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This show is just simply incredible.
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I really hope Disney learns a lesson from The Airbender film and not hire all or mostly white actors to portray Asian-based characters. Please stay authentic to the story's source material at least in that respect.
I think this date is horrible. Why compete with MI or even Southpaw, which are already highly favored movies?
I vote for the 3rd one
As fun and interesting as that Quicksilver was from DOFP, it was no where near a true interpretation of the character. Age, personality, etc didn't stick to form from the comics at all. Just from the commercials alone, I can see that the upcoming Avengers film is more relative to the comics.
I've been raving about this guy for months now and super excited to see him as the host of an already great show.
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I'm hoping this is good but my gut is telling me otherwise. Patiently waiting...
How much do these Hot Toys models usually go for?
@Gunner23 LOL
Doesn't look bad at all. #StopTheHating
I can get jiggy with it (see what I did there?)
This movie looks AWESOME!!!
@superman81 I completely agree.
Hidden message at the 1:38 mark of the trailer lead me to Thoughts?
This supposed new series seems completely forced. Its starring characters who, besides aren't worthy of a weekly series (excluding Atom), don't bring any value to the entire TV universe. It seems like a quick replacement for their Suicide Squad TV show that was halted from production due to the movie.
Didn't Robert Downey Jr. tease that Marvel will be revealing something major right around now?
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I simply cannot wait!!!
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Best movie announcement method ever.

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