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Now THIS is a good theatrical poster. Finally!!! I was getting tired of seeing him with his mask off.
FF6 is gonna be incredible. After FF5, I have a fresh new look on the franchise with renewed hope.
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Why does everyone hate on this movie? The only thing negative I've seen about this movie is that its "supposedly" spawned from the board game and the movie appears to have nothing to actually do with the game. Besides that, this looks AWESOME!!!!
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Let's be real... this franchise was "okay" at most. It was nothing spectacular. Good to hear they are pushing forward, but I'm in no rush.
Doesn't look horrible but not worth the movie ticket price. I'll wait for it on cable.
Is it me or are they showing Spiderman with his mask off more than with his mask on? I really hope this is not a trend in the movie too.
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Let me start off by saying I'm Pro-Marvel. I don't think DC characters could touch any Marvel characters.... except Batman. Also, I think TDK was the BEST comicbook movie EVER. Say what you want about it being "too realistic", but I loved every aspect of it and that movie set the bar for every other comicbook since.

With that being said, I had to disagree with many of you. Between The Avengers and TDKR, as much as I had my hopes extremely high for the sequel, I don't think TDKR is gonna come close to The Avengers. Action wise, revenue, visually, dialogue, characters, etc. I think the only thing TDKR may have over Avengers is a story (Nolan is a great story writer). Comparing the latest trailers of each movie (which I think Avengers may be showing too much), The Avengers look like more bang for your buck in all the ways I've previously mentioned.

TDKR lacks one major factor that TDK had. An incredible, pure-evil, intriguing villain. Don't get me wrong, I know about Bane (I have the first 25+ comics he has appeared in including the entire series he broke Batman) and know the level of villain he could be, but he on screen will suffer the same way Venom kinda did in SM3... his story is too big for one movie. And needless to say, Tom Hardy's performance as the villain is NOT as intriguing or powerful as Heith Ledger's (based on what the trailer has displayed). From the first trailer of TDK that simply had Joker's voice and no visuals, we were able to tell this villain is gonna be interesting and riveting. With Bane, we have a hard enough time trying to understand what he's saying and visually, doesn't come close to interesting as The Joker did. And this Catwoman character doesn't seem intriguing enough as well.

I see both movies doing well. Beyond well, really. But I gotta give The Avengers this one. I went to see TDK twice in three days when it came out. I have a strong feeling I won't be repeating that this Summer.

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With the millions of dollars you receive for every picture, why is it that Hollywood decides to revisit the past in hopes of recreating a film that was already deemed a classic? Why???

This "reboot" situation if getting outta hand...
@superman81 TDKR is not more hyped than TDK for one simple matter. Heith Ledger. His death and AMAZING performance had a large part in making that movie the financial Summer blockbuster that it was.

I've been hearing that Avengers is the best comicbook movie also but in a different manner. The friends of mine who have seen it state that it IS better than TDK because its truer to the essence of the comicbook than Batman was. The powers, the technology, the magic, the aliens. All those aspects from the comicbook are in the film in a spectacular way. In respect to TDK (which in my mind is Top 3 comicbook movie ever), they rightfully stated its not the true essence Batman because of its focus to be realistic, such as Nolan's decision to never feature Mr. Freeze, Man-Bat, or another character like that because its not realistic, which I agree with his choice.

SO in terms of comicbooks, which as realistic as they can be, still feature unrealistic aspects (mutants, powers, Gods, etc), The Avengers have been deemed the best of that form of comicbook adapted movie.
@ejk1 As an artist, this is not true. It is definitely not about the money. If so, Keaton would have never gave up the cape as Batman (or Christian Bale for that matter) and Tobey Maguire would be starring in SpiderMan 4 this summer. In Hollywood, the worst thing to do is to become fully linked to a franchise to the point where it limits you outside of the franchise. Christopher Reeve was great as Superman. He did it for 4 movies. But can you really name another movie he starred in besides Supes of the top of your head?

I love the James Bond idea. Perhaps Marvel should invoke a method to replace the cast after they've starred in three movies of a franchise but keep the series going instead of completely reboot it. @bawnian-dexeus DC has tried that with their first set of Batman movies from Michael Keaton to Val Kilmer to George Clooney. The problem was they made HORRIBLE choices in actors to carry on the legacy. I think Marvel would be smarter in this situation.
Now THATS an awesome pic of a superhero. Broken but still standing.
FF was a horrible movie and the rights need to be revoked from Sony and given back to Marvel/Disney. And if they are rebooting the film, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! No Dr. Doom. He's like the Lex Luther of the FF movie world. He does not need to be in EVERY FF movie!
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If you ask me, it looks like Batman is about to get ROCKED by Bane's left in the fighting promo art.
@comicbookfan I agree. One of Spidey's greatest challenges was running out of webbing and having to refill during an epic battle. And the fact he could do different things with the webbing line a backpack or cushion of web. That would be great to see in this new flick.
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Wolverine Origins was one of Marvel most recent failures... EASY!!! That movie had so many problems: 1) Horrible CGI claws, 2) Horrible villains, 3) the action was completely unbelievable (not in a good way), 4) Story was weak, 5) Bad casting for many of the mutants (practically everyone but Hugh Jackman), 6) "the bullet"
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@Brizzy @shuabert I completely agree. Mandarin IS IN THIS MOVIE. One way or another. I doubt as the main villain, but he must have some relevance in the story. After the Avengers movie, Tony Stark's realm will be much more open to the idea of "science and magic" (Isn't that what Thor used to describe his powers in his movie). I believe meeting Thor in Avengers and fighting Loki will dramatically open the Tony Stark universe in the movie to new concepts, eventually leading to Mandarin being set up for the fourth film.

And if they do tie him to the first Iron Man movie, that would be awesome. The "Ten Rings" were mentioned once or twice in that film, but with a modern twist of terrorist involvement.
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Great concept for an animated movie but will have to see more if its actually good. On the fence about Adam Sandler and his squad voicing most of the characters.
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I. Cannot. Wait.

Easily the most anticipated movie of the year. Don't get it twisted, TDKR is a big one also, but Bane is not the same character driven madman Joker was. And The Avengers movie is something that has NEVER been done before.
@writer220 @themoviefanatic Mirror, Mirror has to be the poorest excuse of a movie adapted from a fairy tale. Just sad. This movie should do well in the box office. Charlize Theron is killing it this summer. This and Prometheus?! WOW.
@gonzo23 Yup, I agree. He looks badass in this movie.

Movie looks good so far. Hopefully it lives up to that.

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