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As much as I love Whedon's work, I think it would be wise for Marvel/Disney to choose another director. Whedon is extremely fatigued from this franchise and if he continues with the next films in the franchise, I'm afraid the movies will suffer. I root for the Russo bros for this one.
Absolutely cannot see him has Green Lantern, and I'm a fan of his.
@CoreyB I'm a big SM and BM fan, but I have to admit... AS@ was dreadful. It made SM3 look like a Oscar-nominated movie. I had hope that it would be at least as good as AS1 but it sadly wasn't. But I like Andrew Garfield as PP/SM.
@writer220 I heard but that hasn't been confirmed just yet. AS far as I'm concerned, it isn't true until I see Spidey crack a joke on-screen at Tony Starks expense.

@thedude1 I wouldn't exactly say that the X-films have been amazing. DOFP was obviously the best one but a good part of that was because it erased the horrible films in the franchise (X3, any of the Wolverine films)
I have a couple issues with what DC is doing. First of all, the FIRST Justice League movie should not be a "Part 1". It should be a very self-contained film. Second of all... is it just me or with the fact that Avengers is doing Ultron as their next villain does it sound like DC is playing copycat with Brainiac as their alleged villain. There are too many similarities from a simple villain standpoint.
I don't blame Disney. If you purchase a franchise for billions of dollars, you're not gonna wanna put out simply 3 movies, which is most likely what Lucas was gonna do. They want to expand it within means that the audience have an interests and could continue to tell good stories.
"In the comic books, Apocalypse was a towering figure who had the ability to switch from host bodies to constantly revive his self-sustaining body".... uhm... WTF?!?!?!? He never had that power? C'mon MW... fact check goes a long way.
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I say do the long-awaited movie with David and Gillian that introduces the new characters that will continue on in a TV show. BOOM!!!
@pack-rulz1978 the makers of the movie can't even explain that one. The answer... poor writing.

@masterofthemoon Wait a sec... Halle Berry played a "good" Storm?
@writer220 Normally... I would agree with your sentiments of no reboot but have you seen AS2? That was such a horrific event and the fact that it set up so much for the future for the franchise, there is no way they can simply move forward after that train wreck.
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Let's be serious for a moment. The show is simply entertaining... nothing more. But really, they characters and stories are completely taken out of the comicbook context. I'm supposed to believe Bruce and Selina (Catwoman) met as children?
He wasn't a bad Superman. I may have little gripes with the last SM movie but none of them were directed to his portrayal of SM/Clark Kent. I wouldn't mind if he continues
Can we all just wait till we actually see an official trailer or at least a damn picture before we start hating on it. This preemptive hate on a film that has ONLY released a synopsis is crazy!!!
Now if Marvel could just get the rights back to Spiderman, X-Men and Fantastic Four, that'd be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!
Marvel characters, stories, and locations across film, TV, and now On-Demand... and they area all in ONE universe. I LOVE IT!!!
I can't wait. As one of my current favorite shows, I'm highly anticipating this spinoff.
@CoreyB Micheal Keaton, Val Kilmer and George Clooney all played Batman within 5 years of each other... ijs
:: mind blown ::
@CoreyB My sentiments exactly. From the films to the TV (and soon to be Netflix), Marvel has done an astounding job of creating the fictional Marvel world of characters, locations, and more that we all love from the comicbooks.
I agree, @mwheeler1324. As a big Spiderman fan, AS2 was an AMAZING disappointment.

I didn't think TMNT was that bad of a movie. It was actually enjoyable. Now Transformers.... that should have been nominated twice!!!

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