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@shuabert didn't they burn that bridge when they changed the origin of ultron? haha.
@shuabert i'm thinking they may pair up Scott and Janet instead of Hank and Janet, since they are making Scott Lang's version of Ant-Man the main character for the MCU. Instead of Hank Pym's wife, she plays his daughter, becomes a love interest for Scott Lang, and we see Wasp and Ant-Man together in future films, etc.
@Brizzy apparently the source is the hollywood reporter...
@christina-montana thanks for the info. "natural causes" didn't make sense to me...
He passed away at the age of 44 from "natural causes"?
my friend got to view a rough cut of TWS tonight and said that there were actually TWO post credit scenes...

she also said that TWS was incredible. I'm stoked.
Motion Capture?
Holy sh*t that last scene gave me goosebumps...
Props for going in a different direction. I'm very interested in seeing how this goes...
...andddd we went back to the halloween costume.

at this point, we really just need a trailer. also, donatello's sunglasses are single-handedly destroying my childhood.

I guess the jacket gave it away in the trailer, but i'm still surprised they are hinting at her death so much...

i feel like there must be some twist where either she doesn't die and they hold it off for 3 or peter accidentally kills her and then becomes obsessed with bringing her back using Oscorp somehow.
There are two more pictures of Leonardo and Donatello...

they surprisingly look great.
as stated on another site, quicksilver looks like ramona flowers and kid vid from burger king had a baby...
@bawnian-dexeus @Brizzy @brady1138 @ObiWanShinobi @unclerico12345 @ed-wood ...i'm going to preface this by saying that I understand why Tarantino is pissed off and I believe that he has every right to be, but i don't understand how you are "supporting" him by not reading the leaked script. django's script was leaked WAY before it went into production and reading it early didn't spoil the movie at all. it's like reading a book (especially a first draft of a screenplay) and then seeing all the tweaks and changes adapted into the final cut version of the film. you actually get a better idea of the story. this script leak is just getting more press because tarantino made a huge deal out of it. Once again, I understand his point, but I think, more than anything, he was blowing off steam too soon and will probably look back on this project and revisit it sooner than he says. we can't act like it's the first or last time it is going to happen. i don't support the leak, but i just don't get the "i won't read this for tarantino's sake". there is no way this is the final version of his story.
justatadmatt wrote a comment about the news item 86th Annual Academy Awards Nominations!
@themoviefanatic just a personal opinion...we'll find out March 2nd :)
justatadmatt wrote a comment about the news item 86th Annual Academy Awards Nominations!
I have no idea who they would switch out, but Tom Hanks not being nominated is horrible. His performance was absolutely incredible in Captain Phillips.

@themoviefanatic My guess is that Gravity will receive awards for VFX and Cinematography, director will be either Cuaron or McQueen, and Picture will be either 12 years or American Hustle.
justatadmatt wrote a comment about the news item Ant-Man: Michael Douglas Is Hank Pym!
Interesting. I'm more excited about Paul Rudd being the "future" Ant-Man for Avengers 3, etc.
I'm not going to believe all these rumors until the studio makes an announcement, but I actually think this would be a great casting choice (if they were to include Aquaman). I think Holloway could provide enough wit and grit to the role to prevent it from being overly comical.
@xenon56 i was being facetious, but thank you.
@Number1Wolverine you have to believe they have a lot of faith in the characters if they are willing to invest an entire TV series to them individually.


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