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@superman81 After the success of The Avengers, I think it would be DC's dumbest movie to not even attempt to do a JLA movie and do it the right way. Meaning, use stars from current franchises and build it up to lead to the JLA movie, the same method Marvel used. The Avengers movie alone is gonna lead to at least three spinoffs and a sequel or two.

Sometimes, I can't stand DC...
This viral ad was WEAK when compared to Prometheus viral TED ad. Now that one was awesome.
"Welcome to escrow, bitch!"... funny...
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Elijah Woods as a villain? I can't picture it but seems interesting.
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But all jokes aside, this poster would have never been possible 5, 10 , 20 years ago. Give credit to all the great action stars of yesterday in a major action film of today.
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They should rename this to "Grumpy Old Men... with Guns"
@skywise: When were they hinting at The Lizard in the Tobey films? I don't recall seeing any hints for him.
@skywise: Exactly! And it's something that DC comicbook movies lack. They need to adopt and put into practice the Marvel factor of inter-connecting their films across franchises. At this moment, its impossible. The current Batman franchise is to too realistic to connect with the likes of a Superman or even an Aquaman. ANd I agree with you about X-Men's contuity. Marvel/Disney need to find a way to get ALL their characters back under one house - Spiderman, X-Men, Fantastic Four, and especially Ghost Rider and Blade.

@Alastor: I completely agree. As much as I would like it to, it can't surpass Avatar and Titanic.

@MadTatter730: In terms of the weekend it comes out, yeah, I gotta disagree. MIB3 be #1 in the Box Office that weekend and will do more than The Avengers because by that time, Avengers may be grossing only $50 million and most WIll Smith/MIB movies open at $60+ million. But in terms of total gross, nah. I dont think MIB will earn more than a billion.
@PointMan528491 I hope it does too. Top 5 highest grossing movies is a MAJOR accomplishment.

@cheetoboy: I agree. I want it to defeat Battleship in the numbers next week but it'll be very close.

And let's be real between the comparisons of Avatar and The Avengers. AS much as I would LOVE it if The Avengers surpassed Avatar, due to the timing of its release (and re-release) and the 3D tech at that time was brand new, Avatar was strategically released at the best time to earn what it did. The Avengers are going against many, many other good to awesome films during the Summer. We should all just be amazed at what it has accomplished thus far. I doubt they'll be another movie of this caliber for a few years.
@youngrizo @superman81 Don't forget that Avatar was released twice and had an extended run the first time it was released. No, I don't think The Avenger are going to beat Avatar in total gross (which I would love it to), but 1) The Avengers hasn't opened in Japan yet and 2) if The Avengers opened in December w/o comp like Avatar did, I could see it beating those numbers.
Nikita is wack...
I liked it but I thought it was cancelled.
@SherlockHolmes2009 It wasn't horrible. It had it's funny and action moments. As @SpaceCowboy said, I'm not mad at the idea of a sequel.
This movie is really looking good.
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This commercial is horrible. Doesn't do the movie any justice at all.
My sentiments exactly.
I actually liked the first couple Madea films but this is just getting old now. The last ones have been very weak.
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@vampire2000 I would LOVE for it to be Mandarin. AS one of Iron Man's greatest enemies, it would be good to see IM face an opponent not related to technology. It's getting old in the franchise. And The Avengers movie has definitely opened up IM's world to new concepts of magic, aliens, and monsters (The Hulk). The Mandarin's introduction into the same IM universe will not be forced upon the viewers after the events of The Avengers that IM takes part in.
@superman81 And also.. I really like The Dark Knight. I think Nolan and Bale are awesome together for this franchise, but I have to say... as much as I like it to be realistic, it does take away from some of the essence of the true Batman franchise from the comics. Nothing supernatural, sci-fi, or alien will be a part of this series, as Nolan promised and that does limit Batman's list of villains immensely (No Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, Man-Bat, etc). And due to the fact that the Batman world is so realistic, there is ABSOLUTELY no possible way to include any of DC's other characters into this film the way Marvel did. I can't even imagine Bale's Batman meeting Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash or any of his other hero counterparts in Nolan's Batman universe.
@superman81 I agree with you on the 3D issue. It is a joke when they use it for EVERY movie, especially those that aren't originally filmed with 3D equipped cameras (e.g Clash of the Titans). I was just stating it is Hollywood's cleverest gimmick cause it's actually working cause they are getting more money from it. And it does actually enhance "some" movies visually. I saw The Avengers with no IMAX and no 3D. I believe in a movie's content over its visual effects.

But I have to disagree in regards to the hype around The Dark Knight Returns. I never said there isn't any hype around the next Batman film. I just don't believe there is "as much" hype around it as there was/is around The Avengers. 1) it has a number of different franchises/heroes (established, new and rebooted) in one film (never done before!), the amazing special effects that make 3D worthy of the film, and the most important factor.... this was teased for over 4 years since the first Iron Man movie. The hype for The Avengers is probably the greatest EVER for a movie released if you ask me. Harry Potter is close due to the fans of the books but the majority of those fans were under 25. The Avengers audience is pulling a 50-50 ratio under age 25 and over 25.... almost unprecedented for a film, and 60-40 among men and women.

Batman has hype around it but just not as much. You mention Batman has 15 million views on YouTube but The Avengers broke iTunes record with 13 million in 24 hours. Imagine what they had at the end of the week.

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