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Didn't have a lot of expectations going into that trailer, but that looks surprisingly great.
I thoroughly enjoyed the first one a lot more than I expected...looking forward to this.
Dig it.
Brittany Snow is gorgeous, but that is not a flattering picture.
I'm sure it will grow on everyone. The amount of hate for this title is disgusting.
Why would you assume Jennifer Lawrence's [24 years old] role went to Jennifer Jason Leigh [52 years old]....?
@undeadslayer4 also...MORE speculation: Spider-Man will become part of the MCU with The Civil War storyline to help boost the character but who knows...
@undeadslayer4 it's all a rumor. Right now they are speculating Garfield will be recast, Gwen Stacy is coming back, they are making an all-female Spider-Man film, and sinister six will reboot everything. Every report contradicts the other with no concrete evidence. It's all speculation.
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I wonder if the Seth Rogen casting had any impact? I mean it shouldn't have, but I'm just curious...
That's a very solid filmography as DP.
Ant-Man sequel if they move forward with one...calling it now.
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I'm sure this expression is getting old, but just take my money...seriously.
not sure how i feel about that wolf look...i understand not wanting to make it cartoonish, but with a sense of danger so why not use/create a real wolf...? It seems like they did the opposite of what they wanted with that look.
About. Damn. Time.
This looks awesome. A Kanye/Lorde collab? I'm in.
@ObiWanShinobi @Brizzy Scott Pilgrim captured Wright's vision for comic books/video games...pretty solid if you ask me.
Could we see the DC slate one more time please...?
Why are there 4 articles with the same information?
Thumbs up for Ezra Miller and Jason Momoa. I'm really curious if they'll go with John Stewart for Green Lantern even though it's labeled a "reboot". Too bad it's 6 years away...


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