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People keep suggest Chiwetel Ejiofor or Djimon Hounsou but I can't get behind it. Ejiofor does not look like the character at all and Hounsou is too old to play the character.
Haven't seen him act yet, but look-wise, Mike Colter (movieweb/news/3-new-halo-nightfall-photos-showcase-mike-colter-as-locke) definitely has the looks of the character. And we all know Marvel prefers to work with somewhat unknown or lowkey-popular actors initially. He's got my vote but I'll see how his acting is first. Anyone know of him???
Let's be real... he's a first-class villain that shouldn't be introduced until Season 2, perhaps even season 3 if possible.
So... the "cloud" is the villain of the movie, right?
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This looks great.
So..... Superman and Batman are facing off against Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook? I'm not liking this at all...
So they won't call him Martian Manhunter "because that's goofy". ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?! That's direct source material. That's like having Wolverine in the X-Men movie and never mentioning the name "Wolverine"!!! wtf
On it!!!
Calling it... BIGGEST 2014 SUMMER FLOP
I believe very little of this story...
Blinked for a second and I swore it was She-Hulk
That interpretation of Jubilee has Jamie Chung written ALL over it. Am I the only one that sees the strong resemblance?
Michael Fassbender... the best thing to happen to the X-Men series since Patrick Stewart was initially cast as Professor X.
@mieko-siede Till this day I still think she would have been a better Storm than Halle.
Great ensemble photo!!! This movie just may work with these many characters. It just may...
kinda? this has box office bomb written all over it.
Is that Casey Jones in the lineup of the toys???
By the time all 11 DC movies are released, it will be 2028. Marvel is on track to release 11 movies within the next 4-5 years.
FINALLY!!!! It's about time that they announced a Justice League film. Not in love with the idea of Snyder at the helm as director or the fact they wanna shoot them back-to-back, but what do I know. I feel as if Warner Bros/DC wanted to rush this property ASAP to the big screen to compete with The Avengers, this is the best way to do it. Problem is they are trying to compete rather than deliver.

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