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I was hoping Ferrell and McKay were writing the screenplay. I feel like their brand of over-the-top, random humor would work well in this setting...
It's a great effort, but the Inside Llewyn Davis picture in the center is throwing me well as Driver's outfit.
@thedude1 That's an awesome idea. I think a team up would be great (especially with the Hulk) and would allow them to use more characters while still maintaining their 2/3 films a year pattern...
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**grabs popcorn and waits for the sh*t storm of comments**
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Very talented actors. That's all i can really say until I know more about the story...
@Dr-Devious i think it's time for you to chill out
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Go home, MovieWeb. You're drunk.
@Brizzy It's just the "hulk" voice/grunt. He did it for Ang Lee's version, The Incredible Hulk with Edward Norton, and the Avengers...It's more of a nod than anything else. Ruffalo is still playing the character and doing the motion capture. Hulk has, what? Two "lines"?
That editing bay must be all over the place...

plus you have Apocalypse and the whole Singer scandal going on...yikes.
I agree with her. Smart woman.
If they want to do some cross promotion, why not work with Marvel? It would make more sense...
@shuabert Gotcha. I appreciate the info.
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@shuabert I definitely agree. Like Feige said, there are so many characters in the Marvel canon that they want to explore. I think it would be much better to have him "retire" and not recast.
Old suit in the third still?
@shuabert No worries. I was just curious if it was public information. And that's surprising since I thought Daredevil was in production with Joe Carnahan before getting scrapped and having the rights reverted back to Marvel. Oh well. Thanks for the info
@shuabert sorry. i should have been more clear. that's what i was trying to ask. do you know the date deadline for when they need to make a new movie by or if it's a certain number per so many years or what the parameters of the contract are...?
Does anyone know the deadline before the rights revert back to Marvel? (like they did for Daredevil)
The numbers on the list are so confusing. What the hell is $2,463.3 billion?!

It looks like you're writing the numbers in the trillions?
@undeadslayer4 I wrote a novel about this yesterday under the CA3 post, but long story short, DC will budge before Marvel does. It's not a matter of what movie will do better, but DC needs a strong opening weekend.
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i highly doubt that they are altering the turtle's faces after all the backlash, but that's the first thing i thought of when I saw these posters...


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