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wow. that was beyond incredible. ending got me as well, @the-crow2k
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Ben Affleck is a higher acclaimed actor than Henry Cavill. Enough said. Don't look for a story where it doesn't exist.
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The train set scene definitely got me. Solid trailer.
On board with the Russos, but I was hoping Whedon would at least come back to work on the script...he just nails the characters.
Same writers as (500) days of Summer and The Spectacular Now...?

I'm in.
slow news day. they added a new photo/tease if anyone cares...
Is that Margot in the glasses?
this looks amazing.
@undeadslayer4 i haven't critiqued any movies, so your nickname doesn't work. sorry, chief.
To everyone complaining about "another reboot":

Stop bitching. Marvel can finally use the character. We should celebrate. Not complain. They (Marvel) have a plan in place and I definitely trust it over any creative decisions by Sony. Let's just sit back and wait...

P.s- I thought Andrew Garfield was the perfect Spider-Man, but my vote is still for Logan Lerman if they want to go younger...
@undeadslayer4 if you say so, random internet blogger...
@therealGoku from what i gathered from previous reports, they originally had Spider-Man in the spec script/story for Civil War so it should be no problem adding him back into the mix.
Logan Lerman...
It's a shame about Garfield, but I'm so pumped for this...

Hopefully Sony just sits in the corner and smiles.
@instead8909 i'm just telling you Will Smith's opinion...i'm not disagreeing with you. Yiiiiikes. Thank you for the ignorant comment.
@balanorange if you are going to be racist, you should at least spell scared correctly...
@instead8909 Will Smith turned down the role because HE thought he wasn't the main character apparently...he considered Christoph Waltz's character, the main focus of the film.
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@thedude1 @TheObserver i think you guys are forgetting that Harrison Ford clearly starred in both Indiana Jones and Star Wars at the same time and completely did both roles justice...

You are assuming he has a "franchise" role in Jurassic Park. He could easily get killed. I think him headlining Guardians and the new Indy would be a great fit...
This pretty much sums it up...


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