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So FOX wants to ignore any and all of the characters printed history, personality, and relations to create a movie based on two actors who currently have major star appeal.

Uhm... yeah... FOX needs to return the rights to Marvel... ASAP!!!
Its so hard to remain optimistic about a film that continuously sounds as if they are purposely trying to bomb...
WE seriously need to consider boycotting Sony's Marvel-based films. Maybe then they'll get the clue to return the rights back to Marvel.
That's the best looking stunt double I've ever seen. Most others look NOTHING like their counterpart except for a similar hairstyle.
@Brizzy Do you currently watch the show?
@nburgmei @shuabert @superman81 Thanks guys. I'll give it a try... and I'll remember to take of my LOTR glasses off before I do.
DC/Warner Bros needs to control their leaks. At the least, do something about it.
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@the-crow2k I completely agree. Toy Story 3 was an EXCELLENT end to a great trilogy. I really hope this isn't a financial-based decision.... But then again, it is Hollywood.
As much as I LOVE Toy Story, I thought they ended it brilliantly and a need for another is absolutely not needed.
The first movie Stephen Amell should have been announced in should have been Justice League. And NO... I will not drop this issue.
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Other than him being an astronaut, how will this differ from last year's RoboCop?
@Ben-Saul-Wilkin True, it's only a trailer but taking this action on a trailer will no doubt scare any others to even think about leaking any more footage, especially the entire movie if possible. This is strictly a strategic move.
Is this a good series? I haven't heard any real feedback on the previous films.
@thedude1 cool. glad to hear it DC movies are already darker in tone, which is fine with me... but to remove comedic elements is another level of WTF
@mieko-siede I just happen to prefer the idea on continuity and simplicity. From a writing stand point, it creates challenges that may limit to one degree and expand in others. AoS is a perfect example in regards to what they did with the CA:TWS storyline and how it played a part to the story on both sides -TV and film. As a fan, I was more in-depth and intrigued to the story and characters. To see one character leave a scene or perform an action on the TV and see the result or location change with the same character on the big screen was brilliant writing in my opinion.

DC recently did that with a couple episodes of The Flash and Arrow. As a viewer, I had a greater understanding of the story and how it affected relative characters. And it was just plain and simply COOL!!!! I would just love to see that play out on film for DC. Their decision not to is ultimately their decision but will confuse regular viewers (2 Flashes?) and skips opportunity for some great moments. Just the idea that DC told Liam Neeson "NO" to coming back to play Ral Al Ghul boggles my mind. Could you have imagined seeing him against Stephen Ammell as Arrow on the TV screen????? #AmazingMissedOpportunity
@mieko-siede Actually, that's not true. DC has publicly stated that the TV universe differs from the movie universe - hence why Flash appears in Arrow and vice-versa. But then they say there are multiple universe, to clarify the fact that TV properties won't mingle with film properties. I understand Marvel did it first (and yes, I think they are doing a great job with it cause AoS has been doing great), it doesn't mean they can't take that blueprint and make it even better. As a fan, I would prefer if the Flash I watch weekly and already feel invested in ALSO appeared on the big screen and integrated with the characters there. And perhaps even vice-versa. By separating the two, the movie version immediately cheapens the TV version (usually) due to better actors, bigger budget, etc.

And if we didn't expect "one company to follow the direction of another", we wouldn't be anticipating Justice League after the success of Avengers. Or even any of the upcoming stand-alone movies to connect to other stand-alone movies.
@thedude1 @c-a-r-t-m-a-n Are you stating that Marvel villains aren't good? I'd have to disagree, sorta. Although some were not as great as others, they still had decent villains. Loki, a villain the general public had no idea about before Thor, has become a villainous icon. Along with Thanos, Ronan, Yondu (surprisingly) and even Winter Soldier, Marvel had some good to great villains. And there were some bad ones (Whiplash, Malaketh, etc) too. They definitely didn 't have any HORRIBLE villains like FF's Galactus or Doom, Spiderman 3's Venom, or any villain other than Joker (Heath Ledger & Jack Nicholson) in any Batman movie.
Funny scene. Looks somewhat interesting, but Rock's movies are usually not that great.
Hate to admit it but it looks kinda cheesy...

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