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Chris Pratt is slowly taking over the big screen. I've predicted this a couple years ago.
Due to how good Maleficent was, I'd probably end up seeing this.
Is it me or does this sound like "Time Cop" with JCVD?
I never heard of this but it sounds wickedly cool.
This is NOT the plot. I refuse to believe it. Until the movie is released, let's be rational, not jump to conclusions, and just wait for the first trailer to get an idea of the potential of this movie. You just may be surprised...
@EmmyttWolfe As much as I hate to admit, The Civil War HAS to be watered down for the one fact that in print, it was well over a dozen issues. There's no way they can, nor should they, fit all that in a 2-3 hour movie. And I doubt that it'll focus on heroes identities as much as it will focus on individual freedom and rights.
Hopefully.. this is the last in the franchise.
@thedude1 Good X-Men movies I can agree with. I will not necessarily say "great". Although DOFP was the best one thus far, it's no where as good as TDK, Avengers or CA2.

@rjh094 I agree.
Tom Hardy is gonna play ANOTHER DC villain??? I know TDK is not in the same "cinematic universe" as Suicide Squad (or any of DC's upcoming films), but C'MON!!!!!! So not only are you rebooting Batman, but your rebooting actors too?
This was bound to happen...
So FOX wants to ignore any and all of the characters printed history, personality, and relations to create a movie based on two actors who currently have major star appeal.

Uhm... yeah... FOX needs to return the rights to Marvel... ASAP!!!
Its so hard to remain optimistic about a film that continuously sounds as if they are purposely trying to bomb...
WE seriously need to consider boycotting Sony's Marvel-based films. Maybe then they'll get the clue to return the rights back to Marvel.
That's the best looking stunt double I've ever seen. Most others look NOTHING like their counterpart except for a similar hairstyle.
@Brizzy Do you currently watch the show?
@nburgmei @shuabert @superman81 Thanks guys. I'll give it a try... and I'll remember to take of my LOTR glasses off before I do.
DC/Warner Bros needs to control their leaks. At the least, do something about it.
Junior Roberts wrote a comment about the news item Toy Story 4 Is Coming Summer 2017!
@the-crow2k I completely agree. Toy Story 3 was an EXCELLENT end to a great trilogy. I really hope this isn't a financial-based decision.... But then again, it is Hollywood.

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