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@undeadslayer4 I wrote a novel about this yesterday under the CA3 post, but long story short, DC will budge before Marvel does. It's not a matter of what movie will do better, but DC needs a strong opening weekend.
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i highly doubt that they are altering the turtle's faces after all the backlash, but that's the first thing i thought of when I saw these posters...
Everything has already been stated. A lot can happen in 2 years...
@ObiWanShinobi well, sh*t. haha
@ObiWanShinobi thanks for the support. may the odds be ever in their favor...
@thedude1 It's a possibility, but after this press release I find it very unlikely that Marvel will budge. Like I said to Goku, I could see one of them having a "Wednesday" release or DC moving to the week before so they can have the opening box office numbers they need.
@therealGoku I don't want to sound like a spokesman for Marvel. I could be wrong, but I'm just expressing my personal opinion based on the information we have:

I'm thinking long term, not opening weekend. BvS will make more money opening weekend than CA3. Based on the popularity of the characters, that's a fact. It isn't a DC vs. Marvel thing. But let's just say, and I personally hope this isn't true, that BvS is a creative failure. Let's say the story is bad or it just doesn't live up to the hype. The opening weekend numbers are more important to DC because the movie as a whole is a greater risk than CA3 would be for Marvel. If BvS does bad in the long run (or there is a bad word of mouth), and the following week(s) are not as profitable, it puts a greater strain on the possibility of other DC projects. Marvel is essentially undercutting DC's opening profit because they can afford to do that.

Like I said, I wouldn't be surprised if DC was to move the release date first. Maybe to the Wednesday before like "This is the End" did when it was up against MOS, or a week before so they get the OPENING box office numbers that they need.
@thedude1 check out what i just wrote below to Goku.

I'm not saying CA3 will beat BvS at the box office at all, but there are other things going on than money. Marvel knows it will make money regardless.
@therealGoku It's a pissing contest. WB/DC thought they could demonstrate some dominance over Marvel (hoping Marvel would change the release date after they saw they were up against BvS), but Marvel is refusing to back down because they know they will still be financially stable. Yes. It hurts OPENING box office weekend numbers, but Marvel doesn't care. They have the financial room to create some more buzz for their movie and undercut DC's financial profit in one fell swoop. It's already an established character who will make a lot of money.

Marvel basically called DC's bluff and now DC is under a lot more pressure because they do not have the established universe that Marvel has. Yes. Superman and Batman together will definitely make more money opening weekend at the box office, but they are relying on this movie for the Justice League and subsequent spin-offs. Honestly, if someone is going to change the release date, it's going to be DC.
@therealGoku in Marvel's defense, they had the release date first. Then, DC announced the push on the original BvS date and decided to try and bully Marvel out of the release date. There's no way they didn't know what they were doing.

As for box office numbers, it isn't that Disney/Marvel don't care about money, but they are fully aware they have an established character who is going to make BANK (in the long run) regardless of what movie it is going to be "up against" on opening weekend at the box office. WB/DC has a lot more pressure on them to come up with a financially successful opening weekend. They do not have an established comic book, cinematic universe and are depending on the success of this film for future installments/spin-offs.

Marvel is set.
Give this man a job now. Haha. But seriously, love the classic look. When Michelangelo takes the mask off in the trailer, he looks WAY too much like shrek....
@shuabert I absolutely understand your point, but I was thinking more of Aronofsky's perspective where he is successful enough that he may not want to put himself in a situation where he could be creatively stunted by a big studio and, instead, focus on more independent, passion projects...
@shuabert i don't see that happening after all the rumors about arguments and fighting between him and the studio over certain events staying in the movie...
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@Michael-Kolesik that was exactly what i kept thinking while reading these comments...

it's Michael Bay. of course the trailer is going to be good and get everyone interested. it's like we haven't been through this 5 times already...
James Bond style?
I'm really digging the Scarlet look...
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this is such an interesting decision. prepare for a killer, indie soundtrack.
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Nothing about this movie is certain at this point, but I think it's safe to say the title will use the roman numeral, "VII". I would bet a lot on it.
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I'm interested to see how this will coincide with DC's cinematic universe...
i was really hoping they would keep Gwen for one more movie so there's a bit of a crossover with MJ, but it's looking less hopeful with each piece of new footage...


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