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This pretty much sums it up...
@thedude1 Completely agree.
@CoreyB Seriously...haha. Saying, "it's good" actually has me more worried because it sounds like he has to say that as a producer of the film...

@thedude1 hoping that's true. we need to see something from this movie...
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biggest surprise for me was Jake Gyllenhaal not getting the nomination. I think Keaton or Redmayne are obvious favorites, but Gyllenhaal should have gotten the nom. Also, Birdman should have been nominated for score. Even though it was just percussion, it fit perfectly and added a lot.
@Brizzy I really can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not. It seems like that is the exact direction they are heading...
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Dig it. Same as Wright's design. Still waiting on that trailer...
"We have never given up on releasing The Interview..."

uhhh, seriously....?
@thedude1 @Brizzy Sony wasn't protecting anyone, but themselves. They could have easily put it online for free or if they don't want to lose money, charge the cost of a movie ticket to watch it and put an end to all this.... they just don't want to be the only target for fear of whatever else could get leaked.
Andrew Garfield was the best part of the new franchise...
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I wonder if comic book fans could create a big enough boycott of Sony films to get them to change their mind? Probably not...

We continue to complain about the crap they are putting out (ASM in particular) but continue to see the movie and give them money, so...yeah...idk.
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@Brizzy Sony sucks.
Someone sounds bitter...
I would have preferred Palmer, but I hope she does great.
Great actor, but i'm unsure about this role. I feel like he's had too many memorable/franchise roles such as Sherlock and Khan. I'm sure it will still be a great movie though...
Sounds like an interesting, dramatic story, but i'm not sure about the tone with Todd Philips directing.
I read that as, Frankenstein (which is part of another shared 'Monsters' universe for Universal) is a very different universe from DC comics' (Warner Brothers) movie universe...

I'm pretty sure if he's saying Justice League Dark is connected, he means the DC comic movie universe...pretty easy to assume.
@PhillipGroucho have you seen any of Leto's other work?
Since they are both Disney, I don't see both movies getting a Super Bowl spot...

AoU will get the Super Bowl spot and the next Star Wars trailer will show up attached to AoU. It makes the most marketing sense. We were lucky to get a trailer over a year before the movie is released...
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Can we talk about the lack of lens flare even when there was ample opportunity? I'm absolutely loving the practical look.
Didn't have a lot of expectations going into that trailer, but that looks surprisingly great.


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