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@ghostman Can't prove its a better movie from a trailer.
Ain't nothing that a lil CGI couldn't help...
Best. Trailer. Ever!!!! #iCantWait
@writer220 OITNB is an AWESOME show!!!
@masterofthemoon I completely agree. O'Brien would be a better choice as SM
Looks-wise, definitely a great casting for the character.
And this is news because we assumed we were gonna get a long-haired Joker?
I have a feeling this show is gonna be awesome on every level. I'm glad Marvel took it to Netflix rather than make a film or brought to TV networks.
One word, DC..... "continuity"
So.... this is a Destiny's Child autobiography?
They had my interest when they first announced they were creating a Minority Report. Now that have my undivided attention with Meagan Good announced as the lead.
I, for one, am happy with this idea... if it is true. As bad as Aliens 3 and 4 were, without a time-aspect to the story (which will be pushing it in this franchise), you can't just negate those films and their respective stories/characters.
This is CW's solution due to the fact that now Suicide Squad is becoming a film and the potential TV show has been axed. I gotta say, I'm not a fan of the idea. All the characters mentioned aren't worthy of a dedicated series.

@renodc I've been saying the same thing FOREVER! I just discovered they now have a Cyborg and Superman to appear on the new SuperGirl TV show. WTF!!! They're gonna have duplicates of every character between TV and film.
WOW!!!! A post about the upcoming F4 film and no negative comments.
I thought they weren't making another Mrs.Doubtfire sequel ... jk
@writer220 Ryan Reynolds can't even agree with that but to each their own
"Live long and prosper"... R.I.P Leonard Nimoy
I'm loving Black Widow's new suit. Looks real BADASS!!!
No complaints here. I LOVE this show!
The answer is "Rambo". Rocky is battling Rambo ;-)

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