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WOW, really! It didn't that well in theaters the first time.
I'm up for it.
Nicolas Cage should start doing comedy movies again, as insane actor in most his roles nowadays. I hope Jet Li comes back and stay in for this one, in the last one he left and and came back at the very end. I too think Kurt Russell will make a fine addiction to the franchise.
And Wesley should be out this year (late spring or early summer), that'll be cool.
I wonder if this year going to be Bruce year like John Goodman in last year, he was in many movies, a few indies, one anime, and two Oscar nominated ones as well.
no needed sequels, and why bring the all the originals back, it should be a new star that become famous from the 80's that still doing Hollywood budget films.
can't wait to see the trailer for this.
Surprise they have yet turn this into a musical on Broadway like they did Bring it on and Legally Blonde.
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Breaking Bad still no wins, and hard for me to believe that Girls is good enough show not just be nominated but actually win. It's a boring show, and also I believe Les Mis' is overly hype.
Just saw it yesterday (thanks Netflix) and it wasn't bad, the special effects were awesome (made me wish I would have saw it in 3D). I do hope there's a sequel and if not then they should really look into television.
Despite Super Mario Brothers being campy and poorly done, it was still a fun movie to watch, plus Super Mario Brothers would never really do well as a live action movie but as a 3D animation one is another story that yet to be explored.
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Hauted house with Marlon Wayans looks funnier. And without the wayans doing their parody on movies like this are less funny and more dumb to watch.
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I guess no more Aliens vs. Predator. The last was too dark, and I mean it was hard to see what the hell was happening in those dark scenes.
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I like the trailer.
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I was hoping it had a tv spot but I guess this will do, get to watch it anytime.


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