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"semi-washed up TV icon".... at least he knows what he is.
Junior Roberts wrote a comment about the news item Piranha 3DD Making of the Story Featurette
@vampire2000 LMAO... good one. This is one of those movies you watch in your dorm room while craving your munchies.
Two teaser trailers. Two failures. Sad really cause I LOVED the first Anchorman. Please let the movie be funnier that the trailers are letting on.
These posters are 'OK'. They have NOTHING on the posters from the previous Dark Knight film. Now those were awesome character posters.
I haven't really seen John Carter but the article never stated that it was a bad movie. He simply stated it was a box office failure. And I gotta agree. With the amount of money it earned against the amount of money put into it to produce and market, it will be considered a failure. Beyond that, I've only heard good things about the movie.
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Is it just me or was this trailer just "OK"? Everyone seems to be saying how great the trailer is and well edited and this and that. But I gotta be real and admit this trailer didn't do anything for me. The last Mission Impossible's trailer was x2 as better. Sorry.... but this didn't hit the mark for me.

ANd the fact that you can't even tell this is a Bond movie. The feeling that most Bond movies have is definitely not in this trailer.
So I take it that Battleship wasn't that great, huh? I haven't sen it yet but from the trailers alone, it didn't look like a movie that was made to make you think and wonder and enjoy every aspect. It's a popcorn movie if you ask me- made strictly to entertain via action and special effects.

And I already called it that The Avengers wouldn't be trumped by them. The Avengers hype still continues through word of mouth and repeat viewers. BUT... it will fall to #2 next week when MIB3 is released. It just is what it is.
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@rjh094 I agree. Wolverine, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider all needs to be bought back by marvel. You can leave Spidey at SOny. There are doing a pretty decent job with him.... as long as they don't pull a Spiderman 3 again.
Junior Roberts wrote a comment about the news item Skyfall Trailer!
Consider me not impressed....
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@incmob I kinda gotta agree with you. DOn't get me wrong, I LOVED The Avengers movie and think adding more characters (in a sensible way) is great, but Ant-Man is gonna be VERY hard to translate to film in an interesting way that doesn't make it look cheesy. They have to focus more on the man behind the helmet, Pym, than his ability to not look cheesy.

Let's be real... the first thing people are gonna think of is Honey I Shrunk The Kids... and that was the definition of a cheesy movie. If this movie doesn't have a KILLER story and character dev behind, its gonna end up just like Green Lantern. Great graphics. Little of everything else.
@skywise I completely agree. If they ever wanna revisit Venom as a villain for this new Spidey franchise, they have to make him the only villain. And do his story right. I think Eddie Brock would have to be introduced in a prior film before he is introduced as Venom in another. That would be great.

I think the only reason they did Sandman was for graphics. Graphically, he was amazing but as you said, never a great villain, especially for a movie.
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Reminds me of my high school days growing up in Brooklyn. Might check this film out.
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Junior Roberts gave this a Thumbs Up
@skywise Oh that?!?! LOL, I totally forgot about that. True. Instead, they decided to go the more revenue route and opt for Venom, Sandman and return of Goblin. That movie was so incredibly bad. Comedy, story, character dev, dialogue... EVERYTHING.
If Joss Whedon does not return to Avengers 2 as director and write, Marvel/Disney is in trouble. They MUST have him return. It is imperative to that film's success because I can't see another director to make a film as big as Avengers was of it's caliber.
@superman81 After the success of The Avengers, I think it would be DC's dumbest movie to not even attempt to do a JLA movie and do it the right way. Meaning, use stars from current franchises and build it up to lead to the JLA movie, the same method Marvel used. The Avengers movie alone is gonna lead to at least three spinoffs and a sequel or two.

Sometimes, I can't stand DC...
This viral ad was WEAK when compared to Prometheus viral TED ad. Now that one was awesome.

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