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I find it hilarious that everyone is now fighting for RDJ to stay when a few years back, when marvel announced he would be IM/Tony Stark, everybody made a big fuss about how wrong Marvel got it. No one believed he could pull off that character especially around the time it was announced due to his own troubles in real life. But not only did he do it, HE OWNED IT. And now y'all are saying "only" RDJ could play IM/TOny Stark. Give me a break. Honestly, I think Marvel should set a standard rule that the roles of these main characters (Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, etc) should be held by one actor for 3 standalone films and 2 group films. After that, RECAST!!! IF they want, they could even go as far as recasting them all at once as the result of a major event in a movie, the same way marvel does every few years when they change the look and feel of the characters.

@rocknrolla I completely agree. As much as Iron Man is guaranteed money for them with RDJ, they have to be realistic and realize he's not gonna play that character forever. They have to start opening up their rolodex of superheroes and start creating more standalone films for various characters.

@riley-d... I fully agree in regards to the Bond situation. Bond is NOT a moniker. Each film could almost be considered a reboot since they never really refer to previous films. To be real, there is truly no definitive timeline in the Bond world.
Here's hoping to a better treatment of them on the big screen sometime in the future, whether its directly through Disney (highly unlikely) or a mutual partnerships that gives Disney/Marvel more control than previous arangements.
I believe without a doubt that not only is the villain for Avengers 2 Ultron, I believe he's already been created. Within the first 10 minutes of The Avengers film, they tease this. Agent Coulson is instructed to move Phase 2 cases to a safer place. Later in the film, it is discovered that Fury was intending to create weapons as a result of Thor's fight with that robot in the Thor film. I believe Fury already hired Pym to not only help create those advanced gun weapons but use the technology found in the robot that S.H.I.E.L.D may have confiscated to help create Ultron. Some of those cases in the movie may have actually contained bits and parts of Ultron.

I think leaving Thanos for the third Avengers film is a great idea cause by that time, the majority of the Avengers team should be together and the climax of all the Phase 2 and Phase 3 movies will lead to the ultimate climax.
"but the filmmaker and studio couldn't see eye-to-eye on where to take the story"... I see what you did there MovieWeb. #veryclever
Random thought. What if those "Iron Men" were being controlled by The Mandarin and IM/Tony Stark has to defeat his own technology?
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As much as I would love for the JLA movie to be just as awesome as The Avengers 2 (Major marvel fan here, but two awesome summer movie benefits everyone), if this story is true it will be the biggest failure to the JLA movie... and they already have too many factors weighting against them.

So, DC is planning to not only bring together Batman, Superman, and Green Lantern in one movie but also introduce Wonder Woman and Flash for the first time while fighting their biggest villain EVER in the very first entry of what could possibly be a long franchise? Does anyone else see a problem with this?

1) Introducing Flash and WW respective origin would take up at least a quarter of the movie, 2) Introducing a "new" Batman, Wonder Woman, and Flash with no previous movie (or even a mention of) is a major No-No, 3) The fact that the audience is being introduced to new actors playing 3 of 5 of the heroes for the first time is a character development/relation nightmare, 4) their biggest adversary introduced as the villain in the first film with no build up, most likely a short glimpse of Apokolips, and very little screen time is STUPID and kinda sets a downward tone for the remaining films in the franchise in regards to their villain choices, and 5) the fact that DC is pacing this project so fast just to get it out the same time as The Avengers 2 is weak because that could cost the movie overall quality and development.

DC should take their time and actually look at what Marvel has done right and improve. Not everything Marvel has done has been a success (e.g. Hulk, Ghost Rider, Punisher). They have a chance of really outshining Marvel if they took their time and did it right because let's be honest... as much as I'm a Marvel fan and I love The Avengers, their second rate compared to JLA. The heroes of JLA are just more widely popular, have better character development/relations, and they have the biggest hero of all time on their team. They already have the advantage so utilize it the proper way and stop trying to play catch up. It took Marvel over 8 years to reach the success of The Avengers.
This is gonna not only do well in the Box Office, but I see a lot of Oscar nominations. Looks good!!!
Y'all could believe what you want but what happened in Aurora did not take $40 million away from the TDKR opening earnings. Yes, I believe it affected the total number in some manner but NO WAY by that much. As I stated before, TDKR will not do better than The Avengers on opening weekend due to 1) lack of 3D, 2) the darker tone of the movie, 3) the unknown factor of the villain Bane.

