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a found footage friday the 13th movie with Jason would actually pretty sweet if done right or a found footage friday the 13th with momma vorhees
@thomasclarke no ive been on here a while i just do get on as much as i used to.
Justice Kowaleski wrote a comment about the news item The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Teaser Poster
I truly think this movie is gonna make alot of people eat their words. Sony is trying to do the best with what they got. I am looking forward to this I can now wait to be amazed.
Excellent review. My cousin and I just got back from seeing it and wow Smaug was breathtaking. so far my favorite segment in the hobbit trilogy
I think JGL has said before that he is a fan of Gaiman's work. Dont Quote me on that but this seems like a good call I will eagerly be awaiting this movie.
@Luxolll that was sarcasm right?
greetings everyone i havent been around in a while. but this trailer was way more than i expected yes the designs for some of the characters (I'm Looking at you rhino and Green Goblin!) i was a little hesitant but after seeing Dane Dehaan as Harry Osborne i was sold immediately and that fight with electro and spidey at the end was epic as all hell. as for the article at hand unless that list said Symbiote Storage there is no venom end of story venom just wasnt the name of the goo so yeah
Fake or not this poster is pretty awesome
Please just call this movie world's finest it doesn't need to be a vs movie
Good review sir I totally agree about this topping all there transformers films the "double event" scene single most bad ass robot monster fight ever transformers has nothing on that
Nice review. I just saw it today loved Charlie day as Newton. And the double event scene was better than all three transformers
@Sean-Ryan-Culligan Neil Patrick Harris is destined for booster gold end of story. As for the article at hand and man of steel in general mark strong was the perfect sinestro if they should get anyone for lex luthor Michael C. Hall he has that sophisticated kind of evil and please movie gods if luthor is involved please give him his power suit I've always wanted to see that on the big screen
I also dont think The Lone Ranger will bomb. Yesterday was the first time i had seen a trailer for it with iron man 3 and It looks awesome fun and Johnny depp does not seem that racist.
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Im glad i wasnt the only one who geeked out over nothing haha. would be awesome if he became nightcrawler.
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This looks incredible huge fan of the books and the first movie cant wait for november.
Excellent review sir. I am seeing this for my bday on tuesday im so excited.
Justice Kowaleski wrote a comment about the news item Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Trailer
Im a big fan of the books not a big fan of the first movie but this looks like it can more than live up to the first one and maybe redeem this series. although i still think casting 20 something yearolds playing young teenagers is stupid because this has the potential to live on for atleast 10 movies
saw a screening of this back in october if nothing is changed from what i saw then this will definitely be considdered one of the funniest movies ever the entire theater laughed from beginning to end the concept is very original and Very Funny.
Can not wait for this trailer to release. Finally BLOOD thank you. high hopes that this more than makes up for that movie that almost ruined this character. sooo i know its not totally related but whats up with the Dead Pool movie? Is that still a Thing? Or is it just something that will never be?
I would still rather see dinklage as modok in the marvel cinematic universe.