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Just waiting for the line... "I'm Johnny 5!"
If the rumor is true that DC has a no-comedy rule for their movies, that's a big limitation on the potntial of an entire story... if you ask me
The first one was an unexpected GREAT film.
@Author987 I agree. And its not too early to state @mieko-siede since DC has already confirmed two different Flashes. Clearly, they are not connected in one universe, despite their whole "multiverse" excuse
This one scene is what led to the departure of Edgar Wright? There has to be more to it.
@thedude1 What do you mean by "pull a Loki"?
Let it all be known that Chris Hemsworth was very unknown before he took on the role of Thor. Chad already has two movies he's the top star in, and those two movies were very well received. Great casting choice if you ask me.
Great character. Great actor. This should be a great movie along with the rest of Marvel's movie slate.
@EmmyttWolfe They have a lot of villains they've already hinted at and/or never concluded such as The Leader, Red Skull, WInter Soldier, Mandarin, and of course Loki. Don't think for a second that anyone of them won't pop back up out the blue like they do in the comics
I respect the fact that they are more focused on the story and characters rather than just giving everyone and their momma a franchise for the sake of doing it. Timing and story is everything.
Whether you are a Marvel fan or a DC fan... you gotta admit, this is a GREAT time to be a comicbook fan. I grew up reading stories from each and never thought I'd see the day when these characters would be appearing on the big screen in such a major way.
@christina-montana I completely agree. Half of the first season was just "OK". But the remaining half and its current season... Great!
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I am not mad at Marvel's cast for Dr. Strange. Definitely fits the bill for the character.
I. Love. This. Show!!!
OK, DC. Enough is enough. We know Bats & Supes are your cash crops. Alright already. Can we please see your less popular characters?
I'm not hating on the property at all. I actually LOVE Arrow and the new series for Flash. They're great. And as much as I love the Marvel concept of everything occurs in one universe across TV and film, I understand not everyone can or wants to do that. But at the same time, I would have rather he just said "We decided to treat each property as their very own and occasional crossover where it sees fit" instead of the multiverse excuse. It sounds like a great answer when a reporter asks you "Is DC gonna have its own universe like Marvel?"

:: thinks to self:: 'How can one-up Marvel'... "Yeah, we're gonna have multiple universes".

I understand the concept in the comics and think it works great... for the comics. Somethings should only be in print and some on screen. But stating each (or few) of the shows live in multiple universes in the biggest DUH response ever because obviously their are from one property but some don't connect where as others do.
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The single BEST thing from this trailer was the only thing that wan't seen - James Spader voice as Ultron. Seriously... that is the voice of a villain I want to cheer for.
"A multiverse"? Really? That's the equivalent of saying some shows will link together, most won't... deal with it. True, the concept exist in both Marvel and Dc universes in print, I think the idea is an escape goat and result of lack of interest to simply state it as a "multiverse".
Its amazing that most of the comments of how bad this show is are from those who watched a few episodes of its inaugural season. As a fan that gave it a chance and stuck with it, I must say the show has gotten much better than its first few episodes from Season 1... and continues to up their game.

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