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Why can't they just find someone who can speak the language, they might just butcher it like Halle Berry playing Storm trying to speak her African language.
Marvel's Guardians was fun to watch, had a nice soundtrack, and tied a villain that the Avengers will be facing in their next film. They should save this idea till after a Teen Titan movie is produce, because that needs to happen first but of course they need a better batman and robin film.
The Flash is a joketer and I think if their want to be serious then let them but everybody else like some of their villains can't. Green Lantern fail because it was too much in one and the relationship in the movie felt like a force and the cgi was not impressive. Never bought Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern.
The first one was based on a book that was someone memoir, so why is this have the same name? In the original what made it special was the story of a rookie in this hot desert state, that did nothing but train, hydrate, and waited for his chance to get some action while hearing from his comrades how their girlfriends/wife broke up with him in letter forms. This is a sequel seem to give people what they want in action sequences.
if this don't get pick up then he could reboot point break as a TV series, I'm pretty sure that could be sold to a network if he willing to direct and produce the show.
give it to someone else so it could have a different look and feel.
Are you sure in theaters or that's a type-o?
No Spawn reboot, no Witchblade movie, just mostly DC and Marvel take over. Am I cool with that, no, but I'm hoping that some of these movies don't get for the simple fact there some characters don't need their own movie.
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No Teen Titan movie? No Static Shock? How about Faith movie? I'm not one of these people who looking forward to a Lobo movie save him for man of steel 3.
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They still trying to get this movie made, they should give it to sony or paramount.
all base on a failed deal, I thought this was going to be Marvel's Avengers being move for the X-Men Apocalypse, wasting my time.
Do ya really have to have $150 mill to make the damn film and can't another director do what Guillermo del Toro have in mind? I know Universal needs a big win at the box-office and Hellboy don't have a huge fanbase, and I also thinks Del don't really like Hellboy that much and like to continue his own ideas and for Ron, if he really wants Hellboy 3 he needs to let Del go and find someone else and he or she could do it for less with a great script that everyone wants to come back for.
Happen to see part 2 in 3D and didn't live up the hype and same was the movie. The jokes wasn't funny to me, the relationship between Peter and Gwen felt off so when that big scene happen, I didn't feel that bad about, and villains weren't really that challenging, it seem that spider-man had it handle within 5 minutes and it was over. Maybe the 3D glasses was messing me up of how I felt for the movie since it was bothering me and it was 2hr plus. I like spider-man but the movies and now the animated series made me not like him so, but he do kick ass in Marvel vs. Capcom games.
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I like the original version not looking forward to no sequel.
that's cool.
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I think the Mortal Instruments: City of Bones wasn't a bad movie, unfortunately it would continue to be in films but they could make it into a series, it be turn down a bit if they do it for CW.
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please no, the original is classic and I have the same emotion at the end every time I've watched it, no need to redo this one.
Predators was a decent movie, I would like to have seen a follow up movie of it.
I think the Alien Resurection killed that idea though it still could continue without her like the other ones.


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