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Happen to see part 2 in 3D and didn't live up the hype and same was the movie. The jokes wasn't funny to me, the relationship between Peter and Gwen felt off so when that big scene happen, I didn't feel that bad about, and villains weren't really that challenging, it seem that spider-man had it handle within 5 minutes and it was over. Maybe the 3D glasses was messing me up of how I felt for the movie since it was bothering me and it was 2hr plus. I like spider-man but the movies and now the animated series made me not like him so, but he do kick ass in Marvel vs. Capcom games.
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I like the original version not looking forward to no sequel.
that's cool.
Justhim_sir wrote a comment about the news item The Monstrumologist Heads to Warner Bros.
I think the Mortal Instruments: City of Bones wasn't a bad movie, unfortunately it would continue to be in films but they could make it into a series, it be turn down a bit if they do it for CW.
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please no, the original is classic and I have the same emotion at the end every time I've watched it, no need to redo this one.
Predators was a decent movie, I would like to have seen a follow up movie of it.
I think the Alien Resurection killed that idea though it still could continue without her like the other ones.
There is a enough superman movies (not many that's good), lets do the justice league movie while people like me are alive.
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the sequel should skip a year and it shouldn't be rush, having it out by next summer will be a bad idea.
I thought he was done with action because of all the injuries he sustained over the years and also this sounds like rush hour without Chris Tucker.
Maybe, if they included all the marvel characters that other studios have the number would be much higher. If DC comics have did the same they would have more DC characters in films like Marvel. I say give Fox a chance with Wonder Woman, give Sony rights to do Teen Titians.
Well also they characters are spread out, Fox got Fantastic four and X-men, Sony got Spiderman, whatever studio got Blade and Ghost rider. Sell Wonder Woman and Green Lantern to Fox or Universal let them take care of those characters, and Warner Bros stick with Batman and Superman and maybe Teen Titan.
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NBC? aw they aren't that good with sci-fi shows, they may have Grimm running past 2 seasons, but they are the network that'll cancel by episode 4 if ratings isn't as good as they hope ( Iron side for example). NBC are show killers, I think they kill more shows during the summer/fall more any other network. They weren't that bad just couldn't keep up during the day and time slot it was given.
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is this live action movie or animation?
Interesting, so it'll be under Disney Studios?
Justhim_sir wrote a comment about the news item Zombieland TV Series Gets Canceled by Amazon
I've seen the pilot and it wasn't that good, the so called humor didn't mesh well with the violence and the two male characters I didn't care for.
WOW, really! It didn't that well in theaters the first time.
I'm up for it.


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