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I dont see why you guys are hating on Momoa I like him personally The new Conan was pretty entertaining and He is Khal Drogo the most bad ass fantasy character in a show or book series. so I say let him be drax im kinda sad they let go of trying to get him
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So Hyped for this movie. Hope its better than version 1 of this film.
@narrator Mass Effect 3 was no where near as bad as TDKR. lol
Give JJ Voltron lol gve him what ever he wants Hell give him the presidency he has an army of nerds at his disposal now.
i still say that name is a cover up
No this shouldnt happen Agent 47 is not this guy. I would say get Jason Statham yeah hes kinda old but as @u1sart said the transporter films although not about an assassin are the best hitman movies lol.
This movie will be awesome.Hank Pym for the win.
this series was never gonna win any awards if anything it would get its own category for most adrenaline fuled fun in a single movie haha. Same with iron man but thats part of a cinematic universe which is expanding more and more as the years come and go.
And if anyone in this world could pull it off Peter Dinklage is the best choice.
In all Honesty I would love to see this. Modok is not a joke just totaly under rated in my opinion.
1Django Unchained (5 Stars)
2 Argo (5 Stars)
3 Avengers (5 stars)
4 Cabin in the Woods (4.5 stars)
5 Hunger Games (4.5 stars)
why not just get a different actor, like Christoph Waltz I would love to see that
They cant do that, writing blomkvist out of this movie is like making a batman movie with out batman
this is a good review but this movie doesnt even deserve your effort lol
as long as the whipping scene is in this movie and They dont F*ck up Finnick odair this will be better than the first movie
Dear executives please dont. Love Justice
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@jasonkat You know they will never make another proper scary Childs Play again? those movies used to make Me SH**T my pants I couldnt go into spencers or around a chucky doll til i was about 15 and even to this day Chucky Dolls still freak me the hell out but The last 2 childs play movies were rediculous, and if news is correct then there is supposed to be one coming out this year and it sounds just as stupid as the last one And Jenifer Tilly is still getting jobs as herself WTF?
The saddest movie ive ever seen Excellent review. I remember the first time i watched this with my ex i balled so much and she just looked at me like yeah i did the same thing too lol
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