER.

Learn to use your camera.
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I already can't stand this John Boyega guy....he's a complete attention whor*. Just about every single time I get on one of my movie sites and see something about Star Wars news, it's nothing but a video of this guy filming himself in a bar or in a car or some other random location that has nothing to do with Star Wars. I'm fully aware this is the wrap party so, naturally, he isn't going to be on set....but the point is that he is always filming himself, like a conceited douche. Plus, have you noticed not a single other actor has posted a video? Let alone a video of them doing really useless sh*t? It really does drive me nuts....if you can't already tell.

Here's hoping they kill this guy off in either the first or second movie. Unlikely....but one can hope.
It will be attached to The Hobbit....guaranteed! Same demographic with a huge following.
@ObiWanShinobi - In what way does this movie look pretentious? I think the word you are looking for is ambitious....

....because god forbid someone would try and make a film that actually tries to get the audience to think instead of just blowing sh*t up, right?
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@Brizzy - what do you mean?
What would a David Fincher Star Wars film look like? Perfection, that's what. J.J. Abrams is perfect for Star Wars and I'm glad he's directing episode VII. In fact, I wish he was directing more than just one episode. However, if there was one other director who I think would absolutely rock a Star Wars film, it would be Fincher. Can you imagine a modern Star Wars film in the vein of Empire Strikes Back directed by Fincher?? The guy has the magic eye that only a few directors apply that to the Star Wars universe would be nothing short of a masterpiece. I'm still hoping that he will reconsider and come on board for Episode IX after he sees the direction they are taking it. Not to mention Disney needs to make up for the fact that they shut down 20,000 leagues under the sea, which would have been one of Fincher's best, to date.
Endor makes no sense, though. The Redwood forests in California is what was used for Endor. You'd have to shoot with the redwood trees if you wanted the continuity. I think it's a different planet altogether.
Oh the the first 8 seconds and you'll know what I mean.
I would be down for this as long as they brought back Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan and Ian McDiarmid as the Emperor. They were the only two who were PEFECT in the prequels. Every single other person in the trilogy should be replaced with new actors.

...but that's if this even happens.
@Frank-Eng - So let me get this put these videos online on youtube with the intention of people viewing them and now that Movieweb has assisted you by sharing your video, you are pissed about it? What the f*ck is wrong with you? And what the hell are you complaining about?

Last time I checked, imbedding a link to an OPEN youtube channel isn't stealing a video. It's not like movieweb is taking credit for your sh*tty camera work.
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Amazing trailer! Cant wait for this!

I bet the studios are kicking themselves for canceling Halo, now....especially after this awesomeness.
Well, this should be pretty friggin awesome to see what they come up with. I sincerely hope they manage to convince Martin Scorsese, Sam Mendes and Neill Blomkamp to do a short! Would love to see what those guys come up with and possibly turn it into a feature length film.
very cool.
Armstrong is a complete c*ck-sucker.....and I hope this movie reiterates that point and brings it further into the light for everyone to see. Complete and utter sc*m-bag.
Good Lord, this is the best news since.....well, since J.J. Abrams got the job for Star Wars Ep. VII!!! I've been following the progress (or lack thereof) for Interstellar for the better part of a decade....back when Spielberg was supposed to direct. I feel Nolan is actually a much better pick for the director's chair, anyway.
But what I want to know is: Who is going to be Nolan's Director of Photography? Wally Pfister is going to be directing Transcendence....which means Nolan will be without him for the first time since Memento. That poses some serious questions! I'm not too concerned since Nolan is a genius....but it does pose the question: Will it still feel like a Nolan movie? Who will he end up with, I wonder?

Add it to the ever growing list of amazing films for 2014! Can't Wait for this!!!
@dan1 - Yes it would, my friend. I've always felt it would make for a great trilogy.

@bawnian-dexeus - Probably not very long. But you know what? If they would do an animated series in the vein of those cinematic trailers like this:

or this:

...then I would actually watch it. Its that crappy cartoonish kiddy animated clone wars show that is so horrible. If they would make each of the episodes like the animated shorts above and have them take themselves seriously...then it might actually be kind of cool.

Some other notable animated shorts are the Assassins creed, Mass Effect and Halo cinematic well as the Halo: Infinity Spartan Ops episodes...They are pretty well done.
Yoda is, by far, the the best character to follow in terms of a spin-off film, with Boba Fett coming in a close second....but a young Han Solo film? Really? Did they not learn their lesson with the Young Indiana Jones chronicles or whatever the hell it was called? It was a friggin disaster...and finding a suitable replacement for a beloved character like Han Solo (who was played by someone as distinguishable and irreplaceable as Harrison Ford) is virtually impossible. Therefore, that film is not only a waste of time, money and effort....its also doomed to fail from the beginning.

Up until this news I have LOVED every single Star Wars announcement (to the point of wanting to go up to Kathleen Kennedy and give her a huge f*cking kiss). It's actually reinvigorated that old feeling in my stomach that I used to get as a kid when I would think about Star Wars.....that is; before the prequels. Basically, it now seems that Star Wars just may be great again!
From signing J.J. Abrams on to direct Episode VII (who has been my dream director for Episode 7 for several years....way before they even announced the films would be made) to meeting with Zack Snyder for a possible "seven samuari" style Jedi film (which would be absolutely incredible, by the way) the idea of a film following our most beloved Jedi: Yoda (which for all we know could be the Jedi film that Zack Snyder is in discussions for). While I'm not crazy over it, I also don't mind the idea of a Boba Fett film....simply because it could show a different side to Star Wars if we were following a ruthless bounty hunter around and it could also provide an opportunity to bring back one of the few GREAT things about the prequels, which is Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi (that man is so friggin under-rated).

But not a young Han Solo film. That is just a horrible idea.

If Disney is so gung ho on developing Star Wars films along side Episode VII, VIII & IX....why not develop a second trilogy taking place in the one place that has proven to be a great source of material....The Old Republic? It was a time when Jedi and Sith were both aplenty and the living conditions were more ruthless than ever. Jedi were warriors...not just keepers of the peace, wars raged on virtually every known planet and great, NEW, interesting characters could be created to lead the way. I feel like this should be a fairly obvious decision for the people over at Disney.
Best news of the year! J.J. was my dream director for this project!

Well done, Disney...well done!
All I hope is that this "time travel" plot-line somehow manages to alter the timeline and bring back the characters who were so unjustifiably killed in that abomination, X-Men 3.
I've been saying it for years, that Cyclops would be an easy fix, if they did an X-Men 4, because you dont actually see him die. Professor X could also be an easy fix, especially given the really crap second ending of X3, because you actually hear his voice talking to the nurse.

So, with that said, seeing how time travel is being introduced in this film and virtually everyone is coming back....I'd say it's a perfect opportunity to go back in time, stop certain events from happening and bring back our favorite heros, like Cyclops, Professor X and Jean Grey.