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@jasonkat australia doesn't have kool-aid, but i get your point. haha
@ObiWanShinobi just made my day.
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@gandoff apparently it's a drawing of the guy with his head cut off...
@themoviefanatic @dess here you go. it will probably get taken down asap again...
justatadmatt wrote a comment about the news item Deadpool Movie Test Footage Is Online!
@xpector @therealGoku it was animated only because they didn't have the budget to do a scene of that scale in live action. it was basically a sizzle reel for the movie to get the studio on board. they have stated numerous times that the movie itself would be live action with ryan reynolds.
@dess @themoviefanatic I believe Whedon stated there was an actual actor for that post credits scene...
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here you go:
@superman81 sorry. you're in the minority, sir. regardless of his performance in DOFP, this actually looks like quicksilver.
@superman81 i have a hard time taking you seriously if you think he looked better as ramona flowers in xmen...
That doesn't sound annoying as hell...
Am I the only one who thought the picture was taken around the time of "Now You See Me"? I know he had straight hair in the movie, but I don't know why Ford would promote this picture and describe that movie...Plus, the guy just seems to be commenting on Ford's tweet by saying [now he's playing Lex Luthor]. Idk. I guess I interpreted the exchange differently.

@ObiWanShinobi @themoviefanatic @mieko-siede @thedude1 @cvntstop
@ghostman I completely agree with Phil Lord and Chris Miller...that's who I was hoping for as well.
If they are really going for that comedic edge, I'm surprised Will Gluck and Greg Mottola's names haven't come up yet.
If they had to ban it because of "curve of under breast" - wouldn't they have to ban all of Mystique's posters?
@superman81 sarcasm.
@ghostman @thedude1 @ObiWanShinobi I know I'm a little late to this party, but I figured I would throw my hat into the ring...

Wright wrote the first treatment in 2003. He was hired by Marvel in 2006. They had story issues from the beginning because they were building this Avengers universe and the original concept didn't fit. They went back into production in 2011, but agreed to wait until after Wright finished "At World's End". My point is that Wright and Marvel have been working on this film for almost a decade. Yes, they had "story issues" from the beginning, but Marvel agreed to work with Wright and Cornish. Marvel shouldn't have pushed a release date if it wasn't ready and if they had given Wright the green light for so many years, they should have let him make the movie he wanted to make. As reported, Wright and Cornish were consistently doing rewrites, and I think it was BS to just hand the script to other writers who just "homogenized" it. Yes, they want the movies to connect, but it seemed like a sh*tty move with Wright being cooperative for so many years. Plus, Wright has a completely unique style of filmmaking that would have been brilliant in the Marvel universe.
Way to stir that pot, @balanorange. I think this is nothing more than Whedon expressing some support for Wright and also sadness to see such a creative mind leave. Don't assume "trouble is brewing" at Marvel. That's just dumb. Also, check out James Gunn's response on Facebook to the whole situation. It may make it more clear for you...


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