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HOLD UP!!!!! Independence Day WON'T be released Independence Day weekend??? WTF
Before I comment, let it be known that I am a major Marvel fan but my favorite superhero/comicbook is Batman, so I am NOT a DC hater. Now, I gotta be honest. It's GREAT to see DC stepping up to the plate (FINALLY) to build their bigger universe, but I am disappointed in many things that seem to be continuously overlooked.

1) Why the HELL would you want to separate your movie universe from the TV universe? The characters/actors of Green Arrow and The Flash TV show are not only established but respected. I would LOVE to see Stephen Amell share a scene with Ben Affleck or Henry Cavill. And admist all the great reviews The Flash is getting, why rehash the same character for a bigger screen. Give us fans a cohesive universe (alas Marvel) to invest in and be excited about. Multiple heroes only mean multiple villains and it will only be so long until DC/WB is competing with itself.

2) I hate 2-part movies. They never work. One usually sucks while the other is significantly better. Trying that concept out of the gate with the first Justice League is asking for trouble. And if you have three movies inbetween the two parts, does that elimante those characters from being in the film?

3) Why is Suicide Squad, a group of villains, being released before any other Justice League hero movie? Isn't that like releasing the Sinister Six before the first Amazing Spiderman movie?
I think the fact that WB/DC will have pretty much doubles of their heroes and villains is ludacris and not well thought out. To have Flash, Green Lantern, and other characters completely separate from their movie counterparts is weak and quite lazy if you ask me. You gotta admit that the way Marvel has created this one "media" universe where characters are shared between TV, film, one-shots and more is definitely more creative, cohesive and exciting.
Avengers 2 is obviously gonna have a MAJOR global disaster due to the likes of The Avengers facing Ultron. It only makes sense that Tony Stark would feel guilty for building Ultron and being the cause for such devastation that he would side with the government on the Superhero Registration Act in a Captain America 3 film that makes him face off with Caps. At the end, kill off Steve Rogers (presumably) as they did in the comics, which will ultimately lead to the disbanding of the Avengers.

Avengers 3 will feature Iron Man, the new Captain America (Bucky) and a new team of Avengers (Black Panther, Dr. Strange, etc... as rumored) to fight some major unknown villain (not Thanos).

Avengers 4 won't really be the sequel to the Avengers rather than a one-off 2-part titled "Secret Wars" film with random members from the new and old Avengers team, GotG, and others (Spidey, Daredevil, Luke Cage, etc) including new ones that lead to a faceoff with Thanos. BOOM!!!
My casting choice... Emma Stone, Laura Prepon, Anna Kendrick and Mindy Kaling.
If you really think about it, they did the same with Hawkeye and Black Widow and it seemed to work well. Even in some form, Thor was already established when we meet him in the movie. It just may work...
Simple question: Does anyone know who the villain for "Batman v Superman" is? I know Lex is in the movie, but it can't be him that Bats and Supes join forces against...
People keep suggest Chiwetel Ejiofor or Djimon Hounsou but I can't get behind it. Ejiofor does not look like the character at all and Hounsou is too old to play the character.
Haven't seen him act yet, but look-wise, Mike Colter (movieweb/news/3-new-halo-nightfall-photos-showcase-mike-colter-as-locke) definitely has the looks of the character. And we all know Marvel prefers to work with somewhat unknown or lowkey-popular actors initially. He's got my vote but I'll see how his acting is first. Anyone know of him???
Let's be real... he's a first-class villain that shouldn't be introduced until Season 2, perhaps even season 3 if possible.
So... the "cloud" is the villain of the movie, right?
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This looks great.
So..... Superman and Batman are facing off against Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook? I'm not liking this at all...
So they won't call him Martian Manhunter "because that's goofy". ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?! That's direct source material. That's like having Wolverine in the X-Men movie and never mentioning the name "Wolverine"!!! wtf
On it!!!
Calling it... BIGGEST 2014 SUMMER FLOP
I believe very little of this story...
Blinked for a second and I swore it was She-Hulk
That interpretation of Jubilee has Jamie Chung written ALL over it. Am I the only one that sees the strong resemblance?

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