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They could wait 90 days so the movie could make some money before people could see it whenever they want on Netflix.
I hope I have a choice the dubbed English version.
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I don't know why they thought a speed on a big ass boat was a good idea, if they do do a speed 3 it should be a explosive car that can't go under 60mph or it will explode.
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I guess it'll be worth checking out.
I'm guessing DCU is far behind that number despite what Batman movies contribute and Superman films.
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Godzilla don't need a repeat of stars it should be a whole new cast and a new location for destruction.
They got to at least give it a April or May release like I said before in Deadpool release date, February (action and comedy) movies hasn't been good, they've been lackluster.
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February release day is not a good thing, all the movies I've that m came from that month hasn't been good, well all the action ones and comedy.
Image/Top Cow comics needs to start showing their popular characters like this, New Line Cinema isn't doing nothing for them.
no comment.
DC comics has require some other characters from Milestone comics which may no longer active, they have Static Shock, Icon, Hardware (maybe), Blood Syndicate (also maybe), and some others don't care to mention but the ones I did could get their own show, it don't have to be live action but a animated one at least.
Why can't they just find someone who can speak the language, they might just butcher it like Halle Berry playing Storm trying to speak her African language.
Marvel's Guardians was fun to watch, had a nice soundtrack, and tied a villain that the Avengers will be facing in their next film. They should save this idea till after a Teen Titan movie is produce, because that needs to happen first but of course they need a better batman and robin film.
The Flash is a joketer and I think if their want to be serious then let them but everybody else like some of their villains can't. Green Lantern fail because it was too much in one and the relationship in the movie felt like a force and the cgi was not impressive. Never bought Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern.
The first one was based on a book that was someone memoir, so why is this have the same name? In the original what made it special was the story of a rookie in this hot desert state, that did nothing but train, hydrate, and waited for his chance to get some action while hearing from his comrades how their girlfriends/wife broke up with him in letter forms. This is a sequel seem to give people what they want in action sequences.
if this don't get pick up then he could reboot point break as a TV series, I'm pretty sure that could be sold to a network if he willing to direct and produce the show.
give it to someone else so it could have a different look and feel.
Are you sure in theaters or that's a type-o?
No Spawn reboot, no Witchblade movie, just mostly DC and Marvel take over. Am I cool with that, no, but I'm hoping that some of these movies don't get for the simple fact there some characters don't need their own movie.
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No Teen Titan movie? No Static Shock? How about Faith movie? I'm not one of these people who looking forward to a Lobo movie save him for man of steel 3.


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