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@ejk1 heres the twist just thought of it here it goes..... Christopher Nolan is using the lazarus pit as a way to announce he is a necromancer who just brought heath ledger back to life! :D eh? eh? lol hahaha
@ejk1 ahhh that would be awesome to see on screen. but why would the lazarus pit be involved if not to revive rhas?
@ejk1 NOOO!!!! i would of never thought of that i mean with all the leaked pictures of the lazarus pit and all the reports of liam neeson being on the set. lol :P
Oh yeah i cant wait for december 16th the prologue will be the highlight of my year
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If Kahn is the villain thats cool i wont mind but if its the same story as wrath of kahn i will be very angry with mr.Orcci and mr.Kurtzman
holy sh*t i forgot about Prometheus LOL but that would make it 11
top 10

1 Django unchained
2The Dark Knight Rises
3The Avengers
4The Hobbit Pt 1
6The Amazing Spiderman
7 Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Slayer(Book is epic if you havent read it you should)
8 The Woman in Black
9 The Hunger Games(Great book looks to be A promising film)
10 The Great Gatsby
lol @XxNixkTheFilmCriticXx I Never said Iron Man Was better than the TDK because it wasnt TDK is still a cinimatic landmark and i love both films but IronMan is what i grew up on and i just feel as a comicbook movie (which it was) its perfect TDK on the other hand was not a comic book movie it was a Batman movie and although batman is a comicbook charecter christopher nolan simply took batman and made a drama about him and DAME was it awesome. thats why i said what i said i hope that clarifys any misunderstandings. if that sounds silly i appologize but thats how i see it
@corey as did i but the general public were all on nolans dick for TDK. I liked TDK but I LOVED Iron Man and i know alot of people didnt like it but iron man 2 was an awesome film as well but not on the level of the first. Justi Hammer and Starks scenes together at the senate meeting were hilarious Sam Rockwell stole the show
Besides TDK this was the best super hero movie of 2008
@major Tom I Agree With your Top 5 list of this year so far, However I disagree with Green Lantern Being one of the worst movies this year, i understand this is a personal opinion but Mark Strong's portrayal of sinestro was excellent and Michael Clark Duncan as Kilowog was like a green lantern fanboy's wet dream.but it wasnt a great movie either it had many flaws that will hopefully be fixed in the inevitable sequel.

I would have to say the worst movie ive seen this year was probably Cars 2. Cars was one movie that didnt need a sequel at all.
This article sounded soo lame until i read that bill nighy is hephestus thats Incredible
i have to agree with the article chuck norris as a unicorn with a fist on his head in stead of a horn and his fighting style is Texas style LOL
Ok i was stoned watching this and It Still Wasnt Funny and neither is the show the only good things about this were jeff goldbloom and john c riley. Why Do these dumbf*cks get money to make garbage i dont understand i dont even think hellen keller would like this
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@mclovin What if They are just using the starship troopers remake story as a cover up for them making a KillZone Movie that would be legit
I honestly want to see Girl With the Dragon Tattoo win. It Looks a million times better than the swedish version and Fincher gave it a great feeling of despair. As For Best Actor Michael Fassbender (Shame, Jane Eyre) is my top choice. And Best Actress Rooney Mara (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) Vs Michelle Williams (My Week With Marilyn).
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i want to see this movie sooo much. I just hope they can match the over-all intensity of the book because when i read this book the end of every chapter was like a punch in the face for me i was awwwed by this for quite a while. especialy with rues story and the ending
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@corey howd it leak?
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heres the clean leak enjoy right after i posted my earlier comment it was on the front page of youtube