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I will only watch this again online
really hope the sequels are more exciting
well since Rosemary's Baby didn't work on TV maybe this will
the remake was terrible but the original 'Omen' is still a classic
not complaining about the monetary success but the movie should have been better
I still liked it, didn't love it
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awesome stuff!
cant wait to finally see the Dinobots emerge
I love Alison Brie!
that was a much better trailer
I hope it's better than 'Sinister' and 'Exorcism of Emily Rose', those two wee un-scary and put me to sleep
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oh thank GOD!
I thought we lost another good person for a moment
JonSpidey07 wrote a comment about the news item Roberto Orci in Talks to Direct Star Trek 3
remind people again why the 2009 prequel/reboot was a great movie?
why did it get made? because the film before almost killed the whole series
fans and people in general cant get past themselves that these new movies are actually good!
I am skeptical though letting a writer take the director's chair rather than putting someone more capable
they actually did this evil character in a horror arcade game called 'CarnEvil'
only it was an evil Santa Clause with antlers on his head and sharp claws :p
great stuff
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this sounds like a totally scary premise
another metaphor for assertive female sexuality
this sounds just like 'If I Stay'
and that hasn't even come out yet
how can it be a '2' movie if it's not continuing the previous film?
that makes little sense
'Spun' wasn't well-received by critics
it's at 37% on Rotten Tomatoes 'A chaotic drug movie that has little substance behind the stylistic flash.'
maybe this will do fine, maybe it wont
it's not weird at all
she's been that way since 'Twilight'
and she'll never stop being so talented and alluring
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I'm excited but they need to make the next one long enough to cover all the villains
the film did need to be longer
I felt like I didn't get enough which is why I want to see it again
the right way wouldn't be so bad either cause there's so much great footage in the trailers