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@ejk1, seems to be the consensus. Don't know if you're a Wes Anderson fan, but I highly recommend Moonrise Kingdom. Will post that review tomorrow, but I loved that film.
Julian Roman reviewed the movie Men in Black 3

"Tommy Lee Jones deadpan stoicism and Will Smith's quasi-hip parlance doesn't add up to much in this film."
@dan1, you've nailed it dude. These sequels don't hold a candle to the first film.
Julian Roman reviewed the movie The Dictator

"I almost had a seizure from laughing in this film."
@Acyuta-dude, just saw the new trailer for the amazing spider man. I like Andrew Garfield, so I do hope the film is good. It did seem strange for Sony to reboot spidey so soon, but now that Disney owns Marvel, I'm sure it was all about making the most of their deal. Spidey is always huge at the box office, and they should be able to deliver a better film than spiderman 3:)
@acyuta_dude, both those films seem to have darker stories from the trailers. One of the reasons why I loved this film so much is that it's funny and lighthearted at times. I expect TDKR to be pretty serious, but Spidey shouldn't be too dark of a film. My 2 cents...
@narrator, dude, you're in for a great film. A lot of people are posting spoiler filled reviews. That's not cool, there's a lot of secondary story elements that are really well done. I highly recommend avoiding them. I went in almost totally cold and had my best movie experience of the year. Just make sure you stick around for the end credits.
Julian Roman reviewed the movie Marvel's The Avengers

"The Avengers is popcorn cinema at its best."
@Acyuta_dude, agreed 100%, this is really marvel's high point so far. Curious to see how batman and the amazing spiderman will compare...
Julian Roman reviewed the movie Safe

"A better than expected, ruthless crime drama with a few unexpected twists."
Julian Roman wrote a comment about his Review of Lockout
@corey, glad u liked it dude. Didn't do as well as I thought it would at the box office, but no accounting for taste lol
Julian Roman wrote a comment about his Review of Lockout
@corey, it's a fun time for sure, actually thinking of buying one of those "warning: offensive" shirts lol
Julian Roman reviewed the movie Lockout

"Lockout has its flaws, but is entertaining and comical in a genre that could use a little humor."
@corey, what up dude, this one is funny. I didn't see any of the straight-to-dvds, but I think this is the third film with the entire cast. One, two, and this one has the whole primary cast, with reunion having the secondary cameos as well. John Cho has the creepiest stache in this film lol
Julian Roman reviewed the movie American Reunion

"If you liked the first film, then seeing these characters over a decade later, involved in the same silly set-ups will be pretty entertaining."
@corey, yup, can you imagine getting paid millions to fight cgi monsters on green screen sets lol
@phantanos, dude i understand why the die hard harryhausen fans, these films dont live up to the stop motion classics
Julian Roman reviewed the movie Wrath of the Titans

"Wrath of the Titans is a testosterone fueled effects romp and proud of it."
@jayaottley, did jennifer wear that golden dress at the red carpet? She's a stunner with acting chops. Can't wait for the second film.
@corey, can't please everyone dude:) You're going to love this film. I was surprised by how serious and dark it was. I hadn't read the book so the tone and execution really hit me. Lmk if you agree. Party on!