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If something is in high demand, wouldn't more be made? That's just common sense. In case, superhero movies drive millions of dollars and millions of viewers to tune in and invest, so obviously more would be made to meet the demand for this. It's simple.

Many have been complaining that there are too many superhero movies coming out between now and 2020. Guarantee those are the same people that will invest their time and money into watching those same films.
I'm more intrigued to see how they are gonna create the Aquaman "world". The majority of this film's world is gonna be underwater. It's like watching a live adaption of "The Little Mermaid".
I think it'll be great if he can actually continue as Wolverine as long as possible but I don't believe it was smart for him to state that. At least business-wise.
I say stick with a white Peter Parker and establish his character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (lock selected actor into multiple film contract). THEN...... bring on Miles Morales.
You gotta bring back at least half of the original cast.
@therealGoku Prefer the blonde hair with orange and green tights?
I liked the first 2 or 3 of the films in the series. The remaining have been subpar. Hopefully this one reignites the franchise.
So.... Fox has continuity issues within their own properties? wtf
So the fact that he'll be roughly the same age as his mother Mystique doesn't bother anyone else?
A mayor? That character was kinda important in the prior GB films.
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@writer220 "more flops than anyone else"? Really? He puts out a movie like every two, three years and even his flops make money. And I would definitely not say he has the most flops.... Nicholas Cage anybody???
I would be very interested in seeing a Black Widow film that explores more of her character and past. #MakeItSoMarvel
@mwheeler1324 I'm not watching it for the tie-ins. I'm continuing to watch it to see how they actually rebuild SHIELD and introduce new characters and concepts from the comics.
@thedude1 I simply said the show has been getting better and better. Season 2 is night and day from Season 1, which had a very rough start. Yeah, it kind of is a filler product but it also has been initiating a lot of new ideas (Inhumans, life model decoys, etc) before they hit the big screen. The Kree were first introduced on this show, not GotG. So was Enchantress (who I can only assume will definitely show up in Thor 3). I look at this show as a good way to figure out was occurs between the time of one movie to another, and for that, they do a great job at. The cohesiveness between the show and the other Marvel properties works very well to elaborate on the full marvel universe on screen.
You GOTTA have SLJ back as Nick Fury!!!
@mwheeler1324 You can't really compare. EVERYONE knows Batman and his surrounding cast. The biggest character on AoS is Coulson, a character that was created about a decade ago as a one-off character. And I admit, I stopped watching Gotham after the first 6 episodes, but I found it extremely weak in regards to batman lore. C'mon.... Bruce knew Selina as a child? Barbara Gordon relation to Montague?

@thedude1 I could somewhat agree with the forced tie-ins in the first half of season 1, but they weren't any in season 2 (yet). And the tie-ins are a major part of the show to show a bigger world. That CA2 tie-in which flipped the show completely upside down was brilliant writing the way it effected two different properties (CA2 and AoS) with same characters in different locations.
I didn't expect much from this trailer but wow was I surprised. I'm definitely looking forward to this one.
Samuel L. Jackson as the President of the United States?!?!?! I'M THERE!!!
This show has been getting better and better, and the talent they are recruiting proves it.

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