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@corey, excellent review dude, and great michael bay comparison. He should really take a page from nolan on craftsmanship. I freaking love the very last scene in this film, really a great ending.
@thedude1, Possibly, I suppose you do get more hits or attention by trashing a film. But I don't think that's the case in most instances. When it comes to film critics, you have to know who you're dealing with. A lot of critics, especially older ones who've been around for a while, are serious elitists when it comes to film. They find more substance in art films than mainstream. They tend to look down on comic book films or genre films as being for an immature audience. I think that's bullsh*t because anyone can make an indie film, but it takes serious skill to make a big-budget film that doesn't suck. Then you have the issue where most critics literally see hundreds of films and become too refined in their taste. Or they can just be contrarian douchebags that like to be haters.

Marshall Fine has gotten a lot of press because of the rottentomatoes death threats. That's out of control, but Fine's review smacks of elitism and arrogance. Add to the fact that he can love MIB3 and Rock of Ages, which both suck, then trash TDKR? That's a bit suspect:)
@movieguy84, how goes it dude? I was lucky to interview ledger twice, one for brokeback mountain, the other for i'm not there. He was pretty uneasy around the press, but once the interviews got going, he came off as a very serious actor. He took his craft seriously, probably to his detriment. His joker is probably one of the villains in cinema, but to die so young is a shame. Ang Lee thought he was the best young actor in hollywood. Too bad we'll never see any more from him. Tough for Tom Hardy as well. His character is totally different, so to compare the performances is not valid.
@dan1, worth the excitement dude, a fitting end
@slysnide, no worries dude, your 'rise' cup runneth over here lol. The entire film is filled with references, unlike Rise of the Silver Surfer, yikes
@SherlockHolmes2009, no doubt, sometimes the perks are good, but for every awesome move like this, there are a whole bunch of madea-type movies to see as well lol
@bawnian-dexeus, can't wait, definitely give me your thoughts on that last scene. Although we should discuss in white type to not ruin for it others
@bawnian-dexeus, shoot, forgot to send that message directly lol
Can't wait, I could sit around for hours and talk about this film. I've long read that from day one, nolan and goyer, knew what the last scene in the batman trilogy would be. I tip my hat for delivering. I seriously had that in my head when I walked in, what is the last thing am I going to see in this film. Freaking genius
@bawnian-dexeus, dude this movie will kick your ass and break its foot doing it, hit me after you've seen it. I'm curious what you think of the ending.
Julian Roman reviewed the movie The Dark Knight Rises

"The Dark Knight Rises is a thundering finale to what is, undoubtedly, the greatest comic adaptation to film."
@corey, Happy Birthday Dude! Didn't like it as much as you, but glad you liked it and had a good time. Party on!
@slysnide, Good point, but we'd had a fair amount of exposition on Osborne by then. Connors lizard antics aren't nearly as developed.

"The Amazing Spider-Man has its good points, the primary leads and romance, but lacks fluidity and presence of a great villain."
@Nanette-Snider, great to hear you enjoyed the film cold. That's another tip of the hat to whedon. He really delivered a great film. Hopefully the upcoming batch of superhero films are as good so we keep you in the fold:)

"Director Rupert Sanders is quite skilled in his feature film debut. He succeeds in creating a fantasy world with a striking dichotomy of darkness and light."
Julian Roman reviewed the movie Moonrise Kingdom

"Director Wes Anderson releases a quirky, almost storybook tale of adolescent love in a bygone era."