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Wasn't Storm born in Kenya, in Africa? Not Manhattan New York. Then again, the movie version Storm never even spoke with an African dialect #ijs
This version of Quicksilver is looking more and more comical. It really looks like a bad Comic-Con cosplay costume...

Hopefully The Avengers sequel will have a better version cause it can't get any worse.
Strange.... Dr. Strange...
Marvel continues to amaze. As a true Marvel fan, even I have to be honest and say the first couple episodes of this show were... lackluster. But somewhere midseason, it picked up.

They started introducing and re-introducing characters from the movies and realms within the movies. And what they've been doing with the last few episodes has been really breakthrough amazing as they begun to CONNECT both the show and CA2:TWS movie like I've never seen before.
Hate is such a strong word... that I really wanna use! I really "despise" these posters.
Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!!
This movie has box office bomb written all over it. And its sad cause I like the Wayans...
My 3-year old daughter made me watch it 3 times this weekend. And I have to say, it wasn't bad at all. Definitely reminded me of my young days watching Disney movies.
He would fit the character of The Black Panther PERFECTLY!!!!
Awww... that's nice. He cares. Now back to some Hulk SMASHING!!!!!!!!
The Turtles looked GREAT!!! It's everything else I'm concerned with. Fincher playing Shredder, Shredder involved with their creation, Foot Clan toting guns????? C'mon Mr. Michael Bay... I had faith in you.

Will wait to see the movie to give my true opinion/judgement... but so far... 50/50.
@jonspidey07 I'd say the greenish skin, green eyes and pointy nose help along with the rotten teeth to portray a true goblin. Dafoe's goblin had no physical modifications.
1000 times better than the last cinematic version of Green Goblin
Anything other than Lobo or Darkseid is completely unacceptable.
WHAT IF its really Ultron fighting Hulk in the Hulbuster??? #YourWelcome
Worst. Teaser. EVER.
So they're introducing Batman, Nightwing and possibly Wonder Woman all in one movie with no origin, no subtle appearance first?
@gandoff Johnny Depp was a "descendent"? Not trying to push the racial issue with last names such as Jordan and Wiley, I'm sure they a couple Caucasian descendants.

At the end of the day, I think the story is what is truly pivotal. Characters change all the time - race, gender, etc. If the story isn't honored and respected, THEN there's an issue. If we were really gonna get that touchy about character portrayal, we wouldn't have an Aussie playing Wolverine, a Canadian or a Brit playing Spiderman...
Yet.... Johnny Depp could play Tonto, an Indian, and actually pretend to be Indian? Or even almost the entire caucasian cast of The Last Airbender perpetrating as Asian? As much as I don't fully agree with the possible cast, its not as if they said these Black actors are portraying white characters and pretending to be white. @thedude1 @Joshua-Hollaway @Johnny1312 @Godfrey-Iamsen
@ObiWanShinobi If that was the case, then David Hasselhoff would still be playing Nick Fury in The Avengers instead of Samuel L. Jackson ( Fury was originally a Caucasian male. Nothing is wrong with the change as long as it doesn't take away from the story. And Michael B. Jordan happens to a great actor on the rise.

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