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@Acyuta_dude, agreed 100%, this is really marvel's high point so far. Curious to see how batman and the amazing spiderman will compare...
Julian Roman reviewed the movie Safe

"A better than expected, ruthless crime drama with a few unexpected twists."
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@corey, glad u liked it dude. Didn't do as well as I thought it would at the box office, but no accounting for taste lol
Julian Roman wrote a comment about his Review of Lockout
@corey, it's a fun time for sure, actually thinking of buying one of those "warning: offensive" shirts lol
Julian Roman reviewed the movie Lockout

"Lockout has its flaws, but is entertaining and comical in a genre that could use a little humor."
@corey, what up dude, this one is funny. I didn't see any of the straight-to-dvds, but I think this is the third film with the entire cast. One, two, and this one has the whole primary cast, with reunion having the secondary cameos as well. John Cho has the creepiest stache in this film lol
Julian Roman reviewed the movie American Reunion

"If you liked the first film, then seeing these characters over a decade later, involved in the same silly set-ups will be pretty entertaining."
@corey, yup, can you imagine getting paid millions to fight cgi monsters on green screen sets lol
@phantanos, dude i understand why the die hard harryhausen fans, these films dont live up to the stop motion classics
Julian Roman reviewed the movie Wrath of the Titans

"Wrath of the Titans is a testosterone fueled effects romp and proud of it."
@jayaottley, did jennifer wear that golden dress at the red carpet? She's a stunner with acting chops. Can't wait for the second film.
@corey, can't please everyone dude:) You're going to love this film. I was surprised by how serious and dark it was. I hadn't read the book so the tone and execution really hit me. Lmk if you agree. Party on!
@jayaottley, nice one dude, rockin' the red carpet lol
@gallagher, nice one dude, a great film!
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Julian Roman reviewed the movie The Hunger Games

"Pertinent to the times, the year's first blockbuster is a grand, beautiful film."
Julian Roman reviewed the movie 21 Jump Street

"Apart from the general premise, it's completely different from the television show; although it does pay a few well-timed homages."
@bane5000,@zender, I wouldnt read too much into their lack of excitement. These dudes did like 50 interviews before they got to us, so hard to get excited to talk to me lol
Julian Roman reviewed the movie Friends with Kids

"Westfeldt clearly illustrates the various hurdles in parenting and the priviledged world of successful New Yorkers."
This movie is funny as hell, anyone who says its not is lying