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Well, I hate to be the one that brings up the elephant in the room but with America closely following the case with Zimmerman and Trayvon's murder that involved a neighborhood watchman killing a teenager, shouldn't they push this movie till at least a verdict has been rendered in that case? I mean, this movie looks hilarious and all but I think marketing wise, that would be the best decision. If not, this movie can face serious backlash.

Just saying...
As much as I am a fan of Tyler Perry's , I have to admit this looks like crap.
@ghostman: Marvel JUST got their own studio a couple years ago when they were bought out by Disney. Spiderman, Ghostwriter, Fantastic Four, Blade and X-Men remain property of various other studios. DC may have to license their characters all under one studio in order to do this until they can have their own studio. But the fact that DC doesn't have a studio before Marvel is a major fail because they were doing movies before Marvel.

@ejk1: I totally agree. DC made their villains too hero specific but that's why I referenced the "Doom" animated movie. Their was a villain for each hero with a main villain leading the group. Such as Bane against Batman while Supes is fighting Brainiac. Some of the villains would be introduced in previous stand-alone films and some new, as well as the heroes. I feel that is the only way that a JLA film could be better than The Avengers film and not be similar.
Also.... if they do make a JLA movie, which I hope they do, Darkseid should not be the villain. As much as I would love him to, that story would be WAY too similar to Avengers with Loki and his army invading Earth. Instead, they should use the story arc from the "Doom" animated movie but change it up a bit
@superman81 @ghostman @Joshua-Hollaway @ejk1 @pjwolsker

Let's be honest, if DC comes out with a JLA movie anytime now, it'll just look weak compared to The Avengers (unless James Cameron directs it with Steven Spielberg and Chris Nolan as exec. producers).

The way Marvel set up The Avengers since the first Iron Man movie was risky yet strategically brilliant. They led with their more interesting and powerful characters (Iron Man, Thor, Capt. America, Hulk) first and introduced the lower level characters (Black Widow, Hawkeye) via guest appearances. Awesome!!! This was planned from day one and is now leading to a BLOCKBUSTER film of epic porportions this Summer based on something that's never been done before - merging more than one comic book/movie franchise character into one movie.

DC had the opportunity to do this many times before Marvel, but has failed. As bad as that last Superman movie was, it should have led to something bigger with a guest appearance from a JLA member. Maybe the last Batman movies could have hinted at something too. NOPE. What we get is two awesome Batman movies with practically the best Batman on screen (sorry Keaton) but no future plans to lock him in contractually to more than three movies so he could reprise the Bat mantle in other films such as a Batman Vs. Superman or Justice League film. They rather lock in Ryan Reynolds as The Green lantern and we all know how that movie turned out.

Marvel is practically batting .1000 while DC is a team with a big hitter (Batman franchise), but everyone else on the team sucks.
I totally agree with the idea of making it edgier and must say Superman can definitely be darker... at least in the comicbooks he has displayed his darker side a few times. They NEVER really pushed him to that level in any of the movies which makes in uninteresting. They need to show him having struggles to keep his honor of truth and justice and not just kill anyone that crosses him. His struggles with a dual personality, love, and alien nature should be highlighted in the movie as a realistic drama.

AND...... we need a REAL villain. Zod has been done. We need to see Lobo, Brainiac, or another villain of that caliber.
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I think we are all jumping the gun, once again. We do not know the script, as Bay has stated, and we could all be assuming this and that. You know what happens we "you assume", right?

I have a CRAZY idea. Let's wait till the movie is out, we all see it and then... if we don't like what he did with The Turtles,.... then we complain and put up negative post about it. That way, we don't look like "asses".

Michael Bay, I actually really like your work (Bad Boys, Transformers, etc) but I have to draw the line here. As a long-time TMNT fan from my youngest childhood memories, I have to state that giving the Turtles an alien origin will completely destroy this franchise. Part of the essence behind the Turtles was the mutation, hence why "Mutant" is a part of their title. It's not Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles.

And what of their relation to the practice of martial arts? And Shredder? AND PIZZA?!?!?!

I really hope this is just a rumor and nothing more...
There was absolutely NO WAY that Expendables 2 could have hit theaters with that many action stars and have a PG-13 rating!!!! Damn what Chuck Norris said or requested, he is NOT the movie.
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@felipe-11 @youngrizo @mclovin The boardgame had an element of strategy to it. If this movie can include that aspect of the game while making it as action-packed and exciting as the trailers make it look, with a good story, then they've won me over. I'm gonna give it a chance before dismissing it completely.

Who knows.. Rhianna may completely surprise us and actually do a good acting job. The story could be one of the best navy related films we've seen since Pearl harbor. The aliens might be one of the most vicious forms of extraterrestrial life to hit the big screen. WHO KNOWS???
Junior Roberts wrote a comment about the news item Third Battleship Trailer
WOW... you guys are taking it really too far. NOne of you guys have even seen the movie yet, much less, even know what its fully about, and you guys are trashing it because 1) Rihanna is in it, 2) The boardgame reference doesn't match the story, and 3) the fact its an alien movie based on the sea. There's nothing wrong with stating your opinion but give the movie a chance before ripping it apart. You just may be the same guys who seen the movie after its released and taking back everything you ever said about it because it was a surprise blockbuster.

I see no reason to hate on it just yet. From what I've seen thus far it has crazy graphics, good amount of action, an interesting story and mass mayhem in another country that doesn't include The States. Let's give it a chance before we shoot it down...
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I have to admit, it actually looks funny. Fans of the original should be pleased as they still have the same slapstick humor, but updated for today's audience.
Junior Roberts wrote a comment about the news item I Am Legend 2 Moves Forward at Warner Bros.
This is great. I actually really enjoyed the movie, though I preferred the alternate ending that the original). I hope they deliver it as a prequel and sort of build up to humanity's last days, including more on his family.
I have a strong feeling that The Avengers just may top The Dark Knight Returns. From what I've seen and read so far, it looks epic.
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I wonder why the decision was made to make this into a comedy. The original TV show never had a flair for the comedic. What next? Knight Rider as a horror film?
@sean: I've seen a few behind-the-scenes featurettes on this new Ghost Rider that were more focused on the new directors of the film. The way they are filming this movie is unlike anything I've seen before. The directors are literally right there in the midst of the action.
@ollie-styrene: Yeah, tryue but realize that none of these villains in the Chris Nolan Batman series have even been called by their respective names. Joker, for instance, was never directly called "The Joker". He was referred to as a joker, most time clown. I doubt they'll refer to her as Catwoman in this new movie.
@supermanvenom: When watching Catwoman, put the movie on mute. That'll solve your problem.
The TMNT CGI movie that was the last film Turtle film on the big screen was NOT a reboot. It actually was a continuation of the previous films, a sequel. THIS movie that the article is talking about would be a true reboot to the entire franchise.
This being adapted as a movie is an automatic fail. It's like making Mario Cart for the big screen. They can't be serious...

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