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1) Is it me or did Favreau gain a lot of the weight he surprising lost since Iron Man 2? 2) I thought Pepper Pots was a redhead?
I still can't believe I haven't seen the first one yet...
I'm just waiting for the day that Hollywood unveils a live-action movie entitled "Tic-Tac-Toe" based on the game.
Venom could be a great franchise. He has the possibility of being as big as Wolverine but it MUST be done right.

I think all the actors you guys are naming are too old for the role and/or already connected to a Marvel character in another franchise. (Fassbender, Hiddleston, Hemsworth). I think @supermanvenom got the perfect cast choice with Kellan Lutz. Yeah, he may have Twilight connections, but 1) he is a solid actor, 2) looks almost identical to Eddie Brock, 3) isn't new to action sequences.

I'm looking forward to a Venom spin-off movie from an established appearance in one of the new Spiderman movies upcoming. There's no need to rush it because whether you put it out tomorrow or 10 years later, audiences will flock to it IF DONE CORRECTLY.
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@rudy Are you trying to make logical sense about a movie that has animals talking English?
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It should be Shredder first, then Krang. Do it in a way that at the end of the first movie, it sets up the idea that Shredder was working for Krang the entire time, leading to a sequel.
Was the last one any good? I havent seen it yet.
There should be a some form of public approval on certain movies to be classified as "Classics" that will make them untouchable for remake or reboot in the future. Hollywood has run dry of ideas and are only looking for quick money with least risk.
@messenger I like that idea of Alan getting married. That event alone is a comedic gold mine.
Speaking as one of the movies biggest I just don't think this movie will ever get made or if it does, it will be highly rejected.
@supermanvenom Kellan Lutz!?!? Thats the best casting choice I heard for Venom yet. Awesome idea. He strongly favors Eddie Brock and definitely has the size. And the studios don't necessarily need a big-star to hold this role.

@Mr-White That's how I always envisioned they should have done Spiderman and Venom in Raimi's Spidey franchise. They totally destroyed the character of venom in that movie (along with everything else).
A Venom movie could be a GREAT thing but it MUST be done right. What was done in SM3 was a tragic event in comicbook adapted movies and should never be spoken of from here on forth.

For Sony to do Venom/Spiderman correctly in the movie realm, Eddie Brock should at least be mentioned or make a small cameo in TAS or preferably the next installment. By the third installment, SM should have the symbiote (and not by dumb luck that a meteor lands near him in a park and the symbiote follows him) and fight a major villain that is NOT Venom but one we havent seen on screen yet (Rhino, Vulture, Electro, etc). At the end of this film, he should be forced to part ways with it and the very end it finds a successor... Eddie Brock, setting up for the next movie with Venom as the one and only villain.

The actual Venom movie should be the events that take place AFTER he fights Spiderman and set his character up as a Wolverine franchise - a hero with a bad side.
@ROFLitschristian I agree. It would not have been able to go against The Avengers.

And Prometheus will DEFINITELY make $100 mil. I say it will probably take three weeks reach to meet this milestone. Don't be surprised if Prometheus overtakes Madagascar 3 next weekend...
@youngrizo Just saw battleship and must say youhit the nail on the head. It wasn't horrible as most others are making it sound but it definitely wasn't great. Its way below Revenge of the fallen standards if you ask me.
@writer220 No... you and Ryan Reynolds.
Without a doubt, this movie is gonna be both their biggest flops to date. And that's saying a lot cause Sandler did "Jack and Jill"
@ejk1 I 500% agree with every word you said. Well put. If DC is actually carrying out the idea of putting a JLA movie without buildup, the right actors, a good story, right characters and intriguing/interesting villain, they will strongly negatively effect all their upcoming movies as well and end up with a domino effect of failures.
@dadarkknight Marvel didn't give every character from The Avengers a movie, just the core characters (Hulk, Thor, Capt, and Iron Man). Hawkeye and Black Widow are gonna get solo movies as a result of the success of The Avengers. But the audience needs to know how they began. Their origins. And they need to do this with their DC characters. We, as comicbook fans, know the story of each hero. The majority of moviegoers don't. They don't know Wonder Woman, Hawkman, Flash or even Aquaman's beginnings.

@rjh094 DC wasn't gonna let them outshine them but they have to do it in an efficient manner that will work not just in the JL movie but across franchises. Marvel kinda took out the big risk for them by doing it first but DC, whether they take the same root as Marvel by setting up individual movies or not, cannot rush into it half assed just to catch up to marvel. They will be fail if they do so.
OK.... let's be real. The names I'm seeing mentioned by some to play Black Panther are outrageous.

1- Djimon Hounsou would be a great choice... 20 years ago. I'm not hating on him. He's a great actor. But he's near 50 (and looks every year of it) and the big-screen interpretation of Black Panther should be relatively younger. I think he should still be involved in the project but not as the lead.

2- Chewitel Ejiofor is another great actor but I don't see him pulling in a big audience nor portraying a character of intense action.

3- Will Smith? I won't even get into the many reasons why this idea is wrong and I'm speaking as one of his BIGGEST fans.

4- Michael Jai White.... I'm not mad at this choice. His acting is average (sometimes over the top), but looks wise, I think he's a good choice. Could he pull of an African accent? Maybe...

5- Tyrese.... see comments I made for Michael Jai White

My #1 choice would be Laz Alonso. You may be unfamiliar with him but he was actually in Avatar and Fast and Furious (Google him). Great actor, meets the physical aspect looks wise, and has experience in action. True, he doesn't have the name power of a Robert Downey Jr but neither did Hemsworth before Thor.

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