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@bawnian-dexeus, can't wait, definitely give me your thoughts on that last scene. Although we should discuss in white type to not ruin for it others
@bawnian-dexeus, shoot, forgot to send that message directly lol
Can't wait, I could sit around for hours and talk about this film. I've long read that from day one, nolan and goyer, knew what the last scene in the batman trilogy would be. I tip my hat for delivering. I seriously had that in my head when I walked in, what is the last thing am I going to see in this film. Freaking genius
@bawnian-dexeus, dude this movie will kick your ass and break its foot doing it, hit me after you've seen it. I'm curious what you think of the ending.
Julian Roman reviewed the movie The Dark Knight Rises

"The Dark Knight Rises is a thundering finale to what is, undoubtedly, the greatest comic adaptation to film."
@corey, Happy Birthday Dude! Didn't like it as much as you, but glad you liked it and had a good time. Party on!
@slysnide, Good point, but we'd had a fair amount of exposition on Osborne by then. Connors lizard antics aren't nearly as developed.

"The Amazing Spider-Man has its good points, the primary leads and romance, but lacks fluidity and presence of a great villain."
@Nanette-Snider, great to hear you enjoyed the film cold. That's another tip of the hat to whedon. He really delivered a great film. Hopefully the upcoming batch of superhero films are as good so we keep you in the fold:)

"Director Rupert Sanders is quite skilled in his feature film debut. He succeeds in creating a fantasy world with a striking dichotomy of darkness and light."
Julian Roman reviewed the movie Moonrise Kingdom

"Director Wes Anderson releases a quirky, almost storybook tale of adolescent love in a bygone era."
@ejk1, seems to be the consensus. Don't know if you're a Wes Anderson fan, but I highly recommend Moonrise Kingdom. Will post that review tomorrow, but I loved that film.
Julian Roman reviewed the movie Men in Black 3

"Tommy Lee Jones deadpan stoicism and Will Smith's quasi-hip parlance doesn't add up to much in this film."
@dan1, you've nailed it dude. These sequels don't hold a candle to the first film.
Julian Roman reviewed the movie The Dictator

"I almost had a seizure from laughing in this film."
@Acyuta-dude, just saw the new trailer for the amazing spider man. I like Andrew Garfield, so I do hope the film is good. It did seem strange for Sony to reboot spidey so soon, but now that Disney owns Marvel, I'm sure it was all about making the most of their deal. Spidey is always huge at the box office, and they should be able to deliver a better film than spiderman 3:)
@acyuta_dude, both those films seem to have darker stories from the trailers. One of the reasons why I loved this film so much is that it's funny and lighthearted at times. I expect TDKR to be pretty serious, but Spidey shouldn't be too dark of a film. My 2 cents...
@narrator, dude, you're in for a great film. A lot of people are posting spoiler filled reviews. That's not cool, there's a lot of secondary story elements that are really well done. I highly recommend avoiding them. I went in almost totally cold and had my best movie experience of the year. Just make sure you stick around for the end credits.