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I'll watch this again online for free
it's not worth the purchase, I really wanted more Godzilla
the filmmakers better step it up for the next one
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skipped everything this weekend
glad 'Dawn' is still pulling people in

really hope 'Hercules' and 'Lucy' do well
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oh Alan Moore, how we love your opinions
he had a hard enough time criticizing the 'Watchmen' movie but whatever
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really hoping they don't screw this up
dying to hear the theme song in the movie
I was sorting this book just recently at my 2nd job at a library
wonder if the movie will be good
A24 Films does a zombie movie
this should be quite a treat watching a zombie and the Green Goblin together
you can just rent this one and be done with it
JonSpidey07 wrote a comment about the news item Warner Bros. Plans Scooby-Doo Movie Reboot
funny considering I just watched 'Scooby-Doo' again this month
it's already 12 years old and rebooting it sounds like a good idea since there was no 3rd film
skipped both 'Smurfs' movies cause of the abysmal reviews
maybe next time they'll do better
after the 1st half of the season they kinda lost their luster
but I still love this show regardless
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guess we wont get an extended version anytime soon
too bad

well the good news is that I wont have to wait that long
I can get this for my birthday (the 1st time I can actually get a 'Spider-Man' movie before Labor Day!)
the Blu-Ray will be a must-own for me, I will watch this over and over again :)
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oh no
the 1st one and #7 are the only ones worth watching out of all these unnecessary sequels
not spending the money
this trailer felt pretty uninspired
maybe we just need more dialogue from the bear itself
that was a much better trailer
excited to see this new cast in a long-awaited sequel :)
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