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That's a very solid filmography as DP.
Ant-Man sequel if they move forward with one...calling it now.
justatadmatt wrote a comment about the news item Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer Is Here!
I'm sure this expression is getting old, but just take my money...seriously.
not sure how i feel about that wolf look...i understand not wanting to make it cartoonish, but with a sense of danger so why not use/create a real wolf...? It seems like they did the opposite of what they wanted with that look.
About. Damn. Time.
This looks awesome. A Kanye/Lorde collab? I'm in.
@ObiWanShinobi @Brizzy Scott Pilgrim captured Wright's vision for comic books/video games...pretty solid if you ask me.
Could we see the DC slate one more time please...?
Why are there 4 articles with the same information?
Thumbs up for Ezra Miller and Jason Momoa. I'm really curious if they'll go with John Stewart for Green Lantern even though it's labeled a "reboot". Too bad it's 6 years away...
@Brizzy Same.

@shuabert I hope so, but it seems unlikely with all the rewrites they, visually idk if i can compare wright to reed.
I'm all for the Russos directing, but I would like Whedon to still write the script(s). He has the characters down.
Bye Bye, Steve Rogers :/
Marvel yes. Recast no.
SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. But seriously, I think Garfield joining the Avengers would be incredible for the Civil War storyline as long as Marvel is the one writing the character...
justatadmatt wrote a comment about the news item The Avengers 3 May Feature All-New Superheroes would also fit the story that they want to "break" Avengers 3 into two movies. That way they also don't have to negotiate new contracts for the existing actors.
justatadmatt wrote a comment about the news item The Avengers 3 May Feature All-New Superheroes
@red-ruddy @themoviefanatic @Brizzy @CoreyB Civil War? That way they can bring characters like Dr. Strange, Ant-Man, Black Panther, Daredevil (defenders) into Avengers 3 and then bring back everyone together after that?
Illusions, Michael.
One of the few sequels that is just as funny (if not funnier) than the first...
what if batman and superman are engaging in the ultimate prank war?


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