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@shuabert @dess Aside from some form of small guest appearance in a post-credit scene, I don't see this happening. If they did it, it would be more for kicks-n-giggles than story arc.
Let's be serious people.... they are NOT gonna have Spiderman play the same pivotal role in the Captain America's "Civil War" movie as he did in the comicbooks. What he did in the comicbooks he cannot do in his FIRST appearance in the MCU. ijs
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I think there's a lot more to the deal that hasn't been discussed/announced.
Losing faith in this film day-by-day...
@bruce-ha Tobey played teenage Parker for probably a quarter to half of the movie. I agree with the idea of keeping him in HS. Let us see his struggles with hiding scars and pains from classmates and trying to stay up in class after battling some super villain. We've seen him as an adult in about 90% of all the 5 movies together. Let's experience the teen years of a superhero in the MCU this time.
Just pitching a wildly crazy idea but what if one of the many films down the road in this new Spiderman franchise that we are introduced to 3 other versions of Spiderman, as they've done many times in the comicbook, from multiple universes/realms and two of them can be Andrew Garfield's and Tobey Maguire's versions of SM and a new one playing SM2099 with them all on screen????
imo... Andrew Garfield was a better Peter Parker/Spiderman than Tobey Maguire. His portrayal of PP/SM was stronger to comicbook lore yet managed to work his own personality to the character.
@justatadmatt I completely agree with you. After the last 2 films, as much as I hate the idea of reboots, especially so soon, it was ABSOLUTELY needed. And with Marvel contributing, its a MAJOR win for the character, the franchise, and especially us... the fans.

I actually liked Andrew Garfield as Spidey/Peter Parker. It was EVERYTHING else around him that suffered (villain, story, etc). But when I heard they were rebooting, I actually had these two actors (Logan Lerman & Dylan O'Brein) in mind hoping they would keep Peter Parker in school longer. They never fully explored his character arc in High School much which was pivotal in his early career in comic books. In the two prior franchises, he graduates HS before halfway in the movie (wtf).

Between these two actors, I think they are the perfect choice. I'll be happy with either as both have proven they can lead a movie and display familiar characteristics to PP/SM
My vote is either Dylan O'Brien or Logan Lerman. Two great young actors who resemble Peter Parker and can hold lead of a film. Good choices @Jose-Leandro and @justatadmatt
@ledouchee I said the same thing. They honestly shouldn't say who the new actor is and let it be revealed in the movie. But, I don't think him announcing his identity will work in the movie universe. Tony Stark is one thing. Peter Parker.... ugh, not so much. I know it worked well in the comics but I don't think that'll work in the "movie world"
These teasers of trailers kill me. It's practically 15 seconds of video previewing/teasing a 60-120 second trailer. Are our attention spans REALLY that short???
Does anyone still want this movie???
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Is it me or does it really makes any sense to spend $4.5 million on a 30-second commercial and air it 3 days early on the Internet... FOR FREE?!?!?!
What if the D-Rex is really King Koopa from the Super Mario Bros movie?
@Brizzy Isn't it amazing that he blew up and we haven't even seen the movie yet. Let's be real, he could be a complete lackluster character/actor in 50 Shades.
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I'm not feeling this idea. Mechad doesn't fit the character of Jimmy Olsen and I'm not even talking race. This guy is built like a football wide-receiver - tall and strong. Jimmy Olsen was always portrayed as an average looking male.
Tyrese is not a horrible choice. I just feel as if there may be a few others that may serve the role better. Perhaps Morris Chestnut and Nate Parker come to mind.
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@therealGoku I'm with you on that. I'm still optimistic about this film.
I'm not loving this cast at all. What happened to the idea of Emma Stone and/or Jennifer Lawrence in it? What about Mindy Kaling?
Let's not act like Django was a great film now. Wasn't one of my favorite Tarantino films by a long shot.

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