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It looks decent. I got an Interstellar vibe from this trailer lol It's a win win honestly. If it's good then it's good. If it's bad fox will get sh*t on and the rights will revert back to Marvel Studios lol
To be fair if it comes out in 2019 they wouldn't start filming for at least another 2 or 3 years when Ty would be 15 or 16. Tony would be a type of mentor figure , I can totally see that .
I think Bradley Cooper would be a perfect pick. Hmmm.. Alex O Loughlin wouldn't be bad either
Im surprised no one has said Manu Bennett! He's an aussie that's pretty fit and has that gritty look. He's been in some big stuff like Arrow, and the Hobbit franchise. Although i don't think he's much younger then Hugh Jackman
That's a small amount of skin for a Michael Bay movie!
Looks really cheesy. I don't get it, It's 2014. We've seen the flash 1000 times before in other things yet they can't find some sort of way to modernize the costume?It looks like something he bought at a Spirit Halloween store for 20 bucks
Justin Lomas wrote a comment about the news item Yeezus Trailer Featuring Kanye West
Someone didn't assassinate him yet?
didn't this get made already? lol
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Justin Lomas wrote a comment about the news item Captain America: The Winter Soldier Trailer!
Im seeing a lot of scenes where cap is wearing the uniform and not the helmet . Im so happy! It looked so cheesy in the avengers. Like something you'd pick up in a Spirit Halloween store for 20 dollars. Also glad they decided on a darker blue uniform
Reminds me of a star wars/Doctor who type universe! Love it.
He was probably creepin on Emma Stone
He must use Herbal Essences to get that silky smooth hair
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Maybe a voice for guardians ? I could see that
I want to see a new pic of Caps suit! The one from the avengers movie looked corny so I hope it looks better in this :D Sebastion looks cool though!
I wouldnt really care if they put a rhino suit on or not. He could be a russian crime boss er something like that. I wouldn't mind. I always thought him and scorpion had the dumbest looking costumes haha
Love how hugh jackman looks the same as he did about 15 years ago for the original film!
Wow I had my doubts about paul. But he looks like a psycho in that pic! Love it :D