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if he don't get this he could play cyborg.
Justhim_sir wrote a comment about the news item Gremlins Reboot Is on Indefinite Hold
if they not going to continue with puppetry then they should leave it alone.
They should do infinite crisis series, they not going to do live action one anytime soon.
hope the director keeps his pants zip on this one, no more sleeping with your lead actress man. Never got into the series so I have no expectations.
After seeing Tammy I'm not interested of any more of her comedy films, it seem she keeps playing the same role, getting tired of her slapstick comedy.
So far movies that shot back to back still gets about a year apart, this move don't leave that much room for the 1st film to make all the money it can worldwide unless they start showing the movie in the foreign countries first before hitting here, though it'll be ambitious of them to do.
it's unfortunate that they didn't finish what they started.
I can see Altered Beast and Shinobi and maybe Golden Axe turn into movies though I can't say the same thing about the others they name or what I would pay to see.
Fox is being stupid and a p*ssy at the same time, the people who were working on that movie should send a song from disney who's afraid of the big bad wolf and the song from Bone Crusher Never Scared.
can't say that clip made me want to see it.
for that reason alone I might watch the sequel in theaters but first I have to see what they will look like in the trailers.
Sony should drop Marvel and get a new franchise like Image/Top Cow that has dark ill humor heroes, I have yet to see a spider-man movie that is my all time favorite. I know that won't have as long as spider-man still making billions of dollars worldwide.
Justhim_sir wrote a comment about the news item Pauly Shore Wants to Make Encino Man 2
As long as it is funny, don't have to have the same cast but as good as the people who was in it.
Actually Ryan Reynolds should have played the Flash on he big screen instead of GL since Flash has more of a sense of humor than GL also have you notice that 2 comic book characters that wore or turn green hasn't did well on the big screen, Hulk and GL. Flash should have been made instead of GL. I also think Robin movie should be made for a lead in to Teen or Young Titan, Nightwing would should up in a Robin trilogy film.
Looks interesting but still no black show or black leading character.
Justhim_sir wrote a comment about the news item Benedict Cumberbatch Is Doctor Strange!
Don't like that idea, but we'll see how it goes.
Don't care won't buy anyways.
I'm good with the trilogy he left us with Batman.
Bad idea won't be watching.
It should be a series, and not these under 10 minutes clips but the full half to whole hour show.


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