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Julian Roman reviewed the movie Get Hard

"A crude farce based on racial stereotypes, homophobia, and prison rape. Get Hard is incredibly stupid and juvenile...but I laughed, I laughed enough to recommend it."

What's up dude? Agreed, this franchise is terrible so far, but it prints $. A $54m opening weekend is pretty similar to the first film. We'll be watching these films for years. Honestly, only the first hunger games, and surprisingly, last year's maze runner, are worth watching. Everything else is so bad. Sigh

"Another nonsensical young adult film that makes me root for the evil dystopian society against the plucky heroine."
Julian Roman reviewed the movie Cinderella

"Beautifully directed by Kenneth Branagh, every fame sparkles with an opulent vibrancy that perfectly captures the faerie tale element."
Julian Roman reviewed the movie Focus

"The beautiful people are the sleight of hand that will keep you entertained."
Julian Roman reviewed the movie McFarland, USA

"McFarland, USA quickly elevates above convention into a drama that will pull your heartstrings. It is a stunningly well crafted and inspirational film."

Dude, this is a great movie, very entertaining. It helped wash away the bile from jupiter ascending lol.

What's up dude? Can't say I agree with you on this one. So he fixes a kiss, but is worried about that powerball lottery lol? You have to see Kingsman. Just posted my review, but definitely worth checking out. Party on.

"Kingsman: The Secret Service takes Bond's vodka martini and adds a shot of adrenaline to the mix."
Julian Roman reviewed the movie Project Almanac

"Beyond Project Almanac's shaky concept, the bouncing and skewed angle camerawork is an entirely unpleasant experience."
Julian Roman reviewed the movie Strange Magic

"Strange Magic is not remotely in the same class as Frozen or Maleficent, but does deliver a pop medley fueled lesson on the meaning of true love."
Julian Roman reviewed the movie Blackhat

"Blackhat is a plodding, visually murky snoozer whose plot is completely illogical."

Happy Holidays dude! I hope that you and your family have a prosperous 2015. Don't know what else to do/say about your concerns. I continue to forward everything to the site owner. I'm just a contributor, but hopefully you stick around. We're definitely on the same page regarding the 5 armies!

"Diehard fans will embrace this film, I'm finally done with the CGI battles and melodrama of Middle Earth."
Julian Roman reviewed the movie The Imitation Game

"The story of Alan Turing, and his immeasurable contribution to modern society, is superbly adapted for the screen in The Imitation Game."

How goes it dude? Sure, send a few links and I'll forward. But believe me when I tell you that Brian G does a TON of work on a daily basis putting together the news updates. And making sure everything is linked is very difficult, so definitely try to cut some slack if a few bugs pop up:) Party on dude.

What's up dude? We'll see, so far the suits at marvel have done a good job taking what works and adapting it well, except for the mandarin in iron man 3. It looks like they're bringing back the same team for cap 3, so I have a lot of faith. They've absolutely hit it out of the park this year. Cap, guardians, and DOFP have been great films. And you have to respect how well DOFP was done in respect to the original comic. The bar is set high!

"Mockingjay Part 1 is a hideously boring, bleak film. They've taken thirty minutes of plot, then stretched it out like taffy into an insufferable two hours."


What's up dude? Yes, this was the chief buzzkiller of this film. So...drum roll please...remember the "ghost" behind the bookcase from when she was a kid...that was really Cooper, after he ejected into the event horizon of the black hole...and was saved by the "future humans who can transcend space time"...but don't have the "love" between two people to make specific communication...hence using the "love bond" that exists through space time...Cooper asks TARS to use the gravity send her the equation that controls manipulating the hand on that watch he left deliver the message via morse code...which allows humanity to leave earth and grow corn in space. Lol, an absolutely ludicrous third act. Party on.

We're definitely on the same page dude. I find it hilarious how some people get so defensive about Nolan and this film. Dude's a great director, but you have to call a film out for what it really is. Hope all is well.