I predicted $160-175 on opening weekend before the Aurora incident and it seems most analysts were thinking the same thing. And those Saturday and Sunday drops you guys speak of is very normal for blockbuster movies in this month. In May, which is when Avengers premiered, the drop offs are much lower so you get bigger return.
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@kingbrady It's supposed to be an original story of the character Oz.
@gandoff I completely agree. AS a big supporter of Resident Evil back in the day, I must sya I really don't like the way they are doing the movie franchise. The first one was the best as it was the closest to the actual game.

@skywise @Jose-Paulo-Lao I was thinking more "Resident Evil: Clone Wars"
And let's not get it twisted. YES, I will be seeing it opening weekend. I was a fan of the previous one, a comicbook fanatic, and movie buff (if I say so myself). My previous comment was more geared towards the general public - kids, families, older audience members, teenagers, etc.

And I have to admit.... this Batman film does NOTHING for me when compared to a few weeks before opening of The Dark Knight a few years back. Why....... 1) The Joker's prologue (Bank scenario) was DRAMATICALLY better than Bane's (airplane scenario), 2) Joker was a classic villain and what the audience wanted (including myself) and were promised. Bane, not-so-much 3) the trailers for TDK were much better than TDKR's, 4) no possible love interest in the form of Catwoman to "possibly" jeopardize the story, and probably the greatest factor was 5) it was Heath Ledger's last acting role after his death and the whispers of Oscar nominated performance before the movie even premiered grew great interest among everyone.
Speaking as both a MAJOR fan of The Avengers and TDK, I must say I think that The Avengers records may be pretty safe. Although I feel TDKR is gonna be one of the Summer's biggest blockbusters, I can't see it surpassing The Avengers. The Avengers, a overall family movie owned by Disney has everything going for it to cater for all audiences - especially the family audience. TDKR, unfortuantely, doesn't. Let's just be real. 7 year old kids aren't going to be dressed up as Bane or Batman as they were (and grown adults) as Hulk, Iron Man, etc. Also, the tone of TDKR seems even darker than he previous. Yeah, among the comicbook fans it'll make mucho money but its the general family audience that it'll lose out on, compared to The Avengers.

So, YES, it'll make CRAZY money. Probably break a few records, but nothing as serious as what The Avengers did. The villain isn't great enough to pull in the strong audience that The Joker did (mainly because the general audience have no idea who Bane is, nor understand him when he speaks), the lack of comedic entertainment (Joker disguised as a nurse - LOL), and the darker tone (which I personally like) is gonna restrain many from seeing it opening weekend, or at all.

Just my thoughts...
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I have to say, I thought this trailer would be crap but I found it quite interesting.
They NEED to make a Metal gear Solid movie. I've been saying this for years!!!
1) Is it me or did Favreau gain a lot of the weight he surprising lost since Iron Man 2? 2) I thought Pepper Pots was a redhead?
I still can't believe I haven't seen the first one yet...
I'm just waiting for the day that Hollywood unveils a live-action movie entitled "Tic-Tac-Toe" based on the game.
Venom could be a great franchise. He has the possibility of being as big as Wolverine but it MUST be done right.

I think all the actors you guys are naming are too old for the role and/or already connected to a Marvel character in another franchise. (Fassbender, Hiddleston, Hemsworth). I think @supermanvenom got the perfect cast choice with Kellan Lutz. Yeah, he may have Twilight connections, but 1) he is a solid actor, 2) looks almost identical to Eddie Brock, 3) isn't new to action sequences.

I'm looking forward to a Venom spin-off movie from an established appearance in one of the new Spiderman movies upcoming. There's no need to rush it because whether you put it out tomorrow or 10 years later, audiences will flock to it IF DONE CORRECTLY.
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@rudy Are you trying to make logical sense about a movie that has animals talking English?
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